Monday, July 25, 2011

So tomorrow there will be another number.


Monday: Easy to the River Trail. Saw an elderly man one of these on the way out. He even had a "handicapped" license plate. I thought it was kind of cute. :/ He was also playing "Leaving on a Jetplane." Anyways, 30. Probably should have run in the afternoon, but I ended up not having time.

Tuesday: Legs still felt pretty sore, probably from Tuesday. Ran Huntington in the morning. Felt pretty slow and sore. 5.5. Then 15 (108, 8) + 5 (90, 5) minutes on the stationary bike followed by (very) brief weights and abs in the evening. This was actually meant to be primarily weights/abs but I don't know. I was enjoying the stationary bike.

Wednesday: Legs felt pretty good. Chilled out Chantry with Keeley, and then tried to push (well... ish...) the hill at the end. 5.

Thursday: Lorain in the morning. Felt alright for the most part, just not especially chipper. 7. Then 25 minutes on the stationary bike (98, 8).

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Jon, Stan and Jared in the AM. Felt pretty alright on the way up (I was trying to chase the boys), and was going kind of uncomfortably rapidly on the way down. Because I don't like slowing people down, and was afraid of people getting lost. Except then I slowed down after people lost their footing. :/ 8. Then Lacy Long in the evening. Definitely shuffling... 4.5.

Sunday: Glendale Loop. Felt pretty alright. I think my legs would have felt pretty crappy had I been running though. So yay for cross-training! I guess... 24.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please run, little proteins...


Monday: Huntington. 5.5. Felt pretty okay, though I suppose speed was only average.

Tuesday: Madre with Keeley. Felt pretty good, a little sluggish. 5.5.

Wednesday: Huntington. 5.5. Was trying to be super productive, but I guess I tried too hard for my own good. Hmm...

Thursday: Lab disaster and off.

Friday: Huntington around noon-ish. The usual. 5.5.

Saturday: Glendale Slightly Extended. I think it's 26, if I remember correctly. Pretty good ride, it was good to be on a bicycle again. Except I felt like my stuff kept getting in my eyes and my contacts were drying out. :/ I still enjoyed riding though.

Sunday: Eaton Canyon with the Schors. Probably about 39 minutes out, for a total of 70 minutes. Felt kind of shitty/sluggish on the way out, and had to walk a little for the initial uphill. I let the Schors go on ahead. I ended up feeling better though, and made it nearly to the end of the trail/driveway (it was in sight, kind of!). But I decided not to actually finish, because then the Schors would've had to wait. Anyways, I think I overheated or something on the way back. Interestingly though, on the way out I was kind of straggling along behind the Schors, and some hiker was like "Can she really run with them?" I was really amused. And I started thinking about it, and decided that I can't really run with them, but I can go on runs with them. Making the distinction of the former being "wanting to run at approximately the same pace for the whole run" and the latter being "not being so far off that the other party gets tired of waiting/coming back." Anyways... I kinda wanted to up the mileage for the week though, so then I did Lacy Long in the evening. Felt really good (run-wise), so I'm glad I went, even if I had no contacts or glasses and couldn't really see. 4.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still trying to figure it out.


Monday: Patrician. 9.5. I think I could have gone the long way back, but I lacked the mental motivation. Like, I felt like I wouldn't really have enjoyed it that much. Felt like I was going really slowly, but could have been going faster. The way back on Green was not too shabby though. I don't know. I think I need to spice up my runs somehow. They are getting rather dull.

Tuesday: Huntington in Vibrams. 5.5. Unremarkable. Well, my legs felt kind of lifeless, but that was about it.

Wednesday: Huntington in Vibrams. 5.5. Unremarkable. Well, my legs felt kind of lifeless, but that was about it. Yep, that was a deliberate copy and paste. No wonder my runs feel dull... But it was just seemed mentally least taxing at the time.

Thursday: Huntington with Keeley. Because I made him choose the run. :/ I think it was a more enjoyable experience than the past two days though. Perhaps I should keep trying to find running company. 5.5.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Echo Mountain with the Schors and Keeley. 5. Pretty alright run. It took 35 minutes to get up there, which was longer than I anticipated. I wasn't even slothing my way up. :( The way down was super fast though. Breakfast at Barney's afterwards. Jon plugged Daisy Mint, which made me think of Steph.

Sunday: Patrician. 9.5. Super miserable and slow. I was tired, my legs were tired, and I wanted to go home. Also I got a stitch. -_-;;

Monday, July 4, 2011

You say good morning when it's midnight.


Monday: Today kind of sucked. I was tired all day, and I tried to go on a ride, but was deterred by navigating the Rose Bowl crowd. Went over some glass on the way back and made a huge hole in my tube. Anyways, I eventually got back and went for a run. Full Arroyo. 9.5. I ran in the Vibrams, which was probably less than brilliant. I got upset at all the pavement on the way back. Other than that, the run was okay.

Tuesday: Argh. Legs are tired. But I didn't feel leisurely enough to bike. Lacy the Long Way, Vibrams, feeling super sluggish. Hopefully things improve by tomorrow. Haven't run on the track in a while... 4.5.

Wednesday: Probably something like 5.5? Jogged from Schloss to track, then three laps around the track to warm up. 3 sets of 4 x 400 with Natalya and Masha. Something like 82/89 and then everything else was hovering around 96, with a 91 and a 99 in there somewhere... Ended with an 84. So I suppose I am not complaining. I was pretty grateful for the workout motivation. And I felt that it was a pretty good workout, given that I am not particularly good at doing workouts... :P Then 10 minute cool down around the track, 5 minutes of abs before going home.

Thursday: Huntington with Justine! I think I was surprised by how pleased I was to have the company. It gets rather boring running alone. And I don't know, I think I've missed people. 5.5.

Friday: Madre with Justine. 5.5. Umm I don't think anything super interesting happened. Well, we stopped at the fig tree and got a fig. But most of the figs weren't quite ripe yet. Perhaps in a week or two. I don't know how fast figs ripen...

Saturday: A bit of abs followed by 30 minutes (12, 90-110rpm?) on the stationary bike with Justine. 30 minutes of cardio is pretty okay... I guess... :P

Sunday: Exploratory run to Cherry Canyon with Justine (pretty chill - I wanted to make sure I remembered the way), followed by some swimming in the afternoon. Excellent, excellent. Thanks for the swimming advice (though I suppose if I were a swimmer I would be the equivalent of a non-proficient jogger?).... I suppose I will estimate the run as 7?