Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weary repetition.


Monday: Same as last Saturday.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: Same as Monday, except for 30 min. Flying back to LA.

Thursday: Upper Arroyo, 6-ish I think. Slow.

Friday: Huntington, slow and unpleasant. 5. Friday 400 in 85. Ehh...

Saturday: Glendale Loop Extended. 25-ish. Felt really slow and out of shape.

Sunday: To the River Trail and back. 30. Took it easy.

Monday, December 19, 2011



Monday: Met up with RY and wandered around Mongkok catching up. We spent like 3 hours waiting for a table at this dim sum place before giving up and getting take-out. :/ Anyways, I decided that I needed to stop playing Fruit Ninja and get my shit together, so I attempted a track workout in the evening. I was actually kind of excited to run with the HKUST Track Club, until I realized that they don't actually exist. I decided to make an effort anyways. 6 x 700-ish in 2:56; 2:49; 2:49; 2:43; 2:57; 2:50. Walked the 100 for rest and took 3 min after the first 3. So I think I need to get in better shape and do more speed work.

Tuesday: I'm pretty sure this was off.

Wednesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical, resistance 7 at 150 strides/min (that's the unit they use!). Pretty meh. Then 15 minutes on the rowing machine.

Thursday: Identical to Wednesday, except without the rowing machine.

Friday: Friday 400 in 82. So so so slow. So so so unmotivated. After that, ran up and down hills around campus for a bit. I'll call this 30 minutes of running. I am being generous.

Saturday: Identical to Thursday.

Sunday: Off.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So. Unmotivated.


Monday: Running in the rain; Lacy the Long Way. Felt super unmotivated and not really excited about moving. Let's say 5.

Tuesday: This weird neighborhood loop with Natalya. 4.6, according to Natalya's Garmin. I feel like Garmins are becoming increasingly common these days.

Wednesday: Off, traveling to HK.

Thursday: Off, thought about going to the HKUST Track Club practice, but didn't in favor of eating/sleeping at an earlier time.

Friday: Went to the track intending to run. Instead ran about 10 minutes, did some drills, ran the Friday 400 (in 79... bah), and then ran home. At least running home required going up a hill that took about 15 minutes. A cursory attempt to have exercised.

Saturday: Tranced out in the elliptical for 45 minutes at probably average of about 160 rpm or whatever their metric is (resistance 8), if I ever want to compare with records from that terrible summer where I gained weight). I think my calves are sore from the hill... :( Then used the rowing machine for about 10 min, lifted for maybe 5 min, and went home.

Sunday: Just going through the motions... Stationary bike for 10 min, then elliptical-ed for 20 min at about 150 rpm, resistance 6.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My heart's a stereo. It beats for you, so listen close.


Monday: To Garfield and back via Lacy Park with Juliette and Stephanie R. So so so out of it... Tired... About 6.

Tuesday: Some Lorain-ish variant with Juliette and Stephanie R. 58 min, I think? About 7.

Wednesday: Super easy up Hill to Villa, then back down Lake with Juliette and Stephanie R. Probably about 4.

Thursday: Super Patrician (at last... I feel like this first came up with SWuerth freshman year) with Juliette and Stephanie R. It made me miss the days of stopping in Old Pas to eat on the way home, and of stopping to buy water at the random Ralphs... Time goes by quickly, and I feel old. 15-ish, by Juliette's Garmin.

Friday: Hillcrest with Juliette and Stephanie R, probably about 4. Finished with the Friday 400 in 77. Negative split!

Saturday: Brown Mountain with JSchor and Keeley. Calves were pretty tight, and I was not going very fast on the way up. The way down was chill as usual though (I like downhills!) and the flat bit back to the car seemed rather rapid. 8.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The last surge towards the finish?


Monday: Orange Grove with Juliette; pretty good run. Apparently we were going up Allen at 7:23, or something like that. I think about 5.

Tuesday: Up Hill to New York with Juliette, Stephanie R. and Susan. I think averaging about 7:45-ish on the way up Hill. Good workout. 6.

Wednesday: Lorain, which is apparently 6, in approximately 49 with Juliette and Stephanie R. Legs felt pretty heavy and sluggish.

Thursday: Upper Arroyo with Juliette and Stephanie R. (part of the way). There were a lot of felled trees, especially along Green. I climbed up one of them. We kept stopping though, so it ended up being a pretty relaxed 6.

Friday: Ran to Juliette's grandmother's house to look at the tree-damage (apparently, a tree fell and crushed the residence). I climbed that tree too, to assess roof damage. Not that I put any stock in my assessment, I mostly just wanted to climb the tree. About 6.8 in 53? I think the time might be a little off. It felt a little slower than that. Finished with the first Friday 400 of the year in 79.

Saturday: Super easy Huntington with Juliette, Stephanie R. and Megumi. Probably the first really easy day in a while. Megumi was going pretty fast though. 4.8.

Sunday: Off... Presentation...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Recovery week.


Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Off. Catching up from weekend.

Wednesday: Lacy Long, super slow. Like partially walking. Probably 4. I was okay with/kind of expecting it though. I blame the teeth.

Thursday: More of the same, but to Garfield and back on the Monterey tempo loop. Maybe 6.

Friday: Glendale Loop Extended. 26. Felt pretty good; I think I made record time. I also passed by a deer at the top of the Art Center Loop. I think it was about 8 feet away... I thought it would run away, but it did not.

Saturday: Off, I think.

Sunday: Definitely off.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodbye, wisdom teeth.


Monday: Water Tower with Juliette. Pretty good run; it made me nostalgic for freshman year. Pleasantly brisk. 8.45, according to Juliette's Garmin.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: Upper with Juliette. Legs seemed a bit tired from Monday, so took it quite a bit easier. Alright run though. Probably about 6.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Off, got wisdom teeth out. :/

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do we ever stop being nostalgic?


Monday: Garfield. 5.

Tuesday: 2 on 1 off x 6 + 1.5 on. I gave up at some point though. Morose. :/

Wednesday: Huntington, mostly super chill. 4.7

Thursday: 54321 at Lacy. Gave up 1 min into the 3.

Friday: Pre-race. Probably like 3, I don't remember where we went.

Saturday: Normal-slow, rather than terrifying-slow. 26:40s. Maybe like 6 total.

Sunday: Off

Monday, October 31, 2011

Take a step to the discotheque.


Monday: Run down Glenarm, to connect to some Patrician-ish route that came back across the Colorado Bridge with Stephanie R, Juliette and Susan. Pretty enjoyable run - "Long runs improve the quality of my life." - S. Wuerth. I think this is the longest run we've done since school started.... 8 mi.

Tuesday: Up and down Sierra Madre. 4 on 2 off x 2 + 3 on 1.5 off x 2 + 2 on 1 off x 2 + 1 on 1 off x 2. I was told to be conservative so I was super chill/lazy on the way down, and kind of tried on the way up. It's kind of frustrating to be told to be conservative all the time, because sometimes I like to be ambitious. I'll just say this is 4. I'm kind of looking forward to the beginning of the off season.

Wednesday: Huntington, mainly with Juliette and Stephanie. Alright run; legs were not super excited to be running, but they managed. 4.5.

Thursday: 2 mile tempo followed by 4 x 500 m in the AM. I don't really like running in the AM these days, but it usually means I didn't get enough sleep. Anyways, I felt really sleep and was very sluggish, until a came home and had coffee. Then my day improved. Probably like 4 mi total with warmup and cooldown.

Friday: I neither remember nor care. Whatever I'll say 2.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 2.5 mi tempo in the Arroyo in 17:11.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The cows are skinny, but happy.


Monday: Monday: Chilled out Lower with Susan, Juliette, and Stephanie R. Felt pretty okay for the most part, but right plantar fascia was a bit irritated during the little uphill bit. Bah. Maybe I should stretch more or something? 7.5. Then 8 minutes of efficient abs afterwards.

Tuesday: 1200 x 3, I think at Lacy. It was like some weird loop. Yeah, this was definitely at Lacy. We were supposed to do four, but no-one else was feeling it, so we did not. I felt pretty good on all of them though, and I think I stayed reasonably consistant. I'll say this was maybe 5? Not sure though.

Wednesday: Around the neighborhood. I really can't remember where we went... too much time has elapsed. Let's just say it was about 5.

Thursday: Stephanie arrived! Something like 54321, but I don't really remember. Anyways, it was at Lacy, and intervals for time. The running was okay, but not great. Was trying to stick with Stephanie R. and Juliette-ish. I'll say this was 4. My mileage assignments are so arbitrary.

Friday: Down to Sierra Madre and back. Felt kind of terrible. Maybe like... 1.5.

Saturday: Multi-Duals Disaster. I can even alliterate. The men did well though, which was nice. Let's just call this 5.5.

Sunday: 4 mi hike in Malibu with Stephanie, after a tasty breakfast in a building that was not-a-bungalow, and some wandering about a farmer's market. I also enjoyed hopping about on the rocks.


Monday: Lorain. We started out super brisk, and I was very uncomfortable. I wondered if I was just like really tired or something. Apparently Susan wanted to demonstrate to us that we are indeed able to run 7:40 miles for a sustained amount of time. But I feel like I knew that. I think this was like... 6?

Tuesday: Stephanie left. :( Running felt kind of awful. 500 x 5 around the North Field. Maybe 3 mi total. Today was really short, I think.

Wednesday: I don't remember what we did this Wednesday either. I think they're just very un-memorable. In the middle of the week and all. Yeah okay i'll just arbitrarily call this one 5 too.

Thursday: 500-ish x 7 at Lacy, I think. The first 5 were kind of only to the trash can where we turned off the 800 loop to cut across the grass, but I stuck with it for the last two, which were pretty okay. I still kept giving up on the grass though. Maybe 5.

Friday: Brisk Hillcrest pre-race with Juliette and Stephanie R. Usually I'd map these but I'm way too lazy these days. I'll say 4.

Saturday: 4000m tempo at the Rose Bowl (probably more like 4400m; the 1000 loop we were using was long). Legs felt really dead, and I probably did each loop in approximately 5 min. We also did 16 minutes of warmup down towards the Arroyo, and ran a Rose Bowl loop as a cool-down. I feel like the cool-down was kind of not that much slower than the tempo though, because we caught up with the guys while cooling down. Definitely at least 7. I'll call it 7.5, because I'm feeling generous.

Sunday: Off


Monday: Around the neighborhood with Juliette and Stephanie R. By which I mean up Lake, across Del Mar, down Sierra Madre, then coming back on Canterbury/Lombardy. Felt pretty okay, but we were going at a very brisk easy day pace. I think we were all trying to keep up with each other. Eventually, Stephanie R. said something, so we slowed up a bit. But then sped up again. Hm. Susan drove around and threw candy at us, which was kind of cool. Maybe like 5.5.

Tuesday: (400 x 4) x 2 at tempo pace (1:40) then race pace (1:30-35). These ones felt pretty okay; in control, if not super consistant over the interval. Mostly with Stephanie R. Then 800 x 2 in 3:01; 2:59. Probably something like 6.

Wednesday: Down to Lorain via Oak Knoll and back on Virginia. Legs felt kind of tired, but running was okay. It took 42 minutes, so I'd say about 5.5. Maybe.

Thursday: 54321 at Lacy. Probably went out too fast. Tried to stick with Stephanie and Juliette, but I think I lost them at some point around the 3 and the 2. Probably closer to the front end of the 3. Oh well. Perhaps 4-ish.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. Super chill. 3. Then spent the evening freaking out about futures and such.

Saturday: Snailed. Maybe 6 or something.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The hopes and fears of all the years.


Monday: 60 minutes easy with Susan, Stephanie R., and Juliette. Pretty enjoyable run; kind of felt like a chill hang-out or something. 10 minutes of super efficient abs afterwards. I think Monday and Wednesday are going to be abdominal exercise days. Maybe 6.5?

Tuesday: 800 x 6 at Garfield Park. Something like 3:22/3:24/3:24/3:26/3:26/3:24. Kind of meh. I feel like this might've been slower than I ran them last year. I don't understand! I feel like I'm in better shape. So it is strange. Juliette seemed like she had a pretty alright workout though. Then 5 x 40s striders with 1min 20s break in between. Total of about 8.

Wednesday: Some Huntington backwards variant with Susan, Stephanie R. and Juliette. Again pretty chill/enjoyable. Susan said she'd call it 5. So I will call it 5 too. Then 10 min of effient abs afterwards.

Thursday: Outside Loop around park, in 6:50-ish (supposed to be tempo pace). Kind of slowed down and gave up on the hill, but restarted after the hill. Then 4 min rest, 1000-loop + paved loop, 3 min rest, 1000 loop, 2 min rest, paved loop. The middle two intervals felt really longand unpleasant. Tried to go out with Stephanie R. and Juliette and fade out later on. The last paved loop was pretty speedy though. I think a little less than 2:23 for approximately 700? I'd give this one a total of about 5.

Friday: Hillcrest Loop pre-race. Very chill, pace-wise. Probably about 3.

Saturday: 3 mile tempo from Garfield Park, ending with a mile lop around Lacy. About 7 total, though I did not map it exactly. Tried to keep Stephanie R. and Juliette in sight as they slowly receded into the distance throughout the tempo. Felt like a good tempo pace. I think it ended up being about 22 min or something.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The beginning of the end.


Monday: Lorain mostly with Nina, Stephanie R. and Katja. Stopped at the end to pick to Nandini, who seems to be suffering from frosh plague. Or a similar ailment. Probably something like 5.5. It's kind of a weird feeling to be at school again.

Tuesday: 3 mile-repeats in Lacy (2 x 800 loop). Something like 6:34/6:41/and I didn't get a time for the last one. Tried to go out aggressively and then hold it. My legs weren't feeling very chipper today though. I think they were upset at me for not really eating very much for lunch. I will feed you in the future, legs! Finished it off with 4 x 200 (untimed, distance approximate) on the track with Juliette. In retrospect, it would probably have been more helpful to do the 200s in Lacy, before we cooled down during well, our cooldown. I'll say this was probably 5.5-ish.

Wednesday: 10 minute warmup, administered treadmill test to Juliette, 10 minutes warmup, took treadmill test (took like 14 minutes or so) and then cool-down to Allen and back. I'd say total it was probably about 4.5. My data is very noisy.

Thursday: 54321 in Lacy. 5 was okay - mostly stuck with Susan. Fell off a lot for 4 and 3. Picked it up quite a bit for the 2 in an effort to get Juliette to come with me, but was only partially successful. Stephanie R. ran a good two last intervals though. I would estimate something like 4.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. Super chill. Maybe like, 3.

Saturday: Pomona Invite. Didn't feel like I was going that fast. Bah. I was also slower than last year, which I thought wouldn't happen. Eh. 26:30, or something like that. We'll see how next week goes...

Sunday: Off.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fuck it.


Monday: Upper in the morning. Legs were feeling pretty sluggish. Came back via Del Mar, and saw Juliette (I think Juliette, Stephanie, and Susan extended their run through the Rose Bowl). 6.5. Then 15 minutes barefoot, light core + weights in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Downhill mile in 6:23, then two 2 min intervals on the grass. I need to stop slowing down when I get tired in the middle of the interval. Hmm. Then two more intervals around Lacy Park (ending where Mill Lane meets Virginia). The last two intervals were pretty exhausting. Not a bad workout, if I do say so myself. Maybe I'll give a estimate of like, 5.5.

Wednesday: Shaking it out; Huntington out on Rose Villa. I'd say probably like 6. Repeated the downhill mile in 6:31. Felt pretty good about it up to Robles.

Thursday: 4321 x 2. Slacked off the first interval, tried on the second, and ran the last minute of the second interval with Juliette. It go as speedily as I had hoped, so we ran another minute, which was pretty fast, I think.

Friday: Pre-race-like thing that ended at Corner Bakery. Yay oatmeal. Maybe like, 4. Pretty arbitrary distance assignment though.

Saturday: Four mile-repeats. Down Rose Villa and back on Oakdale in 6:31/6:34/6:43/6:31. Probably my most consistant workout ever, as Susan pointed out. The first two felt pretty good, the third I kind of slowed down, and the last one was kind of painful. Stephanie R. seemed like she had a particularly good workout, and negative split every interval to average 6:11-ish I think. Probably about 7 including warmup and cooldown.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahhh! I need to thin back out...


Monday: Upper Arroyo. With Stephanie, Juliette, Marlyn and Katja until I kind of crashed. Marlyn waited for me, and I subsequently felt bad for being an inconvenience. Though I was grateful for the company. 6.5. Probably like 18 minutes of barefoot around the North Field in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Shenandoah x 4, from the bottom of Shenandoah to the intersection of Virginia and Oak Grove. Kind of difficult. Interval was 0.7 mi for 6.5 mi total with jogging. I think 14 minutes in the afternoon and then efficient core + light weights.

Wednesday: Yeah super died on this one. I'll log the total for the day at a extremely generous 4 mi. Kind of saddening.

Thursday: Tempo intervals. 10 min, 5 min, 3 min, 2 min. Felt pretty alright. I'll estimate this as about 5. Part of the tempo was laps around the track, and I wondered why it was so difficult to run for like one lap at speeds that I had supposedly run for 12.5 laps back in the day. I decided in light of findings later in the day that it was due to having way too much body fat. I believe that it is time to thin back out... Please?

Friday: Pre-race in the morning. I don't really remember what we did. Oh yeah. I think it was Lacy the Long Way backwards, coming back via San Marino instead of Oxford. My legs were really tired, and I was really tired, and not very enthused. Ho hum. 4. Then 22 minutes on the field (super chill), efficient core, and weights in the afternoon.

Saturday: Riverside. Ahhh why was it so slow again? Disappointing. AND WHY AM I SO COMPLACENT ABOUT IT?!?!? Upsetting. 21.55.

Sunday: Off. Went shopping.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jump on a spaceship.


Monday: Lower Arroyo, if I do not misremember. Out to the dirt part with Stephanie R. and Juliette, then dropped off and ran the rest of the way back with Vivian. 7.

Tuesday: I think I turned my alarm off without waking up. The Oak Grove Loop x 4. About a mile. Stayed consistent relative to Marlyn I believe, or at least she'd pass me at about the same place every interval. So I would say this was a success. 5.5.

Wednesday: I believe this was Madre in the morning 5.5 (I panted along behind Stephanie R.), mostly chilling in the pool in the afternoon. Did maybe 20 minutes of laps before the start of practice.

Thursday: Jogged San Marino Hills in the morning. Only did jogged like... two of the hills, bracketed. San Marino, (Oxford), Patton, Shenandoah, (Virginia), (Old Mill + Oak Knoll). Apparently the seventh hill is El Molino? Anyways, I record the hills just for recording purposes. Flight to Vegas in the afternoon.

Friday: RRR! It was good to see Stephanie, though only briefly. :/ Started out with 4.6 mi of rolling hills. Felt really slow, and my feet hurt. I think it was the tape - I don't think I will continue to tape them in the future. Then 3.6 mi of uphill (750 ft elevation gain, according to race pamphlet). Felt like I was working hard pretty much the whole way.

Saturday: RRR continued. 6.8 mi in the wee hours of the AM; two miles downhill and the rest primarily uphill. Felt pretty alright except for the last mile and a half or so, during which I felt really sluggish.

Sunday: Off.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What ever happened?!


Monday: First day of preseason. Huntington-ish. Sylvia and I were late due to picking up the Zhangsta from Lake. Alas. Probably something like 4.

Tuesday: Patrician with Sylvia in the morning. 9.5. Missed the afternoon practice due to driving to the airport.

Wednesday: Lower Arroyo in the morning. Ran with Stephanie R. and Juliette up to the Arroyo, then waited for Vivian and ran back with her. 7.5. Allen and back in the afternoon? Maybe like 2.5. Then some running drills and yoga.

Thursday: Canons in the morning, something 3:40s average, I think. 7. A couple of laps swimming, then kicking in the pool for the afternoon. Some relaxing and not-really-working-out was also involved.

Friday: Lombardy and back in the morning with Stephanie R. and Juliette. 5.5. Then 15 minutes warmup and some strides in the afternoon. Probably about 2. A bit of abs to round out the day.

Saturday: Redlands 4.5K. I don't know why this was so atrociously slow. I think my legs were exhausted from the previous week. And my plantar fascia was being irritating. Excuses excuses. But 21:26? Should not have happened. Anyways, I think I am more genuinely confused than upset. Because I don't actually feel as out of shape as my time would reflect.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need you so much closer.


Monday: Patrician with Natalya. We saw the Schors along the way, which was kind of cool. Back along Holly so probably 10?

Tuesday: Huntington; legs felt like running was really weird. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon. Like in a week. In time for preseason. 5.5.

Wednesday: Madre, felt about the same as yesterday. Not that slow, just felt really awkward running. 5.5.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Huntington. 5.5. Nothing special.

Saturday: Today I was stupid. This is probably the worst "run" of the summer. Started Brown Mountain at about 11 AM, got about three fourths of the way up and then decided that I couldn't really make it... Like, I think I started this run mildly dehydrated. And today had a high of 39C (103F). Yeah, anyways, so it was really essentially a hike. I felt like such a pansy. I had to stop at every stream crossing to splash about a bit. I also spent quite a while optimizing some makeshift headwear. :/ Also apparently no one else was stupid enough to go up at noon, so it was kind of isolated. I saw two deer though. And a snake. And startled a bunch of birds. Anyways... uhhh I guess I'll call this a 8 mi hike. Stopped at Ralphs on the way back and consumed like 32 oz of Gatorade in about 2 minutes.

Sunday: Legs were feeling kind of exhausted, but I wanted to get in one last trail run, and I did tell the Schors I would run with them. Chantry, not too brisk. Pretty okay overall though. 5.

Monday, August 15, 2011

You were the grey beret and the still heart.


Monday: Swim club with Megumi. 90 minutes again.

Tuesday: Huntington easy. 5.5.

Wednesday: Swim club. 80, because I was late.

Thursday: Same as Wednesday.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Hiking the Cougar Crest Trail to Bertha Peak with a little bit of the Pacific Crest Trail tacked on with Natalya. Good hike. A little bit of running was thrown in at some points. Those points were not quite as pleasant. Probably about 12.

Sunday: 3 hrs of kayaking with Natalya. I think I need more functional arms. :/

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right.


Monday: Patrician. Just trying to get a long run in. Pretty slow though, and legs felt kind of off. Like, I don't think they were tired, but they kind of hurt. Hmmm... 9.5

Tuesday: Madre. Quite miserable. Left foot and right shin entered some sort of conspiracy to make this a negative experience. 5.5. I think I am going to try to only cross-train this week. Or at least primarily cross train. Let's see how this one turns out.

Wednesday: Swim Club with Megumi. I have not been this slow for a while. I felt like I was conning, and willing and had to go to my grannying place. In my head, that is. Anyways, I think I convinced myself that what I do not enjoy is being atrocious at something, and that I do not actually dislike swimming. Or maybe I just dislike trying to inhale water, which I suppose comes down to the same thing. 90min?! Or alternatively, not-very-many yds.

Thursday: Swim Club with Megumi Round 2. Well, I was till grannying, but at least I didn't not spend quite so much time resting, which I think is am improvement. I think I actually had fun, despite being slow. Yay. Except I still don't really like getting out and being all cold, and smelling like chlorine. Anyways, 90 min.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Brown Mountain. Felt pretty alright; took it easy the whole way and went at my own pace. Comfortably brisk. 8.

Sunday: Patrician. It was really hot, but I guess it was okay overall. Not particularly fast though. 9.5.

Monday, August 1, 2011

You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed.


Monday: Full with Natalya. Pretty alright run, as runs go. Legs weren't feeling super energetic, but they were willing to move... Kind of... 9.5.

Tuesday: Huntington. Felt pretty shitty. 5.5.

Wednesday: Chantry to Helipad. Was feeling really really slow on the way up. :/ I'm going to say that maybe it was the bike and take it in for a tune up. At some point. Though it might have just been me... 22.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Bailey Canyon with Megumi. 40 minutes of chasing Megumi on the way out and then however long back. Pretty alright run. Then two strider-ish things. I don't know, I guess I'd estimate this is 5.5-ish?

Saturday: Super easy Lorain. My right quad was super sore... Also my feet are starting to feel abused. 7.

Sunday: Trotting about the Rose Bowl trails with the Schors and Ryan. I don't think the trails go very far... Felt really sluggish and slow. :( Maybe 5.5? I'm being generous...

Monday, July 25, 2011

So tomorrow there will be another number.


Monday: Easy to the River Trail. Saw an elderly man one of these on the way out. He even had a "handicapped" license plate. I thought it was kind of cute. :/ He was also playing "Leaving on a Jetplane." Anyways, 30. Probably should have run in the afternoon, but I ended up not having time.

Tuesday: Legs still felt pretty sore, probably from Tuesday. Ran Huntington in the morning. Felt pretty slow and sore. 5.5. Then 15 (108, 8) + 5 (90, 5) minutes on the stationary bike followed by (very) brief weights and abs in the evening. This was actually meant to be primarily weights/abs but I don't know. I was enjoying the stationary bike.

Wednesday: Legs felt pretty good. Chilled out Chantry with Keeley, and then tried to push (well... ish...) the hill at the end. 5.

Thursday: Lorain in the morning. Felt alright for the most part, just not especially chipper. 7. Then 25 minutes on the stationary bike (98, 8).

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Jon, Stan and Jared in the AM. Felt pretty alright on the way up (I was trying to chase the boys), and was going kind of uncomfortably rapidly on the way down. Because I don't like slowing people down, and was afraid of people getting lost. Except then I slowed down after people lost their footing. :/ 8. Then Lacy Long in the evening. Definitely shuffling... 4.5.

Sunday: Glendale Loop. Felt pretty alright. I think my legs would have felt pretty crappy had I been running though. So yay for cross-training! I guess... 24.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please run, little proteins...


Monday: Huntington. 5.5. Felt pretty okay, though I suppose speed was only average.

Tuesday: Madre with Keeley. Felt pretty good, a little sluggish. 5.5.

Wednesday: Huntington. 5.5. Was trying to be super productive, but I guess I tried too hard for my own good. Hmm...

Thursday: Lab disaster and off.

Friday: Huntington around noon-ish. The usual. 5.5.

Saturday: Glendale Slightly Extended. I think it's 26, if I remember correctly. Pretty good ride, it was good to be on a bicycle again. Except I felt like my stuff kept getting in my eyes and my contacts were drying out. :/ I still enjoyed riding though.

Sunday: Eaton Canyon with the Schors. Probably about 39 minutes out, for a total of 70 minutes. Felt kind of shitty/sluggish on the way out, and had to walk a little for the initial uphill. I let the Schors go on ahead. I ended up feeling better though, and made it nearly to the end of the trail/driveway (it was in sight, kind of!). But I decided not to actually finish, because then the Schors would've had to wait. Anyways, I think I overheated or something on the way back. Interestingly though, on the way out I was kind of straggling along behind the Schors, and some hiker was like "Can she really run with them?" I was really amused. And I started thinking about it, and decided that I can't really run with them, but I can go on runs with them. Making the distinction of the former being "wanting to run at approximately the same pace for the whole run" and the latter being "not being so far off that the other party gets tired of waiting/coming back." Anyways... I kinda wanted to up the mileage for the week though, so then I did Lacy Long in the evening. Felt really good (run-wise), so I'm glad I went, even if I had no contacts or glasses and couldn't really see. 4.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still trying to figure it out.


Monday: Patrician. 9.5. I think I could have gone the long way back, but I lacked the mental motivation. Like, I felt like I wouldn't really have enjoyed it that much. Felt like I was going really slowly, but could have been going faster. The way back on Green was not too shabby though. I don't know. I think I need to spice up my runs somehow. They are getting rather dull.

Tuesday: Huntington in Vibrams. 5.5. Unremarkable. Well, my legs felt kind of lifeless, but that was about it.

Wednesday: Huntington in Vibrams. 5.5. Unremarkable. Well, my legs felt kind of lifeless, but that was about it. Yep, that was a deliberate copy and paste. No wonder my runs feel dull... But it was just seemed mentally least taxing at the time.

Thursday: Huntington with Keeley. Because I made him choose the run. :/ I think it was a more enjoyable experience than the past two days though. Perhaps I should keep trying to find running company. 5.5.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Echo Mountain with the Schors and Keeley. 5. Pretty alright run. It took 35 minutes to get up there, which was longer than I anticipated. I wasn't even slothing my way up. :( The way down was super fast though. Breakfast at Barney's afterwards. Jon plugged Daisy Mint, which made me think of Steph.

Sunday: Patrician. 9.5. Super miserable and slow. I was tired, my legs were tired, and I wanted to go home. Also I got a stitch. -_-;;

Monday, July 4, 2011

You say good morning when it's midnight.


Monday: Today kind of sucked. I was tired all day, and I tried to go on a ride, but was deterred by navigating the Rose Bowl crowd. Went over some glass on the way back and made a huge hole in my tube. Anyways, I eventually got back and went for a run. Full Arroyo. 9.5. I ran in the Vibrams, which was probably less than brilliant. I got upset at all the pavement on the way back. Other than that, the run was okay.

Tuesday: Argh. Legs are tired. But I didn't feel leisurely enough to bike. Lacy the Long Way, Vibrams, feeling super sluggish. Hopefully things improve by tomorrow. Haven't run on the track in a while... 4.5.

Wednesday: Probably something like 5.5? Jogged from Schloss to track, then three laps around the track to warm up. 3 sets of 4 x 400 with Natalya and Masha. Something like 82/89 and then everything else was hovering around 96, with a 91 and a 99 in there somewhere... Ended with an 84. So I suppose I am not complaining. I was pretty grateful for the workout motivation. And I felt that it was a pretty good workout, given that I am not particularly good at doing workouts... :P Then 10 minute cool down around the track, 5 minutes of abs before going home.

Thursday: Huntington with Justine! I think I was surprised by how pleased I was to have the company. It gets rather boring running alone. And I don't know, I think I've missed people. 5.5.

Friday: Madre with Justine. 5.5. Umm I don't think anything super interesting happened. Well, we stopped at the fig tree and got a fig. But most of the figs weren't quite ripe yet. Perhaps in a week or two. I don't know how fast figs ripen...

Saturday: A bit of abs followed by 30 minutes (12, 90-110rpm?) on the stationary bike with Justine. 30 minutes of cardio is pretty okay... I guess... :P

Sunday: Exploratory run to Cherry Canyon with Justine (pretty chill - I wanted to make sure I remembered the way), followed by some swimming in the afternoon. Excellent, excellent. Thanks for the swimming advice (though I suppose if I were a swimmer I would be the equivalent of a non-proficient jogger?).... I suppose I will estimate the run as 7?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Have heart my dear. We're bound to be afraid.


Monday: Huntington. 5.5. Pretty chill. I think this run felt pretty okay, if i remember aright. There was nothing that remarkable about it though. It was just convenient.

Tuesday: Madre. 5.5. Felt kind of sluggish, but nothing was distinctly uncomfortable. I just didn't really feel like going too fast. Was not displeased to finish. Kind of mentally tired.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: Lorain. 7. I was really really really tired all afternoon. I feel like I have not been getting enough sleep. I'm not really that functional during my waking hours. Hobbling along, hobbling along. Nothing of interest to report. I tried to plate my cells onto the half of the plate that did not have any agar on it. It took a while to figure out that something was going wrong.

Friday: Chantry. 20. Some people on the way up slowed their car and started asking me how far it was to the lake. As far as I remembered, there is no lake at the top of Chantry. I told them as much. They proceeded to drive up and I saw them coming out from their car at the top, with one of the kids (I think) complaining about how a bicycle beat them to the summit. I mean, we were almost to the top when I encountered them. Or they encountered me, rather. Anyways, I hope they found their lake. I Googled to see if I had misinformed them, and I do not think that I did. Unless they were trying to get to falls, or something. Anyways, reading the Yelp reviews of Chantry kind of inspired me to try to explore all the trails at some point. Felt pretty okay but I was going really slowly according to my cycling computer. Which is fine; I was not too perturbed. Flew to Oakland in the afternoon. Dinner at the Elephant Bar and Restaurant with Jenny and company. I thought the restaurant was okay but not particularly remarkable.

Saturday: Off. Congratulations to Emiley. =)

Sunday: Flew back after visiting Guerilla Cafe and getting some Bluebottle beans in the morning. Hung out about with Christine, Diana and their parents for a bit before leaving. Ran Huntington in the evening. Felt pretty okay, with the usual weird post-plane-ride biomechanics. I don't know I feel like after being stationary for a long time running feels rather strange. But maybe it's just me. 5.5.

Monday, June 20, 2011



So I think that I have been in an especially touchy mood lately, and I think it is because I am sad that people are leaving. My (in my opinion) brilliant solution is to immerse myself in freaking out about things. Like lab. And GREs. And such related things. Yeah, I don't know. Anyways, I apologize. That is all.

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Patrician. 9.5. Felt pretty shitty. My arch hurt. Also my legs were just not feeling like moving. Maybe I'll take some time off running and cross train for a bit. We'll see. By this I mean that running was unpleasant enough that if I have time I will bike. But otherwise, I think I will proceed to hobble about. I think I had more that I intended to say here, but I don't remember what it was.

Wednesday: To the River Trail (and down it a little ways) and then back. After getting out to the River Trail, I saw a triathlete, who got really excited when I told him that I ran as well as biked. His name was Joe, and he asked if I, too, did triathlons. I told him that regrettably, I cannot really swim (like, all I can do is propel myself through the water). I'm using a lot of commas... He told me that that was all I really needed, and that he used to run marathons/half-marathons before his dad converted him to triathlons. He was pretty cool, and this encounter increased my resolution to learn how to swim. Anyways, pretty chill ride; I was really tired (like, sleepy-tired) on the way back though. Probably about 30.

Thursday: Huntington in the Vibrams. 5.5. Not too fast, but felt okay. Like, I didn't feel inclined to go any faster, but nothing was feeling particularly terrible. I am making an effort to go into more detail. :/ Though there is not that much detail to be gone into. Umm yeah I thank that is all. Nothing of note really happened.

Friday: Huntington take two. I was in a hurry to get to dinner, but still couldn't not run very fast. So I took it easy. Again. Ho hum. Good thing we're not in season yet. 5.5. Also I kept wanting to walk. Like, I just mentally wanted to take breaks from running. I wasn't really that tired... Gah... 5.5.

Saturday: Madre. Pretty boring... Nothing felt wrong, per se, I just felt kind of sluggish. But in a I'm-just-taking-it-easy kind of way. I think the super ripe figs I passed by the last time I ran Madre went past the super-ripe stage of life to the... there-are-no-more-figs-to-be-had stage of life... Oh well... I suppose I missed it. Darn. 5.5.

Sunday: Brown Mountain with the Schors and Keeley. Pretty good run! And then I test ran some pancakes by them. They responded positively, but I didn't know if they were just being polite or not. Eh. Well, I think it is good to have people to run with sometimes. I did not keep wanting to stop to walk. And like, I think it was a good run for reasons not just because of that. I enjoyed the Schors' fencing team stories. Also I think this is the longest post for a week that I have ever written. 8.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Afraid of futures.


Monday: Lacy Long with Steph. Back on Catalina, for old times sake. A pretty alright run. 5. Followed by a late night hike. There was a rodent squeaking. And drunk people yelling. But overall it was not half bad.

Tuesday: Madre. Neither great nor terrible. 5.5.

Wednesday: Echo Mountain with Steph. It was pretty at the top! And there was some guy playing the trumpet in Vibrams. He seemed like a character. 5.

Thursday: Huntington from Schloss. Meh. 5.5.

Friday: I think Madre? 5.5.

Saturday: Eaton Canyon with Steph. =) Stopped at Patticakes on the way back, but it was not that impressive. 47 min.

Sunday: Eaton Canyon with Steph and Anton. Fun run. 50 min. Mom arriving!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes.

6/6/11 - 6/12/11:

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Full Arroyo. My head hurt, and it was probably pretty slow. 9.5, I think.

Wednesday: Chantry with J. Schor, J. Panetta, S. Wuerth and G. Drayna. Pretty good run. Huffed on the uphill (most of the way) with J. and J. and then fell off but caught up again on the downhill. Took the downhill pretty speedily and then jogged up the really steep concrete bit at the end. 5.

Thursday: Huntington from Schloss. Felt super crappy. I feel like I was just running to have run. By which I mean hobbled along. 5.5.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Madre (5) with Keeley followed by Lower (7) with Sylvia. I died like thrice on the latter. Approximately 12.

Sunday: Huntington. Felt pretty slow, but there was an interesting-ish automobile exhibit going on around Lacy. I actually wanted to stop and check it out, but this was secondary to my desire to get home. 5.5.

Monday, May 30, 2011

We are the lovers and the takers, breaking hearts just to make the papers.


Monday: Patrician. 10. Felt like I was jogging for most of it. :/

Tuesday: Huntington from Schloss. Not really feeling it. 5.5.

Wednesday: 7.5 wandering about with Sylvia. Legs still kind of fatigued, but it was a pretty good run. =)

Thursday: Madre from Schloss. 5.5. Alright, but not particularly speedy.

Friday: Huntington from Schloss. Good run! Felt brisk... 5.5.

Saturday: Lacy Long from Schloss. Felt pretty good the whole way through. Going out was fast and coming back was slow though. Something like 4.5.

Saturday: Water tower from Schloss with Sylvia. Legs were kind of tired, but the run was good. 9.5.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Come on, let's make this dream that's barely half awake come true.


Monday: Huntington back on Oak Knoll in Vibrams. With Steph. Legs feeling dead this week. 7.

Tuesday: Around and about with Sylvia. I died. 8.

Wednesday: Madre with Justine. Taking it easy. 5.5.

Thursday: Full Arroyo from Schloss. Felt pretty sluggish. 9.5.

Friday: Chantry! With Steph. Like old times. Good times. :) I am going to tabulate this as 5.

Saturday: Huntington. An alright jog. Wasn't feeling that motivated though, to be honest. 5.5.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, May 16, 2011



Monday: Happy Birthday to Stephanie! Echo Mountain with Keeley. I hadn't realized how much I miss trail runs. Also, we saw Alden Walker on the way down. I only recognized him as we were going by, and said hello, but I don't think he was able to place me. He seemed rather taken aback. Probably something like 5.

Tuesday: Patrician with Justine. Fun run, good company. :) 10.

Wednesday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5. Pretty good run. I finished the run and then wished that I was still running. And I was tempted to keep running, but I had somewhere to be. Alas.

Thursday: Full Arroyo. Pretty okay run. 9.5.

Friday: About 33 miles on the bike, going out towards the River Trail and then meandering about for a bit. Made a wrong turn on Michillinda, which extended the ride a bit (I ended up on Huntington). It was probably because I was being distracted by this cyclist who was creeped out by the fact that I kept trying to catch up with him. Like, I saw him from afar, and then wanted to catch up (you know, just as something to aim for), but he eventually just pulled over and let me pass him. :/ He ended up following me down Colorado to Michillinda. That is all.

Saturday: Huntington from Schloss, taking it easy, because my legs were kind of tired/sore. 5.5. And then made an appearance at the foam party which was kind of lame. But birthday shots are hella tasty.

Sunday: Off. I hope I can get my focus together and get my shit done. If nothing else, I suppose I will have done laundry.

Monday, May 9, 2011



Monday: Lower from Schloss. 8.5. Felt pretty good except for the fact that I got a side-stitch on the way back. I kept having to stop at intervals to walk. I was kind of sad because I think aside from the stitch, it could've been a pretty good run.

Tuesday: Argh! I tried to update earlier but Blogger wasn't working and now I've kind of forgotten what I did. I think today was Huntington? 5.5. Was this the day we were supposed to buy tickets? I think it was. This was the day I had to huff back with Scott from Lacy Park, because I started talking to him, and then I told him he could go on ahead when I was done. But he did not, so I had to pick it up. It was a small struggle. Anyways, I think aside from that, the run was comfortable/okay but not particularly fast.

Wednesday: Probably Madre. 5.5. I think this one was good/brisk.

Thursday: Upper. Felt kind of tired/melancholy/unpleasant for no particular reason. And then on the way back I did have a particular reason because I got a side stitch. Again. Bah. 5.5.

Friday: Water tower with Sylvia. 9.5, I think. I'm not quite sure though. I thought it was shorter. There was no haze at the top, which was really nice.

Saturday: Huntington with Keeley. 5.5.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen to these heartbreak songs, when nothing's really wrong.


Monday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5.

Tuesday: Chantry to helipad. 22.

Wednesday: Lower Arroyo from Schloss. Felt really sluggish/demotivated. 8.5.

Thursday: Huntington from gym. 5.

Friday: 5.5 (Madre from Schloss) + 5.5 (Something random with Sylvia) = 11.

Saturday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5.

Sunday: Approximately a block to Auntie Em's in search of cupcakes with Steph. I don't know, maybe 300m. Or something.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Build it bigger than the sun, let it grow, let it grow.

4/25/11 - 5/1/11:

Monday: 4 x 400 + 2 x 200 on the track. Took the 400s super chill (~95 with one ~85) and the 200s kind of chill (~36-37). Warmup to Allen and then 12 min cooldown. Maybe about 3.5.

Tuesday: Huntington. 5.

Wednesday: 5 x 300. Probably added up to about 3. Mileage will be low this week.

Thursday: Pre-pre-race. I don't know maybe 3. 6 strides.

Friday: Pre-race. Probably 3.

Saturday: Race. Probably 5. Kind of slow like 21:30-ish, but that wasn't unexpected since I really haven't run a workout all season. I don't know. I think I can physically go faster, but my head hasn't been in it for a good while. I should stop not trying and then moping. It's bad form.

Sunday: Madre. 5.5.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Without love, what is life?

4/18/11 - 4/24/11:

Monday: Susan's Colorado Bridge run with Sylvia. 8.5.

Tuesday: 12 x 200. Warmup to Allen and back and then cooldown around the block. I suppose maybe about 5? I think I'm being pretty generous with the mileage here though. Legs were pretty tired, and I felt like I was running the 200s as 100 on 100 off. :/ Times were in the range 36-41ish, with a 43 and a 45 also. I think. Justine and Best showed up though!

Wednesday: Almost exactly 5 with Sylvia, Juliette and Marlyn. Went out on California and coming back via Marengo and then through San Marino. Felt pretty stiff, but apparently we weren't going that slowly.

Thursday: Legs were really dead. Ran Huntington backwards (well, more of a granny-ing to be honest). 4.5.

Friday: Madre. 5.5. Legs were still kind of dead, but was not quite granny-ing. I suppose I would describe this as a easy run kind of pace.

Saturday: Still kind of tired, but wanted to get the weekend run out of the way, so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Lower Arroyo from Schloss. 8.5. Felt a little sluggish, but not terrible. I think I will probably be taking it easy next week though.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Decisions are terrifying.

4/11/11 - 4/17/11:

Monday: Patrician, coming back through the Rose Bowl with Sylvia and Juliette. Sylvia was rocking the hills. Good run, kids. 11.

Tuesday: Off. Lab. :(

Wednesday: Lower Arroyo with J to the XC. Took it easy. Legs were still not feeling too energetic somehow. 7.

Thursday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. Maybe about 3? I don't remember how long this is supposed to be.

Saturday: Jogged the 3k steeple, and then jogged the most uncomfortable (and slowest) 5k of my running career. I think I was dehydrated or something. It kind of sucked. It was also really hot. Anyways... I suppose I would give this about a 7.5.

Sunday: Off. Tutorial report.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where has the excitement gone?

4/4/11 - 4/10/11:

Monday: Huntington with Best. 5.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Huntington with Sylvia, Juliette, Marlyn. 5.

Thursday: 1 on 1 off x 7 at Lacy Park. Legs felt dead, and like they had no speed. Maybe 4?

Friday: Hillcrest pre-race and strides. I'll say 3?

Saturday: 5k which started really late. It was cold out. I got a stitch. So I felt like it was a rather poor race. Anyways, longish warmup and cooldown, as warmups and cooldowns go, so I suppose I will give this a 6.5.

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reach for the stars, 'cause I'll be waiting up there.

3/28/11 - 4/3/11:

Monday: Lower, with Juliette, Sylvia, Justine, Marlyn. Pretty okay run. My legs are kind of tired now though. Hopefully the Tuesday workout will not suffer too much for it. It probably won't - it generally doesn't do to well anyways. 7.

Tuesday: 800m + 400m + 200m x 3. Chill, good, good, slow, slow, slow, very slow, slow, okay. I'll say maybe 5.5. Prediction correct.

Wednesday: Probably something like 5.8 in the late morning with Justine to retrieve my vehicle followed by an approximately 4.8 Huntington in the afternoon. The morning felt pretty stiff, and my legs didn't really want to move. The afternoon run was quite okay though. Hmm not sure why, though I'm not complaining. Let's say 10.5. I know it doesn't add, but it's all approximate anyways.

Thursday: Lacy the Long Way backwards and about two laps inside Lacy. I'll say this was about 4.5.

Friday: Huntington and a bit. 5.5

Saturday: 3k Steeple (sorry, corrected), and a bunch of warming up and cooling down. I'll assume it added up to something like 6.

Sunday: Patrician with Justine, because I thought I was going in to lab tomorrow. Apparently this will not be the case however. Hmm... Anyways, felt good to run-ish, but my legs were kind of... not very energetic. Fast turnover was not an option. 11.

Sunday, March 20, 2011



Monday: Full Arroyo. Trying the Frees. Felt pretty okay. Kind of slow start, but managed to pick it up a little bit as the run progressed. 9.5.

Tuesday: Chantry in the early afternoon. 20. Then Huntington in the late afternoon in the Vibrams. 5.5. Both felt pretty good. It was kind of cold out though, and it was a chilly descent. Also, I was kind of wary of skidding in the gravel, seeing as it had rained and all.

Wednesday: Madre. Felt kind of slow at points, but overall okay. 5.5.

Thursday: Brown Mountain with Sylvia. Quite enjoyable, as runs go. It was pretty nice running weather; bright but slightly overcast and cool. I also really like coming down the mountain... 8.

Friday: Back from the auto shop. Much thanks to Sylvia for humoring me. 5.5.

Saturday: Patrician. Felt good on the way out (a pleasant surprise). The hill part (like, the actual Patrician) was pretty slow, but comfortable, and I was okay with it since I didn't really have any expectations. Coming back on Green got pretty brisk though, which was really nice. Overall a good run/end to the week. 10.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Where'd you go? I miss you so.


Monday: Lower Arroyo from Schloss. Kind of slow, but I felt really tired and full, so it was not unexpected. What was unexpected was that I ended up seeing the guys and Juliette. Ran back with Juliette from about Singer after she ran to the casting pond. It made me go faster, so that was probably good. I felt like a poor conversationalist though. 8.5.

Tuesday: Easy Huntington. Felt super-unmotivated while running. :/ I really wish I could find my Vibrams. Where could they have gone?!? 5.5.

Wednesday: Glendale back through South Pas. Not sure why, but this ride felt pretty awesome. I had kind of forgotten what it was like to be running or biking without a) feeling like something was malfunctioning or b) just feeling like my legs were downright dead. And today I remembered that it is pretty fantastic. And I thought to myself that it was a beautiful day, and the wind was at my back, and the chill under the freeway gave me a reminder of... something. Anyways, 27.

Thursday: Brown Mountain with Steph. Arches were a bother on the way up, but coming back down was pretty okay. I feel like that is kind of standard procedure. Legs were quite tired by the end of it, however. 8.

Friday: Chantry Flats to the helipad. Pretty okay, if I remember correctly. This is a belated update. 22.

Saturday: Huntington in Vibrams, I think. 5.5. I think I like Vibrams more than shoes. Also, they were right where I thought they would be. I thought about thinking of something figurative/metaphorical, but it seemed like too much work.

Sunday: Off. It was raining. A lot.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No one has control.


Monday: Lower with Sylvia, Juliette and Marlyn. 7.

Tuesday: 3 sets of 3 x 400. Legs were dead and I kept giving up. A generous 4.

Wednesday: Started doing Huntington, but cut it off and came back on San Marino. Partially because it didn't feel too great, and partially because I decided I should be working. 4.5.

Thursday: Easy in Lacy with Stephanie. Maybe 4?

Friday: Patrician. Kind of slow, but otherwise okay. It felt good to do a long run. 10.

Saturday: Glendale Loop with a slight extension towards Art Center and another to come back through South Pas. I think something like 27. I wanted to get bread from Great Harvest, but apparently it closes at 4pm on Saturdays. I was quite upset, so I came back and made honey beer bread. It was tasty. Then 3mi around the neighborhood with Justine.

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't even know.

2/28/11 - 3/6/11:

Monday: Upper Arroyo. 6.5

Tuesday: 500 x 8. Shitty in quality. 4.

Wednesday: Orange Grove. 5.

Thursday: My arches hurt. 3.5.

Friday: 3.

Saturday: 3000m Steeple. Excruciatingly slow. 3.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Calm down and stop carrying on.


Monday: Huntington. 4.5. Apparently I strained my piriformis. Great.

Tuesday: Ran for maybe 50-ish minutes on the South Field with first Steph, then Best. I'll give this a conservative 5. I probably should have done the workout, but I really can't be bothered to worry about it.

Wednesday: Whatever it was, I'll call it 6.5.

Thursday: 3 on 1 off x 4. Sucked. Maybe 3.

Friday: Sierra Madre and back. 2.5.

Saturday: Why the hell am I so slow? 400 in 75 (Sprint Medley) and 3000m in between 13 and 14?

Sunday: Off. I think the blog title was a rather necessary, if ineffective, heading for the week.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're just two lost souls. Swimming in a fish bowl.


Monday: High jump with Kim! Which was really awesome. To the Colorado Bridge and back with Sylvia. The run was pretty okay too. About 7.

Tuesday: Off. Kind of morose and moody. And really really really sore from high jump...

Wednesday: Patrician, with a small detour through Arden. Probably something like 11. I think I needed to do this run.

Thursday: A couple laps around the North Field to warm up followed by 2 on, 1 off x 6 with Justine (thanks). Probably a bit more than one lap on each "on." I suppose I'd say it went pretty okay; I felt like I was going at a decent clip. I think running sans shoes made me go faster, but then my toes were numb. :/ 3.5.

Friday: I don't really remember. Oh yeah... I think it was out on San Pasqual to Sierra Madre and then back on Lombardy. 3.5.

Saturday-Sunday: Off. I keep not running on the weekends. I don't think I've ever been this behind on work at any point this year...

Monday, February 7, 2011

And only the heartaches have given me sight.


Monday: Off. I feel like I should run more. Hmm. Not a bad day though.

Tuesday: Lower. 7. It was pretty slow, but I think I still kind of enjoyed. :)

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the South Field sans shoes with Keely, then Justine, followed by a brief excursion to Raymond to retrieve the Altima. Dinner was spontaneously delicious. :P

Thursday: 5-4-3-2-1 in Lacy. Felt okay, but I couldn't really the legs moving. I should get back in shape. Probably something like 4.

Friday: 25 minutes on the South Field. Not too poor in quality.

Saturday-Sunday: Off.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're smiling but we're close to tears.


Monday: Lower Arroyo. I think knee exercises are helpful, so I will resume doing them again. :/ Perhaps I shouldn't have stopped. Right leg was kind of being disagreeable though (like, arch/calf). I think it was getting overworked. Hopefully things will improve though. Otherwise it was a pretty good run - it went by really fast. Talked to Sylvia about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 7.

Tuesday: I don't think my legs are capable of moving fast anymore, though I may have previously been in denial about this. :/ But I mean, it'll probably be okay. 800 + 1200 x 3 + 800 on the track. 10 minute cooldown on the elliptical. Maybe like... 4, not including the elliptical.

Wednesday: 33 minutes on the reclined stationary bike? followed by 15 minutes? I'm not sure... on the South Field with Stephanie. The exercise aspect was probably subpar, but I did enjoy company.

Thursday: Hobbled to Lacy to jog 3 on 1 off x 6. Walked back. I don't even know what mileage to give this.

Friday: Huntington. I suppose it was okay overall, but my legs really did not want to move. I kept wanting to stop. Felicitations to Sylvia though. Wasabi-chocolate and lychee-strawberry cupcakes afterwards, courtesy of Stephanie. MMMMM!!!!! 4.5.

Saturday-Sunday: Off...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open my eyes, it was only just a dream.

We do not remember days. We remember moments. - Cesare Pavese


Monday: Upper back on Walnut, mostly with Juliette. I felt kind of bad, because I felt like she kept having to wait for me. But I also felt bad about her not having someone to run with, so it was kind of a dilemma. I think I ended up exerting quite a bit of effort. 6.5

Tuesday: Warmup down Lombardy to just past Landor I think. Then 4 on 2 off x 5 on the elliptical (this elliptical was quite difficult... I feel like there is a large variation because I was going at 1 off and 6 on trying to stay above 80rpm). I felt like I was getting a pretty decent workout though. Dripping everywhere, I mean. Finished with 10 minutes cool down on the stationary bike. I think I should drop track, except I actually want to compete this year.

Wednesday: Orange Grove backwards with Stephanie. I guess I enjoyed the company, if not the running. 5. I'm not quite sure where I should be directing my effort these days. I feel like I'm running out of effort to direct. I mean in general. I think I tend to go through these phases from time to time though.

Thursday: I'll say 4. An exercise in futility. I've used the phrase before, but I kind of think it clever (oh, save me from clever phrases), and I more than kind of think it apt.

Friday: It kind of sucked, and my legs could not move. 30 minutes on the elliptical, is what I'm going to call it. That plus a little bit.

Saturday: Hobbled around a bit with Kevin. 4. Uncomfortable and slow.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Words are poor receipts for what time has stole away.


Monday: Rode my bike out (short and leisurely). Came back feeling like I had exercised. Kind of. Well, kind of exercising is not too shabby, I suppose. 18.

Tuesday: Elliptical workout. 10 minutes warm-up, then 5 on (level 12, tried to stay above 160 steps per minute or whatever the unit was) 2 off x 6, 10 minutes cool-down. I thought it went pretty okay. Definitely started fading as the intervals went on, but I think that tends to happen to me. :/

Wednesday: Off. :(

Thursday: 3 on 2 off x 6 in Lacy Park. I felt like the running muscles had atrophied from disuse. Maybe something like 4.5.

Friday: Lacy Extra Long backwards with Stephanie and Juliette. 4.5.

Saturday: Glendale Loop with a detour into South Pas. Probably something like 28.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I feel I must interject here; you're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself.


Monday: Lower with Sylvia. Felt pretty okay. Well, left knee was a little bit bothersome, but overall, it was good. 7.

Tuesday: 12 minute tempo in Lacy, back the long way. I'll say 4.5. Left knee wanted to collapse. Like something that is collapsable, such as a collapsable walking stick.

Wednesday: 24, Glendale Loop. Felt pretty good, except for failing to clip in at the intersection of Lake and Walnut and veering about for a bit trying not to tip over. :/ Hopefully the rush hour commuters did not feel overly inconvenienced. Some person at the intersection told me to be careful. I will try.

Thursday: Glendale Loop, ending in the South Pas Farmer's market. Dinner at Firefly (eggplant burger with five spice fries and mushrooms on waffles). Okay, they were called something more exotic but that won't be helpful to my (clearly) failing memory later on. My descriptions do not do the food justice though. :/ And now I want to sleep. Probably something like 23.

Friday: Chantry with Stephanie and Perrin. Knee a little bothersome (as on Monday), but it wasn't too terrible. 5. It was a pretty run, and hopefully some good footage came of it. Also, the lights were super pretty when we were coming down! Chard with vinegar, heirloom carrots roasted in butter (well, margarine) and split pea soup followed. In an additional note, persimmons are kind of awesome. Persimmon pie!

Saturday-Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 3, 2011

No one is meticulous, anymore. (Was anyone ever?)


Monday: Lacy the Long Way with Justine and Best (mostly). 4. Legs were really sore for some reason.

Tuesday: Madre with Sylvia. 5.5. Quads? were sore. I felt like my legs were reluctant to be a-moving. But they moved anyways.

Wednesday: Huntington with Sylvia. Was not as sore today. :) 4.5-ish.

Thursday: Hamstring was about to fall off. Lacy the Long Way and 16 striders at Lacy. Let's say 4.5.

Friday: Hillcrest-ish. Something random. I will say 4.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Justine. I feel like the rains washed away the trail, and we sometimes had to search for the way. And pick about the trail a little bit. But it was good. :) There were quite a few other people out and about, despite the fact that we were yelled out for being in "a closed area." 8.

Sunday: Off.