Sunday, September 26, 2010



Monday: Lower. It was a little hot. Took it easy. 7.

Tuesday: 3 x 1600 + 1 x 800 in Lacy Park. Hm. Really, I just wanted to add in some variation, rather than describing all intended workouts as some variation of "eh". 6.

Wednesday: Madre. 5.

Thursday: 1.5 (back from Congress St) + probably something like 5.5 (Lacy intervals, 10 on 5 off x 2). Um.

Friday: Pre-race to Lombardy. 3.

Saturday: First 6K of the season. Tried to run with people (I think I was inspired by Sylvia), but I would that I had done better. :/ I think getting a good start makes a big difference to me though. Also, I wish to clarify that by "getting a good start" I really mean "feeling good about my start." I'll just say 7.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm building bonfires on my vanities and doubts.

Last week of preseason...


Monday: Patrician. 10.

Tuesday: La Loma hill intervals (1 warmup + 4 intervals). Cooldown. 7.

Wednesday: Progressive run. Tired. 6.

Thursday: Garfield 6 on 2 off x 5. I'll say 7.

Friday: Marengo-Hillcrest Loop. 5.5.

Saturday: Arroyo Tempo. Was not feeling "ready to race." Wanted to go to back to sleep. Contrary to popular opinion. 8.5.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just take it as it comes.


Monday: Full Arroyo. 10. Felt pretty okay. Tape was a little tight. I feel like it started to loosen up when we were almost back. :/ 13 minutes barefoot on the North Field in the afternoon.

Tuesday. Lacy 1000m intervals x5. Apparently total of 8. Eh. 11 minutes of moving very slowly around the North Field in the afternoon.

Wednesday: To Garfield back via Monterey going past Lacy. 6. My feet hurt. -_-;; I don't remember what we did in the afternoon. I think it was the swim day, so I just did abs.

Thursday: 4 x 5 on 2 off + 1 minute at the same pace. I'm going to say this was 5 miles. At Lacy. 13 minutes on the North Field.

Friday: Pre-race. Some Lacy Long variant. I suppose we can call it 4.5. Then 12.5 minutes on the North Field in the afternoon.

Saturday: Riverside with warmup and cooldown and a few laps on the North Field when we got back. Eh. For estimating purposes, 6 miles.

Sunday: Off, I expect. So much for muscle recovery...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think this will be a small-scale revolution.


Monday: 80 minute out and back around the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure what to estimate this as. Maybe 9 miles?

Tuesday: Oak Groves in the AM. 20 minutes barefoot on the South Field in the PM.

Wednesday: 60 minutes on the bike in the morning. 30 minutes around the block in the evening.

Thursday: Elliptical workout with Sylvia. I would say it went pretty well. 15 minute warmup (5), and then 3.5/3.5/2.5/3.5/2.5/3/2.5/2. Resistance at 14 for the "hills". Pace fluctuated a bit (between 7-8 at the beginning) but about 8-9 on the later intervals. I think Susan was right about the long "warm-up hills". Equal rest in between (3). 10 minute cool down (at 3 for the first 3 minutes or so, and 5 for the rest). I feel like this was a very long entry devoted to the elliptical... Then something like 12 minutes on the North Field in the afternoon.

Friday: Pre-race around the block in the morning. Redlands invitational (4500m) in the evening. Eh. See week of 11/30/09-12/6/09. I saw it coming.

Saturday: Lorain. 8.

Sunday: Off.