Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're smiling but we're close to tears.


Monday: Lower Arroyo. I think knee exercises are helpful, so I will resume doing them again. :/ Perhaps I shouldn't have stopped. Right leg was kind of being disagreeable though (like, arch/calf). I think it was getting overworked. Hopefully things will improve though. Otherwise it was a pretty good run - it went by really fast. Talked to Sylvia about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 7.

Tuesday: I don't think my legs are capable of moving fast anymore, though I may have previously been in denial about this. :/ But I mean, it'll probably be okay. 800 + 1200 x 3 + 800 on the track. 10 minute cooldown on the elliptical. Maybe like... 4, not including the elliptical.

Wednesday: 33 minutes on the reclined stationary bike? followed by 15 minutes? I'm not sure... on the South Field with Stephanie. The exercise aspect was probably subpar, but I did enjoy company.

Thursday: Hobbled to Lacy to jog 3 on 1 off x 6. Walked back. I don't even know what mileage to give this.

Friday: Huntington. I suppose it was okay overall, but my legs really did not want to move. I kept wanting to stop. Felicitations to Sylvia though. Wasabi-chocolate and lychee-strawberry cupcakes afterwards, courtesy of Stephanie. MMMMM!!!!! 4.5.

Saturday-Sunday: Off...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open my eyes, it was only just a dream.

We do not remember days. We remember moments. - Cesare Pavese


Monday: Upper back on Walnut, mostly with Juliette. I felt kind of bad, because I felt like she kept having to wait for me. But I also felt bad about her not having someone to run with, so it was kind of a dilemma. I think I ended up exerting quite a bit of effort. 6.5

Tuesday: Warmup down Lombardy to just past Landor I think. Then 4 on 2 off x 5 on the elliptical (this elliptical was quite difficult... I feel like there is a large variation because I was going at 1 off and 6 on trying to stay above 80rpm). I felt like I was getting a pretty decent workout though. Dripping everywhere, I mean. Finished with 10 minutes cool down on the stationary bike. I think I should drop track, except I actually want to compete this year.

Wednesday: Orange Grove backwards with Stephanie. I guess I enjoyed the company, if not the running. 5. I'm not quite sure where I should be directing my effort these days. I feel like I'm running out of effort to direct. I mean in general. I think I tend to go through these phases from time to time though.

Thursday: I'll say 4. An exercise in futility. I've used the phrase before, but I kind of think it clever (oh, save me from clever phrases), and I more than kind of think it apt.

Friday: It kind of sucked, and my legs could not move. 30 minutes on the elliptical, is what I'm going to call it. That plus a little bit.

Saturday: Hobbled around a bit with Kevin. 4. Uncomfortable and slow.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Words are poor receipts for what time has stole away.


Monday: Rode my bike out (short and leisurely). Came back feeling like I had exercised. Kind of. Well, kind of exercising is not too shabby, I suppose. 18.

Tuesday: Elliptical workout. 10 minutes warm-up, then 5 on (level 12, tried to stay above 160 steps per minute or whatever the unit was) 2 off x 6, 10 minutes cool-down. I thought it went pretty okay. Definitely started fading as the intervals went on, but I think that tends to happen to me. :/

Wednesday: Off. :(

Thursday: 3 on 2 off x 6 in Lacy Park. I felt like the running muscles had atrophied from disuse. Maybe something like 4.5.

Friday: Lacy Extra Long backwards with Stephanie and Juliette. 4.5.

Saturday: Glendale Loop with a detour into South Pas. Probably something like 28.

Sunday: Off.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I feel I must interject here; you're getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself.


Monday: Lower with Sylvia. Felt pretty okay. Well, left knee was a little bit bothersome, but overall, it was good. 7.

Tuesday: 12 minute tempo in Lacy, back the long way. I'll say 4.5. Left knee wanted to collapse. Like something that is collapsable, such as a collapsable walking stick.

Wednesday: 24, Glendale Loop. Felt pretty good, except for failing to clip in at the intersection of Lake and Walnut and veering about for a bit trying not to tip over. :/ Hopefully the rush hour commuters did not feel overly inconvenienced. Some person at the intersection told me to be careful. I will try.

Thursday: Glendale Loop, ending in the South Pas Farmer's market. Dinner at Firefly (eggplant burger with five spice fries and mushrooms on waffles). Okay, they were called something more exotic but that won't be helpful to my (clearly) failing memory later on. My descriptions do not do the food justice though. :/ And now I want to sleep. Probably something like 23.

Friday: Chantry with Stephanie and Perrin. Knee a little bothersome (as on Monday), but it wasn't too terrible. 5. It was a pretty run, and hopefully some good footage came of it. Also, the lights were super pretty when we were coming down! Chard with vinegar, heirloom carrots roasted in butter (well, margarine) and split pea soup followed. In an additional note, persimmons are kind of awesome. Persimmon pie!

Saturday-Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 3, 2011

No one is meticulous, anymore. (Was anyone ever?)


Monday: Lacy the Long Way with Justine and Best (mostly). 4. Legs were really sore for some reason.

Tuesday: Madre with Sylvia. 5.5. Quads? were sore. I felt like my legs were reluctant to be a-moving. But they moved anyways.

Wednesday: Huntington with Sylvia. Was not as sore today. :) 4.5-ish.

Thursday: Hamstring was about to fall off. Lacy the Long Way and 16 striders at Lacy. Let's say 4.5.

Friday: Hillcrest-ish. Something random. I will say 4.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Justine. I feel like the rains washed away the trail, and we sometimes had to search for the way. And pick about the trail a little bit. But it was good. :) There were quite a few other people out and about, despite the fact that we were yelled out for being in "a closed area." 8.

Sunday: Off.