Monday, March 29, 2010

You know I just can't handle this, handle this it all.


Monday: Lorain. Started out trying to keep up with S. Wuerth. But then I gave up, especially after we hit that stoplight with the water fountain. I'm going to blame this on the fact that my calf felt tight. Anyways, it was a pretty slow run. Some random lady gave me props for "running in the heat," though in all honesty, I can't claim to be doing anything more than jogging. I think 6.

Tuesday: 3 sets of 800, 400, 300. Kind of chilled for the first 800 and 400, because my legs didn't seem too excited about running. 300 was okay. Second set was uniformly slow. Tried to stick with Stephanie for the last set. I'll say 4.5, perhaps. I don't really know though.

Wednesday: My calves was tight, so today was slow, and particularly unenjoyable. Cut it short at Sierra Madre. I'll say 4.

Thursday: 2 on 1 off x 5. Calves tight again, but less so. I also realized the other parts of my legs are similarly displeased with me. I think maybe 4-ish? Not really sure...

Friday: Pre-race. Legs were not happy. Not excited about tomorrow, not excited at all. My day: fated to be spent in vain, time to be flushed down the drain. Tomorrow, I mean. Not today. 3.

Saturday: SCIAC 4-Way at Redlands. 3000m steeplechase in 15:20-ish, though they failed to record my time. I was a little miffed by this, as I thought I deserved completion credit. I think it may have been because I showed up a little last minute, so they thought I scratched. Probably could have gone a little faster, but perhaps another day. However, I am grateful to S. Wuerth for the cheering by the water pit. :) I am also kind of glad I ended up going to meet, so thanks for that also. Then 400m hurdles in 1:41, which was 9 seconds slower than last time. I think this might have been because my legs were tired from the steeple, and from the previous week. I don't know. Some warming up and cooling down were also involved.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We all shine on.


Touring the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey to Santa Barbara with S. Wuerth.

Monday: Monterey to Big Sur via the 17-Mile Drive. Pretty fantastic views, and an enjoyable ride, though I almost got blown off the road at some points by the winds. Overall the gusty day was a good thing, since it also helped blow us up hills... I think at some points, we were coasting along at over 30mph... Pretty awesome. 43. And about 4.5 of running.

Tuesday: Big Sur to Cambria. A lot of climbing today. I'm pretty sure this was the most climbing we did of all the days we toured. The views were beautiful though. We also bumped into this other cyclist from Berkeley. In Cambria, we met a cyclist who gave us cycling advice. He reminded us very strongly of someone else... 72.

Wednesday: Rolling hills through wine country today, if I remember aright. The wine country was aesthetically pleasing. The ride into Santa Maria was pretty stressful. It was basically lots of traffic and agriculture. Also, Google Maps directed us through a dirt road which was really irritating. We had to carry the panniers and push the bikes across. 72.

Thursday: Today was all about the soldiering on, I think... Left Santa Maria around 7:00am, and exited the 101 onto Hollister at around 1:30pm. So we made pretty good time! After getting into Santa Barbara (at around 3:30pm due to lots of stop lights), we celebrated with some delicious food - sole, picked herring and a King Hamlet (typing "King Hamlet" is awesome). Anyways, it ended up being an alright day, though I suppose I did not enjoy the view on the way in as much as I could have. 80.

Friday: Off. Chilling in Santa Barbara.

Saturday: Eaton Canyon trails for 54:21 with Stephanie. At first my legs didn't really understand what I was asking of them, but they caught on at the end. I'm glad we ran, despite the fact that I had originally kind of wanted to bike. I also enjoyed hopping about on the rocks, though I think all the ascending went kind of slowly. Also, I don't know how far we went.

Sunday: Eaton Canyon trails take two for about 70 minutes with Stephanie. Shin kind of hurt, so I was not inclined to go at all fast.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I like to ride my bicycle.


Monday: Didn't feel much like climbing today, so I rode to the River Trail. Pretty chill. Traffic was a little stressful, but I suspect that's just because I was trying to be more traffic-aware than I have been in the past. My right contact fell out somewhere on San Pasqual, shortly before San Gabriel. So I had to rescue it. I hope it didn't get messed up in the process. Because it's a new one, so I want to continue using it. 30.

Tuesday: Art Center Loop with Stephanie! Pretty good day cycling-wise. I enjoyed the company riding, the top of the loop had a fantastic view and we stopped for bread in South Pas on the way back. We should go back and run up that hill at some point... I think 18? Provided I did not make any route errors.

Wednesday: To the River Trail again, traffic seemed better this time, probably because I got started an hour earlier. I think I'm always commenting on the traffic because I don't really have much else to comment on. But yeah, it was a pretty good ride. Kind of hot out though. It feels like summer. 32.5, because I felt like going a little farther than on Monday.

Thursday: Glendale loop again. Decent ride, but nothing of note to mention. 24.

Friday: Off. Getting stuff together.

Saturday: Off. Exploring Monterey.

Sunday: Off. Scouting ahead.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Give me something to believe in, a breath from the breathing.


Monday: Lower Arroyo, coming back through the Aquatic Center. Started out semi-speedily but rapidly deteriorated and fell off the group, feeling kind of pitiful and mourning the death of my calves. But I was rejoined by S. Wuerth coming out of the Arroyo, and as a result, sped up quite a bit on the way back (with the exception of the trails). Pretty good run in the end. Thanks. :) I'll say 7 with rounding.

Tuesday: Off... Working.

Wednesday: To San Gabriel and back on California. Felt kind of shitty. My shin hurt. Complain complain... Last day of classes though. :) Perhaps 4.5...

Thursday: Cycling in the area above the Rose Bowl - went up to Verdugo and then came down the same way to go up to the Art Center and then back. It was a okay ride. Except my eyes got irritated, and I remembered that I hadn't changed my contacts this month. :/ Probably something like 20.

Friday: Basically the same thing as the day before, except it felt shorter. Yesterday probably just felt long because I hadn't cycled for a while. I was kind of sad to find that I had to dust off my seat and cycling computer (well or maybe that just means I have a dusty room, but in all fairness, I think that was my first ride of the term). Anyways 20.

Saturday: Off... Physics review somehow ended up being 3 hours long, so then it got late. And I opted to get food instead of riding.

Sunday: Glendale loop. I really didn't want to let the weekend slide by without cycling, because I wanted to take advantage of the reduced traffic. So I was pleased that I was able to get out. Pretty decent ride - it was nice out, and it was pleasant to be not-working for a bit. 24.

Monday, March 1, 2010

All I wanted was to be a pea of being.


Monday: Off... Ahhh...

Tuesday: 500 x 7. I think I actually remember my times this time. 90, 90, 97, 98, 82, (94?, 96? Not sure about this one), 149. My legs felt rather limp and not very cooperative, in terms of my wanting them to do a workout. But oh well, not much to be done. Maybe 5?

Wednesday: Easy Huntington Gardens with Masha. Calves were really tight for some reason, so it was not particularly pleasant. Afterwards, I attempted to learn how to hurdle from Helen. I felt really really really awkward... I don't think I was made to move in that manner. Hurdling seems kind of cool though. I would like to become more proficient. Perhaps 4.

Thursday: 14 minute tempo followed by 200 x 5. Felt pretty shitty on the tempo (calves were really tight again) but it was probably in a large part mental, because they seemed to improve for the 200s. The 200s were okay, I suppose. Then we ran back. 5.

Friday: Felt crappy on the pre-race to Sierra Madre and back, and okay on the 6 striders that followed. Maybe it's a sign that I am secretly destined to be a sprinter. Perhaps 3.5.

Saturday: SCIAC 4-Way at Caltech. Didn't run the 3000 Steeple... But oh well, it is past. Ran the 400 hurdles though, in 1:32. Pretty slow, but I kind of jogged the non-hurdling parts, because I didn't want to have not enough energy and die later on. It was surprisingly fun. Except I forgot to do the whole turning my foot on my trail leg thing, and apparently was running (hah - terribly overused unintended pun) a high risk of eating it. Fortunately I did not face plant. :P Also did some warming up and cooling down with S. Wuerth.

Sunday: Off.