Monday, February 22, 2010

I've felt old before my time but now I keep the age away, by burning up the miles and by filling up my days.


Monday: Lorain with Stephanie, mostly. Pretty speedy for most of it. I got kind of tired in the end though, and decided to drop off a bit. But a good run; I enjoyed the company and conversation. Also, this was probably my least miserable Lorain, ever. 6? I forgot what this mapped to...

Tuesday: 4 sets of 400 x 3 on the track. Went out pretty fast on the first one, which was probably something like 82. But then I died, and ran mainly high nineties, with maybe one or two odd exceptions. 84 on the last one though. How familiar.

Wednesday: Extended Lacy Long, mostly with Stephanie again. Except I kind of died on the hill more than necessary. I probably shouldn't have, Stephanie ended up having to wait for me. Otherwise, it was an alright run. I was kind of out of it though... I think 5. And I didn't even round that much.

Thursday: 2 x 10 min tempo in Lacy Park. Stayed with Sylvia and Natalya mostly. Inner outer loops for the first 10 min. The first 1.5+ loops was pretty good - we stayed together really well. Then we got strung out a bit near the end. Second 10 min we went outside, and I stayed with the group until the hill, whereupon I kind of slowed dramatically. I don't know why I'm still so psyched out by hills... But yeah... I guess overall it felt alright. Probably something like 5.

Friday: Off. Happy 21st to Justine Chia though. I hope it was a good one. This is vaguely reminiscent of those Xanga (how strange to type that now) shoutouts though from back in the day. Maybe I'll do some if I ever feel super inclined at some point...

Saturday: Rossi Relays. Warm up, 1600, really short cool down. Repeat but with 800. I kind of felt like I was being a weak link, both times. But with any luck I'll get a little faster, as the season progresses, maybe. It was also kind of rainy and miserable, and I kind of think all anyone really wanted to do was go home.

Sunday: Off. Probably doing homework...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The world could be burning down.


Monday: Off... shouldn't have procrastinated so much over the weekend.... Oh well...

Tuesday: 2000, 1600, 1200, 800, 400. Got there late (due to working on ACM) so went into the workout with no warmup. Good thing we weren't trying to be speedier. I actually didn't register the 2000, so I was kind of angry when I found out that I had another lap to go after the mile. Meaning I kind of gave up on the last lap. And the 1200, because I was tired... But the 800 and 400 were pretty okay... Then a cooldown. Probably 4.5-ish.

Wednesday: Easy run today. Down San Pasqual to San Gabriel and back on California, extending down Arden around the back and coming in on Wilson. My legs felt really tired today for some reason, and it was not super pleasant... Actually, today seemed inexplicably tiringin general (as in the day, including but not limited to the part that involved running). Hmm... 4.5, I would say, in my arbitrary way. I want to write something worth reading. Too bad Time does not seem terribly accommodating.

Thursday: 4 on 1 off x5 at Lacy. For the first two outer inside loop (oxymoron) went out hard at the beginning and then tried to cling to Sylvia when she would pass me, usually somewhere just past the rose garden. Went outside for the next two loops; the fourth kind of started on the hill so it didn't go so well... Fifth was basically a repeat of the first two. Alright workout overall. Probably 5.5-ish?

Friday: Easy Hillcrest, back on Oak Knoll then California. Pretty uneventful. Maybe 3.5.

Saturday: Off. Making that diagram... Haha...

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I try to mean what I say.


Monday: Lower with Stephanie. Felt like we went out really briskly at the beginning, and was initially a little concerned about finishing (Stephanie and I disagree about who was responsible for this). But we took it back a notch after stretching at Garfield (this was much needed, on my part at least). And it ended up being alright... 7. I kind of wish I could have heated and stuff, but recitation took longer than anticipated...

Tuesday: Lacy 3 on 1 off x 5 with Natalya and Masha. It was really cold, and my fingers started not functioning. Tried to go hard on the uphill though. It felt like I should have been going faster (I mean relative to the effort I felt like I was putting out). But overall, pretty solid. Maybe 5?

Wednesday: Easy Hillcrest with Natalya and Sylvia. Pretty enjoyable run, and it is a relief to be done with midterms. 5-ish. Also, I seem to favor underestimating distances rather than overestimating them. Just as a general thing.

Thursday: 1200 x 4 with Sylvia, Natalya and Masha. Susan was there too. Felt pretty awful. My Mongolian grill wanted out; I probably shouldn't've finished it. And I couldn't even cling for the bonus 400 at the end. Oh well. Let's call it 3.5 and then promptly forget about it.

Friday: Off. Jack's Mannequin.

Saturday: Didn't run anything at the meet. Cheered though. :) Extended version of Huntington with Stephanie afterwards. Picked it up at the end... By which I mean the last little bit. Legs felt pretty tired/dead, and I don't really know why. 6, I think.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I put my ear to your ear and listened to the echo of your dreams.


Monday: Legs felt kind of tight/heavy. But Stephanie ran a red a light (heh...), and I followed. Anyways, Stephanie, Sylvia, Masha and I ended up kind of tempo-ing this one. It was a good run though. Hopefully I can still muster the energy for a workout tomorrow... Slightly convoluted Upper Arroyo, so probably about 6.5?

Tuesday: Felt kind of crappy, and my legs were mildly dead. Jogged (extremely slowly) 3 laps to warm up. Then 5x800. Went out hard for the first 50-100m (depending on the interval). But only because I feel like I basically get the first 100m or so for free. Then kind of died through the rest of it. Hovered reasonably consistently around 3:30-3:35-ish. Bonus 400 afterwards in something like 83-84, but I don't really remember. It was all I could do to cling to Natalya on that last one. 3.5, maybe.

Wednesday: Easy with Sylvia, Natalya and Masha. San Pasqual down to San Gabriel and back on California. I should have stretched my calves... my right arch was getting pretty tight there. Otherwise, it was decent. 4.5.

Thursday: 5 on, 2 off x4 at Lacy Park. Tried to pack it up with Stephanie, Sylvia, Natalya, Masha and Susan. But then I kind of petered out starting about halfway through the third interval, I think. Felt pretty good though. I swear by the ultrasound. Perhaps 5.5. I'm just making up a number though...

Friday: Easy run with Natalya, Masha and Sylvia. Random route down California to Arroyo Parkway and back on Glenarm followed by (I think) El Molino. Didn't have time to ultrasound, and regretted it. Otherwise, okay. MEMO TO SELF: Get to practice earlier. Thank you. 4-ish.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Midterms.