Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And nothing quite strikes me as fitting.


Monday: Huntington, easy. 4.5.

Tuesday: Full Arroyo in the AM. 9.5. 16 minutes barefoot on the North Field in the PM.

Wednesday: Canons in the morning. 6. 21 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the afternoon. Trying to make things look slightly different here.

Thursday: Patrician in the morning. 10. Lab in the afternoon...

Friday: Some Huntington variant in the morning. 6. The grass was so difficult to run on. It was quite strenuous. Then 12 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the afternoon.

Saturday: Warm-up and cool-down to and from the Arroyo and two tempo loops. 9.5.

Sunday: Art Center back through South Pas. 18.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All hands on deck, don't abandon the ship.


Monday: Huntington. Felt pretty good for like a mile. The rest was okay. 5.5.

Tuesday: I don't think my legs really wanted to be running... I was just hoping that a nice little run would improve the quality of my life. Eh... Full Arroyo. I don't think I really enjoy running in the Arroyo that much though. It's just convenient. 9.5.

Wednesday: "I probably could have gotten more disgustingly full, but I think I ate too fast. If only I had paced..." :P Off.

Thursday: Off. Getting ready to leave and leaving.

Friday: First leg of Hood to Coast! "Gradual downhill" for 3.93 miles. Felt pretty okay.

Saturday: Well, I guess I will call my 3am leg "Saturday." 7.25 miles of "gently rolling terrain". I was surprised by how far away the lights were. It was deceiving. Then 5.79 miles (I think around 11am?) of "rolling hills".

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

These walls of brick are crashing down.


Monday: Full. I was kind of conning and willing my legs into running. They felt a little better on the way back along Green, but I think overall they were really dead. No worse than expected though. 9.5.

Tuesday: Started cycling, but then decided to practice driving instead (thanks, Justine). :) Then ran on the North Field for about 10 minutes with Justine, and 29 minutes with Ian. Anyways, I think I'm just going to call this 40 minutes. Or 4.5 miles.

Wednesday: Off. But now I am licensed. You have my gratitude, J. Chia and J. Choi.

Thursday: I kind of wanted to run, but then my legs did not seem too enthusiastic about the suggestion, despite my efforts to psych them up. So I biked. Glendale Loop, back through South Pas. Okay ride. 27.5.

Friday: Madre. Felt pretty meh. But sometimes, one must jog. Also, as a note for posterity. There is a fig tree shortly before San Gabriel on California (moving towards campus). There is another fig tree on California shortly before Arden. Someone needs to harvest these figs. They are being neglected. 5.5.

Saturday: Jet to Jetty 10k. I suppose I decided to just run. As opposed to race. Exactly 8 minute pace, according to the race results. Too bad they weren't giving out shoes. :( I wouldn't mind getting another pair of shoes. I suppose I would say 7? I don't know.

Sunday: Patrician. Was kind of jogging, but it was really hot. Like really really hot. I found it rather unpleasant. I tried to stop for water at every available opportunity. I was really upset when the water fountain on Walnut (at that one park) was out of commission. Alas. The run was okay though, I mean, I guess it kind of went how I expected it to go. 11.

Monday, August 9, 2010

They ran a fever, ran it down, ran it right into the ground.


Monday: Full Arroyo in the morning before lab. Took it pretty easy, and it ended up being an okay run. Nothing to rave about though. 9.5.

Tuesday: Easy Huntington in the AM. I became sort of disinterested (read: inexplicably bored) near the end though. 5.5. Some company might be nice. (Hello, small readership, I am addressing you.) Started running on the North Field in the PM, prepared to give up shortly, when Stephanie appeared in an unexpectedly fortuitous occurrence (after only 2 minutes!). So we ran for 30. I'm going to give a low estimate of 3.

Wednesday: Patrician. 11. Okay, but my joints complained. Kind of strongly.

Thursday: Off. 沒有意思。

Friday: "Why is everyone so interested in our lives today?" We were advised to "drink and be merry." "I'll be in my studio, studio." Chantry (20.) and Someone-Should-Name-the-Short-Chantry-Loop (5.). Maybe the Secret Elevation Loop. Due to all the mysterious gaining of elevation. Also I don't know why I put a period after all the mileages. Habit, I suppose. Stream of consciousness? Kind of, not really. I like the phrase though.

Saturday: Trails in Topanga (Trippet Ranch to Mulholland). Thanks Stephanie. :) I feel like that was a lot of "t's", and I am glad your name is not "Tabitha". Anyways, we intended to run a 9 mile loop, but we got slightly lost, making it a 15.5 mile out and back. I think the conclusion was reached that it was a nice long run though (and without even any ranting). Also, the mountain bikers on the trails were much appreciated. They gave us Gatorade! Then we had tamales with Perrin and Michael Forte.

Sunday: Lacy the Long Way with Stephanie, Katherine and Chief. The legs were a little dead feeling, but they managed. 4.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pick yourself up, and dust yourself off, and back in the saddle.

So I think this is in honor of 1) a high-mileage week last week, followed by a lot (in the sense of often, as opposed to a large number of miles) of cycling in lieu of running this week due to tired legs and 2) trying to get back into shape.


Monday: Chantry with Justine. Okay ride. We passed a car on the way down. I think it was moving really cautiously though... Also passed a cyclist. I think these were both firsts. 20, if I remember aright.

Tuesday: Madre in the AM, 5.5. Legs felt pretty dead, but I tried to think about form. Then 45 minutes on the North Field in the PM. I'll say 5.

Wednesday: I woke up today, thought about running, and proceeded to not run. Glendale Slightly Extended. Apparently about 24 from the Schloss, according to my cycling computer.

Thursday: Huntington in the AM. Legs felt tired, and they didn't really want to move. 5.5. 50 minutes on the North Field in the PM. I think when my morning run really sucks, I really want to run again, because I feel like I didn't actually run yet. I'll say 5.5.

Friday: To Kim's in Sierra Madre and back. 9. Awesome. Then a quick Art Center Loop before dinner. 17.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Millard Campground (and getting a little lost) with Stephanie, who says 13.5. Pretty okay, as runs go, though it got a little hot. Somewhere along the way there were corn tamales, summer squash, eggplant in various colors (which all turned into brown) and corn. Also some banana bread. An enjoyable day, I would say.

Sunday: Monrovia Canyon Park with Stephanie. The trail was so fantastic! It was really well kept and shady. I think everything made for a pretty enjoyable run, though perhaps it might've been even more awesome with fresher legs. No complaints though. I like running with Stephanie. 7.5, because I only round to half integer units. Somewhat arbitrary, I know.