Monday, December 28, 2009

My candle burns at both ends.

12/28/09 - 1/3/10

Monday: Glendale. Pretty pleasant ride. I was kind of worried about traffic in Glendale after having to deal with more cars then expected on the way to the Rose Bowl. But it wasn't too bad at all. I think I wore too much clothing though. It got kind of hot. 24.

Tuesday: Good ride, same route. The sky was blue and beautiful, but it was still pleasantly cool. Kind of slow, but hey, who's in a rush? 24.

Wednesday: It rained, so I ran. 5.

Thursday: It became too late for cycling, so I ran again. It was not too terrible though. 5.

Friday: Okay, I think I secretly want to run, even though I vowed to cycle all week. Today, my excuse is that I was afraid of Rose Parade traffic. Upper Arroyo. Felt alright, but slow. 6.

Saturday: The usual 24. Not bad. It's getting pretty warm though.

Sunday: Stephanie's back! :D So we drove to the trails (okay, so I forget what they are called...) and ran to the waterfall - kind of. It proved to be mildly elusive. However, from the right vantage point, it was barely visible (we think) through a bunch of foliage, so let's just say we made it there. We probably took a wrong turn somewhere or something, because apparently, we ended up "beyond the waterfall". Awesome. It was good to run with Stephanie again. Not sure how far we went though...
Then I rode with Justine in the afternoon. Climbing seemed kind of unappealing, so we went to the River Trail. A enjoyable ride, and in pleasant company. It didn't feel that long, probably because it was flat, so I underestimated. I thought it would be something like 24. Actually, it was about 28.

Monday, December 21, 2009

No one here is getting paid to act.


Monday: Off. Shopping! Also, cold.

Tuesday: Was informed by my family friend that I have "gained weight, yet again" (thank you, family friend). 4.

Wednesday: 5?

Thursday: 5?

Friday: I'm actually starting to quite enjoy jogging. No sarcasm intended. 6?

Saturday: Back in Pasadena. So Huntington. 5.

Sunday: Supposed to be Lower. 5.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

If I don't drive around the park.


Monday: Off. Sitting in an airport (no misguided analogies please).

Tuesday: Tilden Park-ish. Saw interesting animal tracks in the mud. I think I saw deer/coyote/mountain lion. Well, and also dog. I think. I'm no tracker, though I did try to use the aid of Google. 5.

Wednesday: Along Grizzly Peak Rd. A pleasant jog. 4.

Thursday: Tilden Park. The weather was amazing! The run was less than amazing. 4.

Friday: Off. Ploughing into snowbanks.

Saturday: Off. Watching my cousin plough into snowbanks.

Sunday: Off. Messed around on skis for a bit.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spend all our lives on imprecisions.


Monday: Thought about running. But then it was too rainy, and wet, and cold. So I couldn't get out the door. Went to the gym with Justine in the evening though, and did random things. Quite enjoyable actually. Also ran a 400. Okay so this will be lame if I keep saying they're untimed, because they are, in fact, timed. 86, which is three seconds slower than last time. This is disappointing.

Tuesday: Lower Arroyo. Felt good at first, and then kind of got increasingly slow. 7.

Wednesday: Didn't really feel like doing anything, and decided to go get dinner instead of working out. But finally ended up going to the gym with Sally 40 minutes before it closed. Got in some hurried weights and 10 minutes of abs.

Thursday: Huntington. Eh. 5.

Friday: Drove to the Arroyo (good call Garrett) with Garrett and Perrin. Felt pretty awesome. Like I was actually running at some speed! I had almost forgotten what that feels like. 6.

Saturday: Down San Pasqual to Sierra Madre in the rain with Justine. Originally, we were going to Madre, but then feared sickening. Afterwards, we went to the track, ran a 400 (actually untimed), and flopped about in the pool for a bit. Awesome. 2.5.

Sunday: Started from beginning of fire road and ran towards Brown Mountain with Garrett. Got a slightly late start, so turned back after not going that far. It was an enjoyable run though. I do so like hopping about on rocks and such. 4.5.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lost time is never found again.


Monday: Off. Thought about running. But then it was too dark, and I didn't have enough motivation.

Tuesday: Glendale, which is actually 24 (I finally used my odometer and found out that I was, indeed overestimating mileage). A nice leisurely ride. I took my time. Then ended up running Huntington with Garret in the evening. After eating a really early dinner, which was probably rather less than brilliant. Decent run though. 5.

Wednesday: Glendale again. Why oh why does it get dark so early? I had to navigate rush hour traffic in the dark, which was mildly unpleasant. Also, my right contact fell out at a stoplight on the way back. Luckily, it is time for me to change my contacts anyways, so it was not wasted. Not very interesting, but I think this will probably be my exciting story of the week, so I thought I'd mention it. 24.

Thursday: On Tuesday, I decided I really liked the idea - the idea, mind you - of cycling and running again on Thursday. Come Thursday (today, that is) I had no inclination to do either. However, I decided to be particularly stubborn, and did both. The usual cycling route. Traffic was particularly bad today, and and it made me kind of upset. This car went by with inches to spare. It forced me through these potholes, rattling my bike. 24. Then Lacy the long way at a really slow jogging pace. 4. And now I am approaching the end of a week during which no work (or much of anything, really) got done. I should work... Ahhh motivation, where have you gone?

Friday: Lower Arroyo. One of the most annoying things about being slow is being late to everything, like physics recitation. I thought 1 hour and 40 minutes would be plenty of time to run Lower - yes and get lunch afterwards. Apparently not... Oh well... 7.

Saturday: Madre with Justine. Not a bad run. It was kind of cold though. Also, my quads were sore for some reason. 5.

Sunday: Off, working. :/