Monday, November 29, 2010

When everything means nothing.


Monday: Huntington. 5.5.

Tuesday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5.

Wednesday: Madre. 5.5. Kind of sucked. On the way back, I was suddenly really bored with the run, and I just wanted to be done. :(

Thursday: Upper Arroyo. Pretty meh run on the way out. I kind of felt like my legs wouldn't move. But then I saw Stephanie coming up from the Rose Bowl as I was going up under the freeway, which was kind of nice. And on Orange Grove, I spotted three (I presume) high school runners. Two of them were wearing tie-dye t-shirts that said "Summer miles bring autumn smiles. Run. Sleep. Repeat." I think they really needed an "eat" somewhere in there, but never mind... Anyways, I was kind of pleased by their shirts, and it made me think of summer running (and running with people over the summer). I don't know, it made the way back more pleasant. 6.5.

Friday: Huntington. 5.5. Saw a nice vintage bike and conversed with a nice cyclist on the way back. "You're running as fast as I'm cycling! Are you in the Caltech tri club?" She flatters me before cycling away.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Patrician. Not a bad run, but I suppose it was not particularly remarkable. 11.

Monday, November 22, 2010

When everything meant something.


Monday: Patrician. I feel like I am already losing my words, so I will try to get this down as quickly as possible. Actually I already lost them. But I will try. To start, this was, I think, the best solo run I have done in a while. Like. Since freshman year a while. No I lied, I actually had one run like this last year. Kind of. It was shorter though (Upper). Anyways, coming back on Walnut felt really awesome. You know that feeling, the one you get when you're cycling in the dark and all you have is two little blinkies, and it's almost like you're floating in space (going nowhere really fast) and all you can see is the headlights in front of you. And you get a little rush when cars pass you from behind. Yeah, that feeling. It was kind of like that, except with improved visibility. I felt like I was going at race pace or faster (well my race pace), except not as painful. Admittedly, it was downhill and I got to stop at the lights (red lights are for running). Sometimes. Sometimes I ran them. And then on Green, someone coming out of a building (which presumably had a purpose that I did not bother to discern) said "Why are you in such a hurry?" I expect they were talking to me. "Because running feels fucking awesome," I said, (if only only in my head). I only added the second "only" because I wanted that phrase to rhyme and be in lyric verse, and I couldn't think of a good alternative. If you have one, please feel free to let me know. In any case, I suppose the point is, it was a good run. 11. Hmmm... I feel like the time for one to write is when one feels something, but unfortunately (or fortunately?), feeling is fleeting. An elephant never forgets. Yeah, I don't know about this guys.

Tuesday: A rather lackluster Huntington. I felt kind of tight and had to keep stretching. :/ 5.5. We can't win them all, I guess (as nice as that would be). "Why can't I find myself?"

Wednesday: Probably the most miserable ride ever. Or one of them. I think I enjoyed the cycling part, but this was kind of overshadowed by the fact that I was freezing my sorry little butt off for basically the whole thing. You know how you usually warm up when you run? Well this doesn't happen when you bike. Or at least it doesn't happen when I bike. Oh well. Live and learn. Chantry to the helipad. 22.

Thursday: Pretty chill. I don't know once I got on the bicycle I was suddenly really really really sleepy. So I just went to the Rose Bowl and did 3 laps and came home via South Pas. :/ Maybe like 14? I don't know. And some miscellaneous strength stuff. I would call this a cursory nod to exercising, I suppose.

Friday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5. Pretty slow. Right calf and hamstring were kind of annoying tight. I had to stop and stretch them a lot. It was really nice out though, which made it semi-okay.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Brown Mountain with Sylvia and Natalya. It was stressful, because I suck at navigation, and I wished Stephanie was there. Otherwise okay.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why are you so jaded?


Monday: Jogged a Huntington. It was quite literally a jog. Maybe a step up from "granny-ing". But it was want I wanted to be doing for today. So I would say that it went okay. 5.5.

Tuesday: Probably close to 6. Madre with Sylvia. It was pleasant. :)

Wednesday: Huntington brisk-ish. Mainly because I needed to finish, so that I could start physical chemistry. Oh joy. 5.5. Probably should have worked instead of running, but 我心唔安樂.

Thursday: Lower Arroyo. 8.5. Legs didn't feel that energetic; not sure why. Come on legs!

Friday: First run ever in Vibrams. Third run this week on Huntington. 5.5. It was a pretty interesting experience. I feel like I alternated between feeling really free and picking it up a lot (like, stride-pace) and feeling really awkward about heel-striking and going really slowly. This might just be a product of reading about how one is not supposed to heel-strike though (by which I mean, I may have been imagining things). Also the muscles in my feet felt like they were getting tired. :/ How strange. But I suppose I will see how they feel tomorrow. For now though, I think it was an net positive endeavor. Verdict: My calves are really really really stiff... -_-

Saturday: So I was going to run Patrician, but it was raining, so I ran Full Arroyo instead. Counterintuitive, perhaps (I mean, this means wading through rivers of poop). But I decided that my subconscious reasoning was that my memories of running Patrician are of glorious running in sunshine and in good company, while my memories of running through the Arroyo (namely from approximately a year ago) are already of miserable slogging through the rain alone. So I associate the Arroyo more with the rain. Anyways, it was kind of slow, but I wouldn't really call it miserable. I suppose I would call it okay. 9.5. In an additional note, I was kind of amused by the fact that as I was heading out, I was like "C'mon Qgen." And then at around Oak Knoll, I thought to myself that I finally had reached the point of Qgen > hA(T-Tinf). :/ Okay, I'll shut up now. Especially since advection is not in fact the dominant mechanism (it's negligible compared to evaporative cooling, except since I was soaked the dominant mechanism was probably heat transfer to the water from the rain). -_-;; Fail.

Sunday: Probably off. Did I mention that my calves are really really really stiff? Because they are. Goddamn Veebrims. I feel like I will continue to use them though. :/

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is probably more than ten percent luck.


Monday: Easy run around the neighborhood. Perhaps 6.

Tuesday: 8min tempo (about 2000m) + 2x800m + 2x400m. I suppose about 5. I was really sleepy throughout the whole exercise. :/ The first 400m went okay though.

Wednesday: Orange Grove. 5. Pretty okay run.

Thursday: 5-4-3-2-1 super chill in Lacy Park. Maybe 3.5.

Friday: Prerace in Willamette. 4.

Saturday: Regionals. Maybe 5. Season is over. Time to go home.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The unbearable heaviness of being.

I actually never got around to reading that book.


Monday: Upper Arroyo. Let's call this 6.5. Started out pretty speedily, but then decided that I preferred going at a comfortable pace to trying to keep up with Juliette. A okay run.

Tuesday: Wasn't really feeling it. 5 x 800 off at Lacy, going every 5 minutes. However, I realized after getting back to campus that I hadn't been getting any rest... which means I was probably running like 10 minute pace if those were actually 800s. It honestly didn't feel that slow. Slow, maybe. But not quite that slow. I think I will conclude that the intervals were long.

Wednesday: Pretty okay run with Stephanie. I was excited when I realized she was running. 3 laps around the South Field, followed by Lombardy-San Gabriel-San Pasqual. I would guess about 5.

Thursday: Chilled out 2 x 10min tempo at Lacy. I don't know, maybe 5.

Friday: Conservatively 3.5.

Saturday: Patrician, 11.

Sunday: 30min North Field with S. Sullivan. Very conservatively, 3.