Monday, December 27, 2010

Sad face.


Monday: 50 minutes on the field.

Tuesday-Sunday: Off.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A dedication to driftwood.


Monday: 50 minutes on the astroturf. Felt pretty okay, and the time did not pass super slowly, which I think made it a success.

Tuesday: 50 minutes on the elliptical. Not particularly interesting.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: 50 minutes on the astroturf. Legs were tired. :(

Friday: 6.2. Sir Cecil's Ride.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Jungle Run x 2 with Stephanie. :) 6, says Stephanie's Garmin.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Taking it easy...


Monday: Solid 50 minutes around the astroturf soccer field at the track (in the Vibrams). Felt pretty okay, except for some left knee protestations.

Tuesday: 50 minutes on the elliptical. Unremarkable. I think my legs were pretty tired though. I'm not really sure why.

Wednesday: Off. I don't think I was physically capable of running any sort of distance today. I probably could have hobbled about for a good bit, but I figured it wasn't worth it.

Thursday: 50 minutes on the elliptical. I want to run tomorrow!

Friday: 4 miles on the astroturf with Stephanie in the Vibrams. Kind of brisk, in my opinion.

Saturday: 5.8 miles of Sir Cecil's Ride with Stephanie.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, December 6, 2010

You can't remember, you try to move your feet.


Monday: Lorain. The top of my foot hurt. I think it was my shoes. 6.2. I just decided to use non-half-integer units this week because the Gmaps distance ended up being so exact...

Tuesday: Huntington in Vibrams. It was definitely my shoes. The Vibrams felt pretty darn good. I kind of felt like continuing to run when I got back, but I decided to stop anyways. 5.8.

Wednesday: Brown Mountain with Stephanie! I was grateful for her company, and remembered past runs. 7.2 to two significant figures. Right arch kind of hurt on the way up, but otherwise everything was pretty okay. I think it's something connected to the calf, which was what previous arch issues were due to. Anyways, it felt pretty brisk. And was actually pretty brisk. The way back down was awesome.

Thursday: Essentially the same thing as Tuesday. 5.8 Felt a little sluggish though.

Friday: Lower Arroyo. 8.8. It was kind of miserable going though. Like, slow and uncomfortable. Perhaps I will take tomorrow off. It was supposed to be Full, but I cut it short. My knees did not appreciate running, and the top of my foot hurt again. But I should not complain. I'm just trying to record my experiences.

Saturday: Legs did not seem very enthusiastic about running, so I biked instead. Art Center Loop. 18.2.

Sunday: Off, traveling to HK!

Monday, November 29, 2010

When everything means nothing.


Monday: Huntington. 5.5.

Tuesday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5.

Wednesday: Madre. 5.5. Kind of sucked. On the way back, I was suddenly really bored with the run, and I just wanted to be done. :(

Thursday: Upper Arroyo. Pretty meh run on the way out. I kind of felt like my legs wouldn't move. But then I saw Stephanie coming up from the Rose Bowl as I was going up under the freeway, which was kind of nice. And on Orange Grove, I spotted three (I presume) high school runners. Two of them were wearing tie-dye t-shirts that said "Summer miles bring autumn smiles. Run. Sleep. Repeat." I think they really needed an "eat" somewhere in there, but never mind... Anyways, I was kind of pleased by their shirts, and it made me think of summer running (and running with people over the summer). I don't know, it made the way back more pleasant. 6.5.

Friday: Huntington. 5.5. Saw a nice vintage bike and conversed with a nice cyclist on the way back. "You're running as fast as I'm cycling! Are you in the Caltech tri club?" She flatters me before cycling away.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Patrician. Not a bad run, but I suppose it was not particularly remarkable. 11.

Monday, November 22, 2010

When everything meant something.


Monday: Patrician. I feel like I am already losing my words, so I will try to get this down as quickly as possible. Actually I already lost them. But I will try. To start, this was, I think, the best solo run I have done in a while. Like. Since freshman year a while. No I lied, I actually had one run like this last year. Kind of. It was shorter though (Upper). Anyways, coming back on Walnut felt really awesome. You know that feeling, the one you get when you're cycling in the dark and all you have is two little blinkies, and it's almost like you're floating in space (going nowhere really fast) and all you can see is the headlights in front of you. And you get a little rush when cars pass you from behind. Yeah, that feeling. It was kind of like that, except with improved visibility. I felt like I was going at race pace or faster (well my race pace), except not as painful. Admittedly, it was downhill and I got to stop at the lights (red lights are for running). Sometimes. Sometimes I ran them. And then on Green, someone coming out of a building (which presumably had a purpose that I did not bother to discern) said "Why are you in such a hurry?" I expect they were talking to me. "Because running feels fucking awesome," I said, (if only only in my head). I only added the second "only" because I wanted that phrase to rhyme and be in lyric verse, and I couldn't think of a good alternative. If you have one, please feel free to let me know. In any case, I suppose the point is, it was a good run. 11. Hmmm... I feel like the time for one to write is when one feels something, but unfortunately (or fortunately?), feeling is fleeting. An elephant never forgets. Yeah, I don't know about this guys.

Tuesday: A rather lackluster Huntington. I felt kind of tight and had to keep stretching. :/ 5.5. We can't win them all, I guess (as nice as that would be). "Why can't I find myself?"

Wednesday: Probably the most miserable ride ever. Or one of them. I think I enjoyed the cycling part, but this was kind of overshadowed by the fact that I was freezing my sorry little butt off for basically the whole thing. You know how you usually warm up when you run? Well this doesn't happen when you bike. Or at least it doesn't happen when I bike. Oh well. Live and learn. Chantry to the helipad. 22.

Thursday: Pretty chill. I don't know once I got on the bicycle I was suddenly really really really sleepy. So I just went to the Rose Bowl and did 3 laps and came home via South Pas. :/ Maybe like 14? I don't know. And some miscellaneous strength stuff. I would call this a cursory nod to exercising, I suppose.

Friday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5. Pretty slow. Right calf and hamstring were kind of annoying tight. I had to stop and stretch them a lot. It was really nice out though, which made it semi-okay.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Brown Mountain with Sylvia and Natalya. It was stressful, because I suck at navigation, and I wished Stephanie was there. Otherwise okay.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why are you so jaded?


Monday: Jogged a Huntington. It was quite literally a jog. Maybe a step up from "granny-ing". But it was want I wanted to be doing for today. So I would say that it went okay. 5.5.

Tuesday: Probably close to 6. Madre with Sylvia. It was pleasant. :)

Wednesday: Huntington brisk-ish. Mainly because I needed to finish, so that I could start physical chemistry. Oh joy. 5.5. Probably should have worked instead of running, but 我心唔安樂.

Thursday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5. Legs didn't feel that energetic; not sure why. Come on legs!

Friday: First run ever in Vibrams. Third run this week on Huntington. 5.5. It was a pretty interesting experience. I feel like I alternated between feeling really free and picking it up a lot (like, stride-pace) and feeling really awkward about heel-striking and going really slowly. This might just be a product of reading about how one is not supposed to heel-strike though (by which I mean, I may have been imagining things). Also the muscles in my feet felt like they were getting tired. :/ How strange. But I suppose I will see how they feel tomorrow. For now though, I think it was an net positive endeavor. Verdict: My calves are really really really stiff... -_-

Saturday: So I was going to run Patrician, but it was raining, so I ran Full Arroyo instead. Counterintuitive, perhaps (I mean, this means wading through rivers of poop). But I decided that my subconscious reasoning was that my memories of running Patrician are of glorious running in sunshine and in good company, while my memories of running through the Arroyo (namely from approximately a year ago) are already of miserable slogging through the rain alone. So I associate the Arroyo more with the rain. Anyways, it was kind of slow, but I wouldn't really call it miserable. I suppose I would call it okay. 9.5. In an additional note, I was kind of amused by the fact that as I was heading out, I was like "C'mon Qgen." And then at around Oak Knoll, I thought to myself that I finally had reached the point of Qgen > hA(T-Tinf). :/ Okay, I'll shut up now. Especially since advection is not in fact the dominant mechanism (it's negligible compared to evaporative cooling, except since I was soaked the dominant mechanism was probably heat transfer to the water from the rain). -_-;; Fail.

Sunday: Probably off. Did I mention that my calves are really really really stiff? Because they are. Goddamn Veebrims. I feel like I will continue to use them though. :/

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is probably more than ten percent luck.


Monday: Easy run around the neighborhood. Perhaps 6.

Tuesday: 8min tempo (about 2000m) + 2x800m + 2x400m. I suppose about 5. I was really sleepy throughout the whole exercise. :/ The first 400m went okay though.

Wednesday: Orange Grove. 5. Pretty okay run.

Thursday: 5-4-3-2-1 super chill in Lacy Park. Maybe 3.5.

Friday: Prerace in Willamette. 4.

Saturday: Regionals. Maybe 5. Season is over. Time to go home.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The unbearable heaviness of being.

I actually never got around to reading that book.


Monday: Upper Arroyo. Let's call this 6.5. Started out pretty speedily, but then decided that I preferred going at a comfortable pace to trying to keep up with Juliette. A okay run.

Tuesday: Wasn't really feeling it. 5 x 800 off at Lacy, going every 5 minutes. However, I realized after getting back to campus that I hadn't been getting any rest... which means I was probably running like 10 minute pace if those were actually 800s. It honestly didn't feel that slow. Slow, maybe. But not quite that slow. I think I will conclude that the intervals were long.

Wednesday: Pretty okay run with Stephanie. I was excited when I realized she was running. 3 laps around the South Field, followed by Lombardy-San Gabriel-San Pasqual. I would guess about 5.

Thursday: Chilled out 2 x 10min tempo at Lacy. I don't know, maybe 5.

Friday: Conservatively 3.5.

Saturday: Patrician, 11.

Sunday: 30min North Field with S. Sullivan. Very conservatively, 3.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles...

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'” - Jack Kerouac, On The Road


Monday: Nice little Lorain at an easy pace with Stephanie and the gang. Let's call this 6.

Tuesday: Warmup to Allen (back via Orlando). Then 4 laps of the North Field. I think I got tired though, and promptly slowed down after the first two. Jogged to the grassy bit by Broad and did 10 striders over a small knoll. Finished by jogging down California to Hill and then back to campus. Gmap says it totaled about 6.

Wednesday: Chilled out hybrid between Huntington and Lacy the Long Way coming up El Molino. About 6.

Thursday: 5-4-3-2-1 in Lacy. Pretty chill, I suppose. I would guess something like 4.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. 3.

Saturday: SCIAC Championships at Prado Park. Race was okay (well like all the other races). I'll estimate it at 6. 原來笨人真藥醫。

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Caring is creepy.


Monday: 50 minutes (down Lombardy, the San Marino and Euston to Lacy, 3 laps in Lacy, back to campus, 1 lap on South Field). I'm not really sure, but I suppose 6-ish? Felt okay, but short.

Tuesday: I think 6. Warmup to California and Sierra Madre, then downhill mile on Sierra Madre to where it intersects with Huntington followed by 1:30 on, 1 off up until Oak Knoll and back to Virginia. Cooldown from Virginia back to campus.

Wednesday: Madre. Stopped enjoying the run about 75% of the way through, and I'm not really sure why. It made me kind of sad. Felt okay though. 5.5.

Thursday: 2 on 1 off x 8 in Lacy + 2 off 1 off in Lacy + 2 off going up Virginia. Felt okay. Seems to be my phrase of the week. 6.

Friday: Meandering about the neighborhood, easy. Legs were kind of tired. About 6. It seems that in this case, it makes more sense to round up and down. Unless I did a terrible mapping job.

Saturday: Pretty enjoyable long run at a nice easy pace. Went slower and faster as I felt was appropriate, and remembered runs past. I don't know, it made me remember why I think running is so fantastic. And then Simple Plan played in my head. Anyways, Patrician back through Rose Bowl, which I think was previously determined to be about 11.
In an additional note, I remembered (just) running down Wilson and wondering if it is fair to blame my disenchantment with teams on one terrible season. I came to the conclusion that it is not, but I could not think of any other reason to explain my current apathy, unless I conclude that it must be some flaw inherent in my character. As unpalatable as this thought must be to me, I must acknowledge it as a very real possibility. That is all, and this post ended up being mildly depressing and emo-sounding. Nevertheless, I refuse to regret a long run. That is all.

Sunday: An easy couple of laps around the North Field with Sylvia in the AM. :) Except then I proceeded to not get anything done for the rest of the day. :/

Monday, October 11, 2010

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life.


Monday: Lower Arroyo backwards, coming back via El Molino, then California. Felt like I was going at a pretty good relaxed-but-brisk long run pace. So all in all, I think it was a pretty good run. I wouldn't have minded some company, though. I think 8.

Tuesday: 800 off + 800 on + 800 off + 3 x 800 on-I-suppose. At Lacy Park, so I shall say 5.

Wednesday: Nice little Huntington with Juliette. Which is apparently only 4.6 miles, according to Marlyn's Garmin. Though Gmaps says it's closer to 4.9. I don't know guys, I just don't know... 4.5 then, I suppose. It seems that this will be a low-mileage week.

Thursday: 5-4-3-2-1 at Lacy. Overall probably ended up going okay. Perhaps 4.5.

Friday: Pre-race. 3.5.

Saturday: Multi Duals at La Mirada. Probably something like 6.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm stranded up here, floating along.


Monday: Lorain up St. Albans. 6.5.

Tuesday: 2 x 800 on + 2 x 800 off + 3 x 800 on (going every 5 minutes for the first 4 intervals and every 5.5 minutes for the last 3 intervals). Garfield Park. I will say 8. I really don't know what's going wrong. Clearly something.

Wednesday: Huntington. 5.

Thursday: To Lacy followed by 9 off, 7 off, 5 off (with 3 minutes rest in between). Then back to campus. :/ I suppose I will generously estimate this as 6.

Friday: End of Lombardy and back. Picked it up a little at the end, probably because of Juliette. 5.5. Not a bad run, I would say.

Saturday: To the Rose Bowl, out to the trails a little bit on the trail after the really steep/rocky hill and then back. I think it ended up being 11, give or take some. I had some trouble mapping out the trail part.

Sunday: Leisurely Art Center Loop with Sylvia. :) I believe this ride is 17, but I am too lazy to pedometer it again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010



Monday: Lower. It was a little hot. Took it easy. 7.

Tuesday: 3 x 1600 + 1 x 800 in Lacy Park. Hm. Really, I just wanted to add in some variation, rather than describing all intended workouts as some variation of "eh". 6.

Wednesday: Madre. 5.

Thursday: 1.5 (back from Congress St) + probably something like 5.5 (Lacy intervals, 10 on 5 off x 2). Um.

Friday: Pre-race to Lombardy. 3.

Saturday: First 6K of the season. Tried to run with people (I think I was inspired by Sylvia), but I would that I had done better. :/ I think getting a good start makes a big difference to me though. Also, I wish to clarify that by "getting a good start" I really mean "feeling good about my start." I'll just say 7.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm building bonfires on my vanities and doubts.

Last week of preseason...


Monday: Patrician. 10.

Tuesday: La Loma hill intervals (1 warmup + 4 intervals). Cooldown. 7.

Wednesday: Progressive run. Tired. 6.

Thursday: Garfield 6 on 2 off x 5. I'll say 7.

Friday: Marengo-Hillcrest Loop. 5.5.

Saturday: Arroyo Tempo. Was not feeling "ready to race." Wanted to go to back to sleep. Contrary to popular opinion. 8.5.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just take it as it comes.


Monday: Full Arroyo. 10. Felt pretty okay. Tape was a little tight. I feel like it started to loosen up when we were almost back. :/ 13 minutes barefoot on the North Field in the afternoon.

Tuesday. Lacy 1000m intervals x5. Apparently total of 8. Eh. 11 minutes of moving very slowly around the North Field in the afternoon.

Wednesday: To Garfield back via Monterey going past Lacy. 6. My feet hurt. -_-;; I don't remember what we did in the afternoon. I think it was the swim day, so I just did abs.

Thursday: 4 x 5 on 2 off + 1 minute at the same pace. I'm going to say this was 5 miles. At Lacy. 13 minutes on the North Field.

Friday: Pre-race. Some Lacy Long variant. I suppose we can call it 4.5. Then 12.5 minutes on the North Field in the afternoon.

Saturday: Riverside with warmup and cooldown and a few laps on the North Field when we got back. Eh. For estimating purposes, 6 miles.

Sunday: Off, I expect. So much for muscle recovery...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think this will be a small-scale revolution.


Monday: 80 minute out and back around the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure what to estimate this as. Maybe 9 miles?

Tuesday: Oak Groves in the AM. 20 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the PM.

Wednesday: 60 minutes on the bike in the morning. 30 minutes around the block in the evening.

Thursday: Elliptical workout with Sylvia. I would say it went pretty well. 15 minute warmup (5), and then 3.5/3.5/2.5/3.5/2.5/3/2.5/2. Resistance at 14 for the "hills". Pace fluctuated a bit (between 7-8 at the beginning) but about 8-9 on the later intervals. I think Susan was right about the long "warm-up hills". Equal rest in between (3). 10 minute cool down (at 3 for the first 3 minutes or so, and 5 for the rest). I feel like this was a very long entry devoted to the elliptical... Then something like 12 minutes on the North Field in the afternoon.

Friday: Pre-race around the block in the morning. Redlands invitational (4500m) in the evening. Eh. See week of 11/30/09-12/6/09. I saw it coming.

Saturday: Lorain. 8.

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And nothing quite strikes me as fitting.


Monday: Huntington, easy. 4.5.

Tuesday: Full Arroyo in the AM. 9.5. 16 minutes barefoot on the North Field in the PM.

Wednesday: Canons in the morning. 6. 21 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the afternoon. Trying to make things look slightly different here.

Thursday: Patrician in the morning. 10. Lab in the afternoon...

Friday: Some Huntington variant in the morning. 6. The grass was so difficult to run on. It was quite strenuous. Then 12 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the afternoon.

Saturday: Warm-up and cool-down to and from the Arroyo and two tempo loops. 9.5.

Sunday: Art Center back through South Pas. 18.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All hands on deck, don't abandon the ship.


Monday: Huntington. Felt pretty good for like a mile. The rest was okay. 5.5.

Tuesday: I don't think my legs really wanted to be running... I was just hoping that a nice little run would improve the quality of my life. Eh... Full Arroyo. I don't think I really enjoy running in the Arroyo that much though. It's just convenient. 9.5.

Wednesday: "I probably could have gotten more disgustingly full, but I think I ate too fast. If only I had paced..." :P Off.

Thursday: Off. Getting ready to leave and leaving.

Friday: First leg of Hood to Coast! "Gradual downhill" for 3.93 miles. Felt pretty okay.

Saturday: Well, I guess I will call my 3am leg "Saturday." 7.25 miles of "gently rolling terrain". I was surprised by how far away the lights were. It was deceiving. Then 5.79 miles (I think around 11am?) of "rolling hills".

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

These walls of brick are crashing down.


Monday: Full. I was kind of conning and willing my legs into running. They felt a little better on the way back along Green, but I think overall they were really dead. No worse than expected though. 9.5.

Tuesday: Started cycling, but then decided to practice driving instead (thanks, Justine). :) Then ran on the North Field for about 10 minutes with Justine, and 29 minutes with Ian. Anyways, I think I'm just going to call this 40 minutes. Or 4.5 miles.

Wednesday: Off. But now I am licensed. You have my gratitude, J. Chia and J. Choi.

Thursday: I kind of wanted to run, but then my legs did not seem too enthusiastic about the suggestion, despite my efforts to psych them up. So I biked. Glendale Loop, back through South Pas. Okay ride. 27.5.

Friday: Madre. Felt pretty meh. But sometimes, one must jog. Also, as a note for posterity. There is a fig tree shortly before San Gabriel on California (moving towards campus). There is another fig tree on California shortly before Arden. Someone needs to harvest these figs. They are being neglected. 5.5.

Saturday: Jet to Jetty 10k. I suppose I decided to just run. As opposed to race. Exactly 8 minute pace, according to the race results. Too bad they weren't giving out shoes. :( I wouldn't mind getting another pair of shoes. I suppose I would say 7? I don't know.

Sunday: Patrician. Was kind of jogging, but it was really hot. Like really really hot. I found it rather unpleasant. I tried to stop for water at every available opportunity. I was really upset when the water fountain on Walnut (at that one park) was out of commission. Alas. The run was okay though, I mean, I guess it kind of went how I expected it to go. 11.

Monday, August 9, 2010

They ran a fever, ran it down, ran it right into the ground.


Monday: Full Arroyo in the morning before lab. Took it pretty easy, and it ended up being an okay run. Nothing to rave about though. 9.5.

Tuesday: Easy Huntington in the AM. I became sort of disinterested (read: inexplicably bored) near the end though. 5.5. Some company might be nice. (Hello, small readership, I am addressing you.) Started running on the North Field in the PM, prepared to give up shortly, when Stephanie appeared in an unexpectedly fortuitous occurrence (after only 2 minutes!). So we ran for 30. I'm going to give a low estimate of 3.

Wednesday: Patrician. 11. Okay, but my joints complained. Kind of strongly.

Thursday: Off. 沒有意思。

Friday: "Why is everyone so interested in our lives today?" We were advised to "drink and be merry." "I'll be in my studio, studio." Chantry (20.) and Someone-Should-Name-the-Short-Chantry-Loop (5.). Maybe the Secret Elevation Loop. Due to all the mysterious gaining of elevation. Also I don't know why I put a period after all the mileages. Habit, I suppose. Stream of consciousness? Kind of, not really. I like the phrase though.

Saturday: Trails in Topanga (Trippet Ranch to Mulholland). Thanks Stephanie. :) I feel like that was a lot of "t's", and I am glad your name is not "Tabitha". Anyways, we intended to run a 9 mile loop, but we got slightly lost, making it a 15.5 mile out and back. I think the conclusion was reached that it was a nice long run though (and without even any ranting). Also, the mountain bikers on the trails were much appreciated. They gave us Gatorade! Then we had tamales with Perrin and Michael Forte.

Sunday: Lacy the Long Way with Stephanie, Katherine and Chief. The legs were a little dead feeling, but they managed. 4.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pick yourself up, and dust yourself off, and back in the saddle.

So I think this is in honor of 1) a high-mileage week last week, followed by a lot (in the sense of often, as opposed to a large number of miles) of cycling in lieu of running this week due to tired legs and 2) trying to get back into shape.


Monday: Chantry with Justine. Okay ride. We passed a car on the way down. I think it was moving really cautiously though... Also passed a cyclist. I think these were both firsts. 20, if I remember aright.

Tuesday: Madre in the AM, 5.5. Legs felt pretty dead, but I tried to think about form. Then 45 minutes on the North Field in the PM. I'll say 5.

Wednesday: I woke up today, thought about running, and proceeded to not run. Glendale Slightly Extended. Apparently about 24 from the Schloss, according to my cycling computer.

Thursday: Huntington in the AM. Legs felt tired, and they didn't really want to move. 5.5. 50 minutes on the North Field in the PM. I think when my morning run really sucks, I really want to run again, because I feel like I didn't actually run yet. I'll say 5.5.

Friday: To Kim's in Sierra Madre and back. 9. Awesome. Then a quick Art Center Loop before dinner. 17.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Millard Campground (and getting a little lost) with Stephanie, who says 13.5. Pretty okay, as runs go, though it got a little hot. Somewhere along the way there were corn tamales, summer squash, eggplant in various colors (which all turned into brown) and corn. Also some banana bread. An enjoyable day, I would say.

Sunday: Monrovia Canyon Park with Stephanie. The trail was so fantastic! It was really well kept and shady. I think everything made for a pretty enjoyable run, though perhaps it might've been even more awesome with fresher legs. No complaints though. I like running with Stephanie. 7.5, because I only round to half integer units. Somewhat arbitrary, I know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just don't know about this, guys.


Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Lower Arroyo with water tower and rooster farm, with Stephanie. I'm glad we ran. 11.

Wednesday: Huntington after lab... Felt okay. 5.

Thursday: Madre in morning, because I assumed I would get out of lab late. I wasn't that into it though, to be honest. Kind of granny-ed along. 5.5. I did get out of lab late, but ran again anyways. 45 minutes on the North Field with Justine. I'll just say 5.

Friday: Patrician with Stephanie and Justine. Awesome run with even better company (I think I often feel like the company can make a run). Anyways, it was a good experience. 11.

Saturday: I was going to run Huntington, but then I decided that at the rate I was moving at, it was probably not worth continuing, so I turned and granny++-ed (that's a hyphen, not a minus) back.I also wanted to conserve energy for tomorrow. I feel like this was slow enough and short enough to call this an off day. I probably should have biked, but I felt like it would be too time consuming.

Sunday: Malibu Creek State Park with Stephanie. I think we decided to call it 16. I'm glad we ran. :P I think I was kind of a tired one though, as we neared the end. Also it was hot. But brunch was good, and all in all it was a pretty good day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Monday: Full Arroyo. Felt kind of meh, especially for the middle trail-y segment. 9.5.

Tuesday: Madre with Stephanie and Ian. Legs were kind of tired. I was also kind of tired. Tried to think about form. 5.5.

Wednesday: Huntington, in the AM. 5.5. I suppose I could call this a meh minus. 35 minutes on the North Field after lab in the PM. Not super fast, but it felt pretty okay. I probably could've kept going, but I stopped. I might even give this a "good". Let's say 4 miles.

Thursday: 10.5.

Friday: Huntington. 5. Unpleasant, but not unexpectedly so.

Saturday: Patrician. 10. Really slow, but not unexpectedly so.

Sunday: Hiked up to the top of Mt. Wilson with Natalya. Kind of nice to catch up. 14 (of hiking). Then 30 minutes on the North field with Justine in the evening. I'll say 3.5, unless someone objects.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All I want to do is eat.


Monday: 20 minutes on the South Field with Stephanie, Ryan and Garrett, then 18 more minutes towards Lacy and back. Hamstring felt a little funny. I'll say 4.

Tuesday: Full Arroyo. Sucked. I think it's the butt, actually. Goddamn butt. I think it was 9.5.

Wednesday: 34 minutes with Stephanie in the AM, followed by 30 minutes with Stephanie, Ian and Ryan in the PM. I'll just total this at 7.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: 10 on Chantry trails with Ryan, Stephanie, Justine and Ian.

Saturday: Glendale loop slightly extended 26.

Sunday: Ian thinks it was 8. With Ian and Susan on the trails around the Rose Bowl, heading towards "the Other Arroyo." Then 25 minutes on the North Field with JXC in the early evening. Justine says 2. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I gotta feeling...

So this is going to end up pretty similar to Stephanie's blog, because I'm kind of using it to remember what I've been doing.


Monday: Off. Doing something... I don't remember what. Probably just chilling out.

Tuesday: Off. Unpacking and packing in a slightly rushed manner.

Wednesday: On a jet plane, mostly. Also some walking about in Heidelberg.

Thursday: Ran for a really long time. Probably somewhere around 90 minutes of actual running. So I'll say 9 miles. I don't know though, it was pretty slow. I urged Stephanie to forge on ahead on the hill, but then I could not find her again, and some minor drama ensued. It all ended okay though. Then a test run of the beach cruisers on the Neckar. Probably about 60 miles. Best savory crepe and sweet crepe ever. Eierlikor! I think that's how they spell it...

Friday: Strasbourg trails. 40 minutes, I think.

Saturday: Strasbourg trails again. 50:30, followed by 4x100m striders, 2 Heather ab circuits.

Sunday: Cycling from Strasbourg to Breisach and some getting lost in marshes. Probably 70 miles, says Stephanie. Drills, pushups and dips on the old fort.


Monday: Breisach to Vogtsburg. 20 miles biking. 50 minutes of running?

Tuesday: Vogtsburg to Basel. 45 miles biking. Then 40 minutes of running, 6 striders and abs.

Wednesday: Basel to Schaffhausen. We're saying 80 miles due to getting lost. "We had an 'off' day." Meaning we didn't run.

Thursday: Schaffhausen to Reichenau for 35 miles. Hobbled about for a little over an hour. I don't even know what I was doing.

Friday: Reichenau to Friedrichshafen. 25 miles. Pretty okay run in Bad Walsee. 3 laps around the Stadt See, so 4.2 miles.

Saturday: Bad Waldsee to Ulm. 45 miles cycling, climbed the steeple and about 70 minutes of jogging about.

Sunday: Ulm to Dillingen. 35 miles. Watched the Germany/England game. Ran 20 minutes to the Danube, did drills, 6x100m striders and 15 miles back. 4.5 miles. Then abs.


Monday: Dilligen to Neuberg. 45 miles. I am offended.

Tuesday: Neuberg to Kelheim. 40 miles. 30 minutes of being in pain.

Wednesday: Kelheim to Regensberg. 30 miles. Jogged about for 70 minutes.

Thursday: Regensberg to Niederalteich. 55 miles. No run.

Friday: Niederalteich to Passau. 35 miles. Running for 70 minutes.

Saturday: 30 miles into Austria, followed by 47 minutes.

Sunday: 43 minute run in Munich in gardens.

7 /5/10-7/11/10:

Monday: Off. Trains. Stress.

Tuesday: Off. Frankfurt.

Wednesday: Plane. 6 miles, 50 minutes. In company of Stephanie, Heather, Ian.

Thursday: Brown Mountain loop, 74 minutes, 8 miles. Stephanie.

Friday: Chantry. 75-80 minutes, 8 miles. Stephanie, Justine, Heather, Ian.

Saturday: Chantry cycling with detour on the way back for gelato. Julian.

Sunday: 88 minutes, 10.5 miles. Stephanie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I had the blankest year.


Monday: Glendale, slightly extended. Okay ride, I suppose. Kind of slow. 26.

Tuesday: Today was a glorious day. Unfortunately I was stuck inside studying. This made me a sad one. Can't I be done, please?

Wednesday: Same ride as Wednesday, except better. Felt like I was going at a pretty decent pace the whole way without putting out too much effort. Maybe it was the wind or something, but it was pretty fantastic. Also, I am so not over using clipless pedals... Perhaps I am being silly, but I think they help me bond with my bike. Like, I am more in tune with it now or something. Heh. 26.

Thursday: Chantry to the helipad with Stephanie. An enjoyable ride. :) Though I really think I need to work on the whole quad thing. I think that's why I'm so slow on the climbs... But the weather was nice and cool (if a little overcast). We stopped at Lucky Baldwin's afterwards. I'm going to say 22.

Friday-Sunday: I don't remember. :/

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



It was going to be run. But I guess I'll settle for remembering. Perhaps the latter is more important, in the long term. I mean, it probably is.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Madre. Improvement. 5.

Wednesday: Lower. I think part of it is that I'm kind of out of shape. And the other part is that my legs have forgotten what running is like. All these questions clamoring, racing through my mind. Why they hurry, I know not, for I'm just left behind. 7.

Thursday: Upper with Stephanie. 7.

Friday: Lacy the Long Way (backwards) with Julian (and then Stephanie). I don't really like slowing people down... So the second half was quite a bit of effort (for me). 4.

Saturday: 40 minutes on the North Field with Stephanie right after dinner.

Sunday: Off... Probably keeping busy.

Monday, May 24, 2010



Monday: Slightly extended Glendale loop with Heather. 26.

Tuesday: Chantry Flats (to the helipad!) with Julian. A pretty good ride. We saw another cyclist who spoke of riding to the helipad from the gate three times. He used to race, apparently. It was quite impressive. I'll say 22. But I'm not actually sure. And there was climbing!

Wednesday: Decided cycling was a terrible idea given that I was having severe difficulties staying awake. Also it was rush hour. Ran Huntington. Painfully slow. But I guess we've all got to start somewhere. 5.

Thursday: Tried to bike, but it started drizzling as soon as I got my bike. I was upset, and ran instead. Excruciatingly sluggish. 5.

Friday: Art Center Loop, back through South Pas. Easy. 18.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Off.

Friday, May 21, 2010



Monday: Off

Tuesday: Lacy the Long Way at 10 in the pm with Justine. 4.

Wednesday: A little lifting (I'm just trying to pretend I still get exercise here...).

Thursday: Art Center Loop. 15. I tipped over again. It was really upsetting. I didn't realize there was a cyclist behind me, tried to U-turn, was alerted to the cyclist, panicked, stop abruptly without clipping out and promptly fell over. :/ It was kind of embarrassing.

Friday: Testing the waters. Madre. Really slow. Sore on Saturday. Sad face. 5.

Saturday: Glendale Loop extended a bit with Julian. I'll say 26.

Sunday: Off. Work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Monday: Art Center Loop. Mainly wanted to have done "something." 17.5.

Tuesday: Glendale Loop. I was falling asleep on my ride. 24.

Wednesday: I ran! Courtesy of JXC. And it was not terrible, except for being out of shape. Like, I don't remember the last time Huntington was such an ordeal, fitness-wise. I think I will be a running one once or twice a week. Perhaps. We'll see. 5.

Thursday: I was going to run, but then my shin persuaded me not to. So I biked instead. Glendale with a detour due to road closures. 26.

Friday: Started using clipless pedals! I don't understand all the fuss about falling over. I mean, I fell over (after specifically resolving not to). But I feel like a much greater difficulty was clipping back in after clipping out. I could never get started again. :/ Art Center Loop. 20.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This place is so empty.


Monday: Up Chantry a-ways with Heather. Good to get out. Approximately 20.

Tuesday: Fail-explored the area above the Rose Bowl-ish with Stephanie. About 27.

Wednesday: Art Center Loop. Let's call this 17.

Thursday: Because I didn't do anything else, I'll log a little bit of lifting and abs.

Friday: Sleepy. No idea why. Glendale. 24.

Saturday: Ride towards the beach with Justine and Julian! Relatively flat though. A pleasant day. About 47. Went to Kevin/Robin's barbeque afterwards. So not especially productive. Hmm...

Sunday: Really I just wanted have done "something"... No climbing. 15.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I don't want to think anymore.


Monday: 4 x 400 then 4 x 200. 2.

Tuesday: Working and studying...

Wednesday: 5 x 300. 2.

Thursday: I biked to My Sweet Cupcake. Does that count? I'll say yes. Maybe 5... on a bike.

Friday: 3000 steeplechase in something like 14:40s. Last race of the season, thank goodness.

Saturday: Biked to Great Harvest. I'll say 4 on a bike. I should start exercising again at some point in my life. 1600 in the nighttime. I feel kind of terrible though, for not going to the track meet to cheer my good friends on in their endeavors. But at least I got Stephanie a treat and cleaned her room for her. But then I gave her diseases so I think I'm net negative impact on her life.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

But really, I've been learning how to die.


Monday: Bike. 20.

Tuesday: 12 x 200. 39-43 x 9, >50, 35, 39. I'll say 4.

Wednesday: Nothing.

Thursday: Work.

Friday: 600, 400, 300, 200 x 2. Extra 600 after. Also, random running about in the nighttime. Fun times... I'll just say 4 again.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Every plan is a tiny prayer to father time.


Monday: Lower. 7.

Tuesday: 2 sets of 5 x 300m. 4.

Wednesday. Huntington. 5.

Thursday: 2 on 1 off x 10 on a stationary bike, with 5 min warmup and 10 min cooldown. 16-ish.

Friday: Bike. 10.

Saturday: 3000m steeplechase in 14:10. 400 hurdles in 1:44. Ate it.

Sunday: Off. Work.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh crystal ball, crystal ball, save us all, tell me life is beautiful.


Monday: Orange Grove via Allen, back on Wilson because my legs were unhappy about being used. Again. Methinks they doth protest too much. Probably a terrible misquote, but I don't really care. 5.

Tuesday: 3 sets of 4 x 400. Pretty uniformly slow, going from 140s to 150s. My legs have seen better days. I don't know, maybe 4.5. I'm making stuff up...

Wednesday: Lacy Long. I'll say 4.

Thursday: An exercise in futility. 3.

Friday: Glendale loop on a bike! Not a bad ride. I recognized my turnover being pretty slow though... So perhaps cycling a lot does do something to your running. I don't know. Anyways, it felt pretty fast (but in actuality, wasn't in particular). 24.

Saturday: To the River Trail and up the 39 with Julian. Pretty good ride, but my legs were tired for some reason. Why, legs, why? I understand you not... But the weather was awesome for cycling. 40.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, March 29, 2010

You know I just can't handle this, handle this it all.


Monday: Lorain. Started out trying to keep up with S. Wuerth. But then I gave up, especially after we hit that stoplight with the water fountain. I'm going to blame this on the fact that my calf felt tight. Anyways, it was a pretty slow run. Some random lady gave me props for "running in the heat," though in all honesty, I can't claim to be doing anything more than jogging. I think 6.

Tuesday: 3 sets of 800, 400, 300. Kind of chilled for the first 800 and 400, because my legs didn't seem too excited about running. 300 was okay. Second set was uniformly slow. Tried to stick with Stephanie for the last set. I'll say 4.5, perhaps. I don't really know though.

Wednesday: My calves was tight, so today was slow, and particularly unenjoyable. Cut it short at Sierra Madre. I'll say 4.

Thursday: 2 on 1 off x 5. Calves tight again, but less so. I also realized the other parts of my legs are similarly displeased with me. I think maybe 4-ish? Not really sure...

Friday: Pre-race. Legs were not happy. Not excited about tomorrow, not excited at all. My day: fated to be spent in vain, time to be flushed down the drain. Tomorrow, I mean. Not today. 3.

Saturday: SCIAC 4-Way at Redlands. 3000m steeplechase in 15:20-ish, though they failed to record my time. I was a little miffed by this, as I thought I deserved completion credit. I think it may have been because I showed up a little last minute, so they thought I scratched. Probably could have gone a little faster, but perhaps another day. However, I am grateful to S. Wuerth for the cheering by the water pit. :) I am also kind of glad I ended up going to meet, so thanks for that also. Then 400m hurdles in 1:41, which was 9 seconds slower than last time. I think this might have been because my legs were tired from the steeple, and from the previous week. I don't know. Some warming up and cooling down were also involved.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We all shine on.


Touring the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey to Santa Barbara with S. Wuerth.

Monday: Monterey to Big Sur via the 17-Mile Drive. Pretty fantastic views, and an enjoyable ride, though I almost got blown off the road at some points by the winds. Overall the gusty day was a good thing, since it also helped blow us up hills... I think at some points, we were coasting along at over 30mph... Pretty awesome. 43. And about 4.5 of running.

Tuesday: Big Sur to Cambria. A lot of climbing today. I'm pretty sure this was the most climbing we did of all the days we toured. The views were beautiful though. We also bumped into this other cyclist from Berkeley. In Cambria, we met a cyclist who gave us cycling advice. He reminded us very strongly of someone else... 72.

Wednesday: Rolling hills through wine country today, if I remember aright. The wine country was aesthetically pleasing. The ride into Santa Maria was pretty stressful. It was basically lots of traffic and agriculture. Also, Google Maps directed us through a dirt road which was really irritating. We had to carry the panniers and push the bikes across. 72.

Thursday: Today was all about the soldiering on, I think... Left Santa Maria around 7:00am, and exited the 101 onto Hollister at around 1:30pm. So we made pretty good time! After getting into Santa Barbara (at around 3:30pm due to lots of stop lights), we celebrated with some delicious food - sole, picked herring and a King Hamlet (typing "King Hamlet" is awesome). Anyways, it ended up being an alright day, though I suppose I did not enjoy the view on the way in as much as I could have. 80.

Friday: Off. Chilling in Santa Barbara.

Saturday: Eaton Canyon trails for 54:21 with Stephanie. At first my legs didn't really understand what I was asking of them, but they caught on at the end. I'm glad we ran, despite the fact that I had originally kind of wanted to bike. I also enjoyed hopping about on the rocks, though I think all the ascending went kind of slowly. Also, I don't know how far we went.

Sunday: Eaton Canyon trails take two for about 70 minutes with Stephanie. Shin kind of hurt, so I was not inclined to go at all fast.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I like to ride my bicycle.


Monday: Didn't feel much like climbing today, so I rode to the River Trail. Pretty chill. Traffic was a little stressful, but I suspect that's just because I was trying to be more traffic-aware than I have been in the past. My right contact fell out somewhere on San Pasqual, shortly before San Gabriel. So I had to rescue it. I hope it didn't get messed up in the process. Because it's a new one, so I want to continue using it. 30.

Tuesday: Art Center Loop with Stephanie! Pretty good day cycling-wise. I enjoyed the company riding, the top of the loop had a fantastic view and we stopped for bread in South Pas on the way back. We should go back and run up that hill at some point... I think 18? Provided I did not make any route errors.

Wednesday: To the River Trail again, traffic seemed better this time, probably because I got started an hour earlier. I think I'm always commenting on the traffic because I don't really have much else to comment on. But yeah, it was a pretty good ride. Kind of hot out though. It feels like summer. 32.5, because I felt like going a little farther than on Monday.

Thursday: Glendale loop again. Decent ride, but nothing of note to mention. 24.

Friday: Off. Getting stuff together.

Saturday: Off. Exploring Monterey.

Sunday: Off. Scouting ahead.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Give me something to believe in, a breath from the breathing.


Monday: Lower Arroyo, coming back through the Aquatic Center. Started out semi-speedily but rapidly deteriorated and fell off the group, feeling kind of pitiful and mourning the death of my calves. But I was rejoined by S. Wuerth coming out of the Arroyo, and as a result, sped up quite a bit on the way back (with the exception of the trails). Pretty good run in the end. Thanks. :) I'll say 7 with rounding.

Tuesday: Off... Working.

Wednesday: To San Gabriel and back on California. Felt kind of shitty. My shin hurt. Complain complain... Last day of classes though. :) Perhaps 4.5...

Thursday: Cycling in the area above the Rose Bowl - went up to Verdugo and then came down the same way to go up to the Art Center and then back. It was a okay ride. Except my eyes got irritated, and I remembered that I hadn't changed my contacts this month. :/ Probably something like 20.

Friday: Basically the same thing as the day before, except it felt shorter. Yesterday probably just felt long because I hadn't cycled for a while. I was kind of sad to find that I had to dust off my seat and cycling computer (well or maybe that just means I have a dusty room, but in all fairness, I think that was my first ride of the term). Anyways 20.

Saturday: Off... Physics review somehow ended up being 3 hours long, so then it got late. And I opted to get food instead of riding.

Sunday: Glendale loop. I really didn't want to let the weekend slide by without cycling, because I wanted to take advantage of the reduced traffic. So I was pleased that I was able to get out. Pretty decent ride - it was nice out, and it was pleasant to be not-working for a bit. 24.

Monday, March 1, 2010

All I wanted was to be a pea of being.


Monday: Off... Ahhh...

Tuesday: 500 x 7. I think I actually remember my times this time. 90, 90, 97, 98, 82, (94?, 96? Not sure about this one), 149. My legs felt rather limp and not very cooperative, in terms of my wanting them to do a workout. But oh well, not much to be done. Maybe 5?

Wednesday: Easy Huntington Gardens with Masha. Calves were really tight for some reason, so it was not particularly pleasant. Afterwards, I attempted to learn how to hurdle from Helen. I felt really really really awkward... I don't think I was made to move in that manner. Hurdling seems kind of cool though. I would like to become more proficient. Perhaps 4.

Thursday: 14 minute tempo followed by 200 x 5. Felt pretty shitty on the tempo (calves were really tight again) but it was probably in a large part mental, because they seemed to improve for the 200s. The 200s were okay, I suppose. Then we ran back. 5.

Friday: Felt crappy on the pre-race to Sierra Madre and back, and okay on the 6 striders that followed. Maybe it's a sign that I am secretly destined to be a sprinter. Perhaps 3.5.

Saturday: SCIAC 4-Way at Caltech. Didn't run the 3000 Steeple... But oh well, it is past. Ran the 400 hurdles though, in 1:32. Pretty slow, but I kind of jogged the non-hurdling parts, because I didn't want to have not enough energy and die later on. It was surprisingly fun. Except I forgot to do the whole turning my foot on my trail leg thing, and apparently was running (hah - terribly overused unintended pun) a high risk of eating it. Fortunately I did not face plant. :P Also did some warming up and cooling down with S. Wuerth.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I've felt old before my time but now I keep the age away, by burning up the miles and by filling up my days.


Monday: Lorain with Stephanie, mostly. Pretty speedy for most of it. I got kind of tired in the end though, and decided to drop off a bit. But a good run; I enjoyed the company and conversation. Also, this was probably my least miserable Lorain, ever. 6? I forgot what this mapped to...

Tuesday: 4 sets of 400 x 3 on the track. Went out pretty fast on the first one, which was probably something like 82. But then I died, and ran mainly high nineties, with maybe one or two odd exceptions. 84 on the last one though. How familiar.

Wednesday: Extended Lacy Long, mostly with Stephanie again. Except I kind of died on the hill more than necessary. I probably shouldn't have, Stephanie ended up having to wait for me. Otherwise, it was an alright run. I was kind of out of it though... I think 5. And I didn't even round that much.

Thursday: 2 x 10 min tempo in Lacy Park. Stayed with Sylvia and Natalya mostly. Inner outer loops for the first 10 min. The first 1.5+ loops was pretty good - we stayed together really well. Then we got strung out a bit near the end. Second 10 min we went outside, and I stayed with the group until the hill, whereupon I kind of slowed dramatically. I don't know why I'm still so psyched out by hills... But yeah... I guess overall it felt alright. Probably something like 5.

Friday: Off. Happy 21st to Justine Chia though. I hope it was a good one. This is vaguely reminiscent of those Xanga (how strange to type that now) shoutouts though from back in the day. Maybe I'll do some if I ever feel super inclined at some point...

Saturday: Rossi Relays. Warm up, 1600, really short cool down. Repeat but with 800. I kind of felt like I was being a weak link, both times. But with any luck I'll get a little faster, as the season progresses, maybe. It was also kind of rainy and miserable, and I kind of think all anyone really wanted to do was go home.

Sunday: Off. Probably doing homework...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The world could be burning down.


Monday: Off... shouldn't have procrastinated so much over the weekend.... Oh well...

Tuesday: 2000, 1600, 1200, 800, 400. Got there late (due to working on ACM) so went into the workout with no warmup. Good thing we weren't trying to be speedier. I actually didn't register the 2000, so I was kind of angry when I found out that I had another lap to go after the mile. Meaning I kind of gave up on the last lap. And the 1200, because I was tired... But the 800 and 400 were pretty okay... Then a cooldown. Probably 4.5-ish.

Wednesday: Easy run today. Down San Pasqual to San Gabriel and back on California, extending down Arden around the back and coming in on Wilson. My legs felt really tired today for some reason, and it was not super pleasant... Actually, today seemed inexplicably tiringin general (as in the day, including but not limited to the part that involved running). Hmm... 4.5, I would say, in my arbitrary way. I want to write something worth reading. Too bad Time does not seem terribly accommodating.

Thursday: 4 on 1 off x5 at Lacy. For the first two outer inside loop (oxymoron) went out hard at the beginning and then tried to cling to Sylvia when she would pass me, usually somewhere just past the rose garden. Went outside for the next two loops; the fourth kind of started on the hill so it didn't go so well... Fifth was basically a repeat of the first two. Alright workout overall. Probably 5.5-ish?

Friday: Easy Hillcrest, back on Oak Knoll then California. Pretty uneventful. Maybe 3.5.

Saturday: Off. Making that diagram... Haha...

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I try to mean what I say.


Monday: Lower with Stephanie. Felt like we went out really briskly at the beginning, and was initially a little concerned about finishing (Stephanie and I disagree about who was responsible for this). But we took it back a notch after stretching at Garfield (this was much needed, on my part at least). And it ended up being alright... 7. I kind of wish I could have heated and stuff, but recitation took longer than anticipated...

Tuesday: Lacy 3 on 1 off x 5 with Natalya and Masha. It was really cold, and my fingers started not functioning. Tried to go hard on the uphill though. It felt like I should have been going faster (I mean relative to the effort I felt like I was putting out). But overall, pretty solid. Maybe 5?

Wednesday: Easy Hillcrest with Natalya and Sylvia. Pretty enjoyable run, and it is a relief to be done with midterms. 5-ish. Also, I seem to favor underestimating distances rather than overestimating them. Just as a general thing.

Thursday: 1200 x 4 with Sylvia, Natalya and Masha. Susan was there too. Felt pretty awful. My Mongolian grill wanted out; I probably shouldn't've finished it. And I couldn't even cling for the bonus 400 at the end. Oh well. Let's call it 3.5 and then promptly forget about it.

Friday: Off. Jack's Mannequin.

Saturday: Didn't run anything at the meet. Cheered though. :) Extended version of Huntington with Stephanie afterwards. Picked it up at the end... By which I mean the last little bit. Legs felt pretty tired/dead, and I don't really know why. 6, I think.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I put my ear to your ear and listened to the echo of your dreams.


Monday: Legs felt kind of tight/heavy. But Stephanie ran a red a light (heh...), and I followed. Anyways, Stephanie, Sylvia, Masha and I ended up kind of tempo-ing this one. It was a good run though. Hopefully I can still muster the energy for a workout tomorrow... Slightly convoluted Upper Arroyo, so probably about 6.5?

Tuesday: Felt kind of crappy, and my legs were mildly dead. Jogged (extremely slowly) 3 laps to warm up. Then 5x800. Went out hard for the first 50-100m (depending on the interval). But only because I feel like I basically get the first 100m or so for free. Then kind of died through the rest of it. Hovered reasonably consistently around 3:30-3:35-ish. Bonus 400 afterwards in something like 83-84, but I don't really remember. It was all I could do to cling to Natalya on that last one. 3.5, maybe.

Wednesday: Easy with Sylvia, Natalya and Masha. San Pasqual down to San Gabriel and back on California. I should have stretched my calves... my right arch was getting pretty tight there. Otherwise, it was decent. 4.5.

Thursday: 5 on, 2 off x4 at Lacy Park. Tried to pack it up with Stephanie, Sylvia, Natalya, Masha and Susan. But then I kind of petered out starting about halfway through the third interval, I think. Felt pretty good though. I swear by the ultrasound. Perhaps 5.5. I'm just making up a number though...

Friday: Easy run with Natalya, Masha and Sylvia. Random route down California to Arroyo Parkway and back on Glenarm followed by (I think) El Molino. Didn't have time to ultrasound, and regretted it. Otherwise, okay. MEMO TO SELF: Get to practice earlier. Thank you. 4-ish.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Midterms.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Swing, swing, swing, from the tangles of...


Monday: Sore from yesterday, so did a super easy bike ride with Garrett. Nice and chill. Except I probably shouldn't have worn a sweatshirt. It got kind of hot so I took it off, and then it was just inconvenient. 14.

Tuesday: Warmup to Allen and back. Then 1 minute on, 4 off, 1 on, 2 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on. And 15 minutes cooldown. But yeah, apparently this time-trial-esque workout is supposed to be a good indicator of 1500 times. Maybe 3? 2? At least 3... I think...

Wednesday: My legs were being quite uncooperative today, particularly my right quad which decided quite spontaneously to be kind of angry with me. Really easy starting out semi-briskly and then exponentially dropping off all of sudden. Cut it off and iced. I'll say this was from last Sunday, because other than that, I really haven't been doing very much. Maybe 3...

Thursday: Garfield Park 4 lap tempo. Warmed up by running there. 15:15 for the four laps, apparently. The legs did not seem particularly excited to be running today, but it could've been worse. Maybe 7? Not sure though.

Friday: Pre-raceish deal. 4. Legs felt really heavy. And then 6 striders. First couple were good, but then they started to taper off in terms of quality. Eh.

Saturday: Off. Clearly, I am not being productive if I feel the need to get on here for the sole purpose of expressing today's lack of activity. Darn.

Sunday: Relaxed Huntington via Palomar with Natalya and Masha. My right foot felt kind of unhappy, so it was a less than ideal run. Otherwise, okay I suppose. 5.5.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So I wrote you a song.

The title of this week was going to be "Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping in." But it's not, because I'm going to get my act together. Or I'd better. I really have let this go on for far too long already.


Monday: Off. At least I finished ACM and physics. I suppose one must not be too greedy. I kind of wish I had run though...

Tuesday: Going to be Full, but shortened to Upper. Arch tight. Will stretch more. 7.

Wednesday: Easy with Natalya and Masha. To San Gabriel (I think) on San Pasqual and back. 4.

Thursday: Lacy 3 on, 2 off x 5. We stayed pretty much together for most of it, and the last 3 on was especially good. A pretty decent workout, if I do say so myself. 5ish? Not sure.

Friday: Easy run. Down San Pasqual to San Gabriel and back. It ended up being semi-speedy though, what with merging parties with the guys and all. Kind of fun, except then I got tired. 4.

Saturday: Sore from Friday's easy run. Hmmm... Off.

Sunday: Carlsbad Half Marathon with S. Wuerth! The weather was pretty awesome. I mean, it got a little hot, but sunshine is pleasant, and it was probably close to ideal. Ran faster than expected, but still pretty slow. My legs started getting so sore though. Eh. A pleasant breakfast afterwards. And then I was really tired, and all I wanted to do is sleep. 13.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I don't want to feel this small.

1/11/10 - 1/17/10

Monday: Orange Grove variant. Felt pretty awful. I don't think I really needed to eat quite that much lunch. Also, I need to stretch more. 6. ( I might have forgotten a few turns though. The route back was kind of convoluted.

Tuesday: Around Lacy, followed by a few short drills and 10 striders. Chilled out for Lacy and first half of the striders (excepting the first). Stuck with Natalya for the second half. Maybe 4? 5?

Wednesday: Out and back to Garfield Park. Arch (particularly right) really tight. Also, legs were kind of sore. Otherwise, felt alright. 4.5.

Thursday: To Garfield, 3 laps, to farmer's market, back. Great Harvest is open. Had to stretch the calves at the stoplights on the way there, but they got better (I think). I still dislike tempos though. Maybe 6?

Friday: I hate Fridays... They are way too busy. Friday 400 in 81. With no warm up, no shoes, and after eating (I like making excuses for myself). Lacy the Long Way with Stephanie, Sylvia and Masha. Extended it a little because of time. Kind of painful, to be honest. 5, I suppose.

Saturday: Super chill ride... Didn't really feel up to climbing, so just cycled around above the Rose Bowl. Saw See's Candies and debated getting some, but then I decided they would melt. 18.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So we begin again.

1/4/10 - 1/10/10

Monday: First day of practice. Lacy the Long Way. Went out at a pretty moderate pace, and picked it up a bit with Stephanie at the end. Felt alright. 4.

Tuesday: Huntington. Moderate pace with Sylvia for most of it. I have a feeling entries for a while will be featuring the word "moderate". Unless I decided to take advantage of a thesaurus and look for synonyms. I was rather full though, so it was kind of non-ideal. But that's okay. I mean, I like food... 5.

Wednesday: Rosemead with Stephanie. Ran with the guys (and Sylvia) until Madre where they turned off. We continued on to Rosemead, whereupon I began to putter out. But Stephanie was encouraging, so I put forth more effort. My legs were so so so dead. It was probably good for us, hopefully. About 6.5, because I round.

Thursday: My plans to take a day off were kind of foiled. Jogged down to Lacy, 16 striders (except for maybe 2) and then back. I didn't want to keep repeating the word "jogged". Maybe 3? 4? I don't even know...

Friday: Hillcrest variant with Stephanie and Masha in the morning. Susan was going to come, but unfortunately Henry wasn't feeling too great. Quite sore. I will be taking the weekend off. About 4. I think. (

Saturday: Felt obligated to do something, so rode two loops down to Lotus. I thought about doing more, but then decided that what I really wanted to do was eat lunch. 11.

Sunday: Off. Pretended I know how to play tennis.