Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I need you so much closer.


Monday: Patrician with Natalya. We saw the Schors along the way, which was kind of cool. Back along Holly so probably 10?

Tuesday: Huntington; legs felt like running was really weird. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon. Like in a week. In time for preseason. 5.5.

Wednesday: Madre, felt about the same as yesterday. Not that slow, just felt really awkward running. 5.5.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Huntington. 5.5. Nothing special.

Saturday: Today I was stupid. This is probably the worst "run" of the summer. Started Brown Mountain at about 11 AM, got about three fourths of the way up and then decided that I couldn't really make it... Like, I think I started this run mildly dehydrated. And today had a high of 39C (103F). Yeah, anyways, so it was really essentially a hike. I felt like such a pansy. I had to stop at every stream crossing to splash about a bit. I also spent quite a while optimizing some makeshift headwear. :/ Also apparently no one else was stupid enough to go up at noon, so it was kind of isolated. I saw two deer though. And a snake. And startled a bunch of birds. Anyways... uhhh I guess I'll call this a 8 mi hike. Stopped at Ralphs on the way back and consumed like 32 oz of Gatorade in about 2 minutes.

Sunday: Legs were feeling kind of exhausted, but I wanted to get in one last trail run, and I did tell the Schors I would run with them. Chantry, not too brisk. Pretty okay overall though. 5.

Monday, August 15, 2011

You were the grey beret and the still heart.


Monday: Swim club with Megumi. 90 minutes again.

Tuesday: Huntington easy. 5.5.

Wednesday: Swim club. 80, because I was late.

Thursday: Same as Wednesday.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Hiking the Cougar Crest Trail to Bertha Peak with a little bit of the Pacific Crest Trail tacked on with Natalya. Good hike. A little bit of running was thrown in at some points. Those points were not quite as pleasant. Probably about 12.

Sunday: 3 hrs of kayaking with Natalya. I think I need more functional arms. :/

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right.


Monday: Patrician. Just trying to get a long run in. Pretty slow though, and legs felt kind of off. Like, I don't think they were tired, but they kind of hurt. Hmmm... 9.5

Tuesday: Madre. Quite miserable. Left foot and right shin entered some sort of conspiracy to make this a negative experience. 5.5. I think I am going to try to only cross-train this week. Or at least primarily cross train. Let's see how this one turns out.

Wednesday: Swim Club with Megumi. I have not been this slow for a while. I felt like I was conning, and willing and had to go to my grannying place. In my head, that is. Anyways, I think I convinced myself that what I do not enjoy is being atrocious at something, and that I do not actually dislike swimming. Or maybe I just dislike trying to inhale water, which I suppose comes down to the same thing. 90min?! Or alternatively, not-very-many yds.

Thursday: Swim Club with Megumi Round 2. Well, I was till grannying, but at least I didn't not spend quite so much time resting, which I think is am improvement. I think I actually had fun, despite being slow. Yay. Except I still don't really like getting out and being all cold, and smelling like chlorine. Anyways, 90 min.

Friday: Off.

Saturday: Brown Mountain. Felt pretty alright; took it easy the whole way and went at my own pace. Comfortably brisk. 8.

Sunday: Patrician. It was really hot, but I guess it was okay overall. Not particularly fast though. 9.5.

Monday, August 1, 2011

You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed.


Monday: Full with Natalya. Pretty alright run, as runs go. Legs weren't feeling super energetic, but they were willing to move... Kind of... 9.5.

Tuesday: Huntington. Felt pretty shitty. 5.5.

Wednesday: Chantry to Helipad. Was feeling really really slow on the way up. :/ I'm going to say that maybe it was the bike and take it in for a tune up. At some point. Though it might have just been me... 22.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Bailey Canyon with Megumi. 40 minutes of chasing Megumi on the way out and then however long back. Pretty alright run. Then two strider-ish things. I don't know, I guess I'd estimate this is 5.5-ish?

Saturday: Super easy Lorain. My right quad was super sore... Also my feet are starting to feel abused. 7.

Sunday: Trotting about the Rose Bowl trails with the Schors and Ryan. I don't think the trails go very far... Felt really sluggish and slow. :( Maybe 5.5? I'm being generous...