Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just don't know about this, guys.


Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Lower Arroyo with water tower and rooster farm, with Stephanie. I'm glad we ran. 11.

Wednesday: Huntington after lab... Felt okay. 5.

Thursday: Madre in morning, because I assumed I would get out of lab late. I wasn't that into it though, to be honest. Kind of granny-ed along. 5.5. I did get out of lab late, but ran again anyways. 45 minutes on the North Field with Justine. I'll just say 5.

Friday: Patrician with Stephanie and Justine. Awesome run with even better company (I think I often feel like the company can make a run). Anyways, it was a good experience. 11.

Saturday: I was going to run Huntington, but then I decided that at the rate I was moving at, it was probably not worth continuing, so I turned and granny++-ed (that's a hyphen, not a minus) back.I also wanted to conserve energy for tomorrow. I feel like this was slow enough and short enough to call this an off day. I probably should have biked, but I felt like it would be too time consuming.

Sunday: Malibu Creek State Park with Stephanie. I think we decided to call it 16. I'm glad we ran. :P I think I was kind of a tired one though, as we neared the end. Also it was hot. But brunch was good, and all in all it was a pretty good day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Monday: Full Arroyo. Felt kind of meh, especially for the middle trail-y segment. 9.5.

Tuesday: Madre with Stephanie and Ian. Legs were kind of tired. I was also kind of tired. Tried to think about form. 5.5.

Wednesday: Huntington, in the AM. 5.5. I suppose I could call this a meh minus. 35 minutes on the North Field after lab in the PM. Not super fast, but it felt pretty okay. I probably could've kept going, but I stopped. I might even give this a "good". Let's say 4 miles.

Thursday: 10.5.

Friday: Huntington. 5. Unpleasant, but not unexpectedly so.

Saturday: Patrician. 10. Really slow, but not unexpectedly so.

Sunday: Hiked up to the top of Mt. Wilson with Natalya. Kind of nice to catch up. 14 (of hiking). Then 30 minutes on the North field with Justine in the evening. I'll say 3.5, unless someone objects.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All I want to do is eat.


Monday: 20 minutes on the South Field with Stephanie, Ryan and Garrett, then 18 more minutes towards Lacy and back. Hamstring felt a little funny. I'll say 4.

Tuesday: Full Arroyo. Sucked. I think it's the butt, actually. Goddamn butt. I think it was 9.5.

Wednesday: 34 minutes with Stephanie in the AM, followed by 30 minutes with Stephanie, Ian and Ryan in the PM. I'll just total this at 7.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: 10 on Chantry trails with Ryan, Stephanie, Justine and Ian.

Saturday: Glendale loop slightly extended 26.

Sunday: Ian thinks it was 8. With Ian and Susan on the trails around the Rose Bowl, heading towards "the Other Arroyo." Then 25 minutes on the North Field with JXC in the early evening. Justine says 2. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I gotta feeling...

So this is going to end up pretty similar to Stephanie's blog, because I'm kind of using it to remember what I've been doing.


Monday: Off. Doing something... I don't remember what. Probably just chilling out.

Tuesday: Off. Unpacking and packing in a slightly rushed manner.

Wednesday: On a jet plane, mostly. Also some walking about in Heidelberg.

Thursday: Ran for a really long time. Probably somewhere around 90 minutes of actual running. So I'll say 9 miles. I don't know though, it was pretty slow. I urged Stephanie to forge on ahead on the hill, but then I could not find her again, and some minor drama ensued. It all ended okay though. Then a test run of the beach cruisers on the Neckar. Probably about 60 miles. Best savory crepe and sweet crepe ever. Eierlikor! I think that's how they spell it...

Friday: Strasbourg trails. 40 minutes, I think.

Saturday: Strasbourg trails again. 50:30, followed by 4x100m striders, 2 Heather ab circuits.

Sunday: Cycling from Strasbourg to Breisach and some getting lost in marshes. Probably 70 miles, says Stephanie. Drills, pushups and dips on the old fort.


Monday: Breisach to Vogtsburg. 20 miles biking. 50 minutes of running?

Tuesday: Vogtsburg to Basel. 45 miles biking. Then 40 minutes of running, 6 striders and abs.

Wednesday: Basel to Schaffhausen. We're saying 80 miles due to getting lost. "We had an 'off' day." Meaning we didn't run.

Thursday: Schaffhausen to Reichenau for 35 miles. Hobbled about for a little over an hour. I don't even know what I was doing.

Friday: Reichenau to Friedrichshafen. 25 miles. Pretty okay run in Bad Walsee. 3 laps around the Stadt See, so 4.2 miles.

Saturday: Bad Waldsee to Ulm. 45 miles cycling, climbed the steeple and about 70 minutes of jogging about.

Sunday: Ulm to Dillingen. 35 miles. Watched the Germany/England game. Ran 20 minutes to the Danube, did drills, 6x100m striders and 15 miles back. 4.5 miles. Then abs.


Monday: Dilligen to Neuberg. 45 miles. I am offended.

Tuesday: Neuberg to Kelheim. 40 miles. 30 minutes of being in pain.

Wednesday: Kelheim to Regensberg. 30 miles. Jogged about for 70 minutes.

Thursday: Regensberg to Niederalteich. 55 miles. No run.

Friday: Niederalteich to Passau. 35 miles. Running for 70 minutes.

Saturday: 30 miles into Austria, followed by 47 minutes.

Sunday: 43 minute run in Munich in gardens.

7 /5/10-7/11/10:

Monday: Off. Trains. Stress.

Tuesday: Off. Frankfurt.

Wednesday: Plane. 6 miles, 50 minutes. In company of Stephanie, Heather, Ian.

Thursday: Brown Mountain loop, 74 minutes, 8 miles. Stephanie.

Friday: Chantry. 75-80 minutes, 8 miles. Stephanie, Justine, Heather, Ian.

Saturday: Chantry cycling with detour on the way back for gelato. Julian.

Sunday: 88 minutes, 10.5 miles. Stephanie.