Monday, May 30, 2011

We are the lovers and the takers, breaking hearts just to make the papers.


Monday: Patrician. 10. Felt like I was jogging for most of it. :/

Tuesday: Huntington from Schloss. Not really feeling it. 5.5.

Wednesday: 7.5 wandering about with Sylvia. Legs still kind of fatigued, but it was a pretty good run. =)

Thursday: Madre from Schloss. 5.5. Alright, but not particularly speedy.

Friday: Huntington from Schloss. Good run! Felt brisk... 5.5.

Saturday: Lacy Long from Schloss. Felt pretty good the whole way through. Going out was fast and coming back was slow though. Something like 4.5.

Saturday: Water tower from Schloss with Sylvia. Legs were kind of tired, but the run was good. 9.5.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Come on, let's make this dream that's barely half awake come true.


Monday: Huntington back on Oak Knoll in Vibrams. With Steph. Legs feeling dead this week. 7.

Tuesday: Around and about with Sylvia. I died. 8.

Wednesday: Madre with Justine. Taking it easy. 5.5.

Thursday: Full Arroyo from Schloss. Felt pretty sluggish. 9.5.

Friday: Chantry! With Steph. Like old times. Good times. :) I am going to tabulate this as 5.

Saturday: Huntington. An alright jog. Wasn't feeling that motivated though, to be honest. 5.5.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, May 16, 2011



Monday: Happy Birthday to Stephanie! Echo Mountain with Keeley. I hadn't realized how much I miss trail runs. Also, we saw Alden Walker on the way down. I only recognized him as we were going by, and said hello, but I don't think he was able to place me. He seemed rather taken aback. Probably something like 5.

Tuesday: Patrician with Justine. Fun run, good company. :) 10.

Wednesday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5. Pretty good run. I finished the run and then wished that I was still running. And I was tempted to keep running, but I had somewhere to be. Alas.

Thursday: Full Arroyo. Pretty okay run. 9.5.

Friday: About 33 miles on the bike, going out towards the River Trail and then meandering about for a bit. Made a wrong turn on Michillinda, which extended the ride a bit (I ended up on Huntington). It was probably because I was being distracted by this cyclist who was creeped out by the fact that I kept trying to catch up with him. Like, I saw him from afar, and then wanted to catch up (you know, just as something to aim for), but he eventually just pulled over and let me pass him. :/ He ended up following me down Colorado to Michillinda. That is all.

Saturday: Huntington from Schloss, taking it easy, because my legs were kind of tired/sore. 5.5. And then made an appearance at the foam party which was kind of lame. But birthday shots are hella tasty.

Sunday: Off. I hope I can get my focus together and get my shit done. If nothing else, I suppose I will have done laundry.

Monday, May 9, 2011



Monday: Lower from Schloss. 8.5. Felt pretty good except for the fact that I got a side-stitch on the way back. I kept having to stop at intervals to walk. I was kind of sad because I think aside from the stitch, it could've been a pretty good run.

Tuesday: Argh! I tried to update earlier but Blogger wasn't working and now I've kind of forgotten what I did. I think today was Huntington? 5.5. Was this the day we were supposed to buy tickets? I think it was. This was the day I had to huff back with Scott from Lacy Park, because I started talking to him, and then I told him he could go on ahead when I was done. But he did not, so I had to pick it up. It was a small struggle. Anyways, I think aside from that, the run was comfortable/okay but not particularly fast.

Wednesday: Probably Madre. 5.5. I think this one was good/brisk.

Thursday: Upper. Felt kind of tired/melancholy/unpleasant for no particular reason. And then on the way back I did have a particular reason because I got a side stitch. Again. Bah. 5.5.

Friday: Water tower with Sylvia. 9.5, I think. I'm not quite sure though. I thought it was shorter. There was no haze at the top, which was really nice.

Saturday: Huntington with Keeley. 5.5.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen to these heartbreak songs, when nothing's really wrong.


Monday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5.

Tuesday: Chantry to helipad. 22.

Wednesday: Lower Arroyo from Schloss. Felt really sluggish/demotivated. 8.5.

Thursday: Huntington from gym. 5.

Friday: 5.5 (Madre from Schloss) + 5.5 (Something random with Sylvia) = 11.

Saturday: Huntington from Schloss. 5.5.

Sunday: Approximately a block to Auntie Em's in search of cupcakes with Steph. I don't know, maybe 300m. Or something.