Monday, June 7, 2010

I had the blankest year.


Monday: Glendale, slightly extended. Okay ride, I suppose. Kind of slow. 26.

Tuesday: Today was a glorious day. Unfortunately I was stuck inside studying. This made me a sad one. Can't I be done, please?

Wednesday: Same ride as Wednesday, except better. Felt like I was going at a pretty decent pace the whole way without putting out too much effort. Maybe it was the wind or something, but it was pretty fantastic. Also, I am so not over using clipless pedals... Perhaps I am being silly, but I think they help me bond with my bike. Like, I am more in tune with it now or something. Heh. 26.

Thursday: Chantry to the helipad with Stephanie. An enjoyable ride. :) Though I really think I need to work on the whole quad thing. I think that's why I'm so slow on the climbs... But the weather was nice and cool (if a little overcast). We stopped at Lucky Baldwin's afterwards. I'm going to say 22.

Friday-Sunday: I don't remember. :/

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



It was going to be run. But I guess I'll settle for remembering. Perhaps the latter is more important, in the long term. I mean, it probably is.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Madre. Improvement. 5.

Wednesday: Lower. I think part of it is that I'm kind of out of shape. And the other part is that my legs have forgotten what running is like. All these questions clamoring, racing through my mind. Why they hurry, I know not, for I'm just left behind. 7.

Thursday: Upper with Stephanie. 7.

Friday: Lacy the Long Way (backwards) with Julian (and then Stephanie). I don't really like slowing people down... So the second half was quite a bit of effort (for me). 4.

Saturday: 40 minutes on the North Field with Stephanie right after dinner.

Sunday: Off... Probably keeping busy.