Monday, September 26, 2011

The beginning of the end.


Monday: Lorain mostly with Nina, Stephanie R. and Katja. Stopped at the end to pick to Nandini, who seems to be suffering from frosh plague. Or a similar ailment. Probably something like 5.5. It's kind of a weird feeling to be at school again.

Tuesday: 3 mile-repeats in Lacy (2 x 800 loop). Something like 6:34/6:41/and I didn't get a time for the last one. Tried to go out aggressively and then hold it. My legs weren't feeling very chipper today though. I think they were upset at me for not really eating very much for lunch. I will feed you in the future, legs! Finished it off with 4 x 200 (untimed, distance approximate) on the track with Juliette. In retrospect, it would probably have been more helpful to do the 200s in Lacy, before we cooled down during well, our cooldown. I'll say this was probably 5.5-ish.

Wednesday: 10 minute warmup, administered treadmill test to Juliette, 10 minutes warmup, took treadmill test (took like 14 minutes or so) and then cool-down to Allen and back. I'd say total it was probably about 4.5. My data is very noisy.

Thursday: 54321 in Lacy. 5 was okay - mostly stuck with Susan. Fell off a lot for 4 and 3. Picked it up quite a bit for the 2 in an effort to get Juliette to come with me, but was only partially successful. Stephanie R. ran a good two last intervals though. I would estimate something like 4.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. Super chill. Maybe like, 3.

Saturday: Pomona Invite. Didn't feel like I was going that fast. Bah. I was also slower than last year, which I thought wouldn't happen. Eh. 26:30, or something like that. We'll see how next week goes...

Sunday: Off.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fuck it.


Monday: Upper in the morning. Legs were feeling pretty sluggish. Came back via Del Mar, and saw Juliette (I think Juliette, Stephanie, and Susan extended their run through the Rose Bowl). 6.5. Then 15 minutes barefoot, light core + weights in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Downhill mile in 6:23, then two 2 min intervals on the grass. I need to stop slowing down when I get tired in the middle of the interval. Hmm. Then two more intervals around Lacy Park (ending where Mill Lane meets Virginia). The last two intervals were pretty exhausting. Not a bad workout, if I do say so myself. Maybe I'll give a estimate of like, 5.5.

Wednesday: Shaking it out; Huntington out on Rose Villa. I'd say probably like 6. Repeated the downhill mile in 6:31. Felt pretty good about it up to Robles.

Thursday: 4321 x 2. Slacked off the first interval, tried on the second, and ran the last minute of the second interval with Juliette. It go as speedily as I had hoped, so we ran another minute, which was pretty fast, I think.

Friday: Pre-race-like thing that ended at Corner Bakery. Yay oatmeal. Maybe like, 4. Pretty arbitrary distance assignment though.

Saturday: Four mile-repeats. Down Rose Villa and back on Oakdale in 6:31/6:34/6:43/6:31. Probably my most consistant workout ever, as Susan pointed out. The first two felt pretty good, the third I kind of slowed down, and the last one was kind of painful. Stephanie R. seemed like she had a particularly good workout, and negative split every interval to average 6:11-ish I think. Probably about 7 including warmup and cooldown.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahhh! I need to thin back out...


Monday: Upper Arroyo. With Stephanie, Juliette, Marlyn and Katja until I kind of crashed. Marlyn waited for me, and I subsequently felt bad for being an inconvenience. Though I was grateful for the company. 6.5. Probably like 18 minutes of barefoot around the North Field in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Shenandoah x 4, from the bottom of Shenandoah to the intersection of Virginia and Oak Grove. Kind of difficult. Interval was 0.7 mi for 6.5 mi total with jogging. I think 14 minutes in the afternoon and then efficient core + light weights.

Wednesday: Yeah super died on this one. I'll log the total for the day at a extremely generous 4 mi. Kind of saddening.

Thursday: Tempo intervals. 10 min, 5 min, 3 min, 2 min. Felt pretty alright. I'll estimate this as about 5. Part of the tempo was laps around the track, and I wondered why it was so difficult to run for like one lap at speeds that I had supposedly run for 12.5 laps back in the day. I decided in light of findings later in the day that it was due to having way too much body fat. I believe that it is time to thin back out... Please?

Friday: Pre-race in the morning. I don't really remember what we did. Oh yeah. I think it was Lacy the Long Way backwards, coming back via San Marino instead of Oxford. My legs were really tired, and I was really tired, and not very enthused. Ho hum. 4. Then 22 minutes on the field (super chill), efficient core, and weights in the afternoon.

Saturday: Riverside. Ahhh why was it so slow again? Disappointing. AND WHY AM I SO COMPLACENT ABOUT IT?!?!? Upsetting. 21.55.

Sunday: Off. Went shopping.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jump on a spaceship.


Monday: Lower Arroyo, if I do not misremember. Out to the dirt part with Stephanie R. and Juliette, then dropped off and ran the rest of the way back with Vivian. 7.

Tuesday: I think I turned my alarm off without waking up. The Oak Grove Loop x 4. About a mile. Stayed consistent relative to Marlyn I believe, or at least she'd pass me at about the same place every interval. So I would say this was a success. 5.5.

Wednesday: I believe this was Madre in the morning 5.5 (I panted along behind Stephanie R.), mostly chilling in the pool in the afternoon. Did maybe 20 minutes of laps before the start of practice.

Thursday: Jogged San Marino Hills in the morning. Only did jogged like... two of the hills, bracketed. San Marino, (Oxford), Patton, Shenandoah, (Virginia), (Old Mill + Oak Knoll). Apparently the seventh hill is El Molino? Anyways, I record the hills just for recording purposes. Flight to Vegas in the afternoon.

Friday: RRR! It was good to see Stephanie, though only briefly. :/ Started out with 4.6 mi of rolling hills. Felt really slow, and my feet hurt. I think it was the tape - I don't think I will continue to tape them in the future. Then 3.6 mi of uphill (750 ft elevation gain, according to race pamphlet). Felt like I was working hard pretty much the whole way.

Saturday: RRR continued. 6.8 mi in the wee hours of the AM; two miles downhill and the rest primarily uphill. Felt pretty alright except for the last mile and a half or so, during which I felt really sluggish.

Sunday: Off.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What ever happened?!


Monday: First day of preseason. Huntington-ish. Sylvia and I were late due to picking up the Zhangsta from Lake. Alas. Probably something like 4.

Tuesday: Patrician with Sylvia in the morning. 9.5. Missed the afternoon practice due to driving to the airport.

Wednesday: Lower Arroyo in the morning. Ran with Stephanie R. and Juliette up to the Arroyo, then waited for Vivian and ran back with her. 7.5. Allen and back in the afternoon? Maybe like 2.5. Then some running drills and yoga.

Thursday: Canons in the morning, something 3:40s average, I think. 7. A couple of laps swimming, then kicking in the pool for the afternoon. Some relaxing and not-really-working-out was also involved.

Friday: Lombardy and back in the morning with Stephanie R. and Juliette. 5.5. Then 15 minutes warmup and some strides in the afternoon. Probably about 2. A bit of abs to round out the day.

Saturday: Redlands 4.5K. I don't know why this was so atrociously slow. I think my legs were exhausted from the previous week. And my plantar fascia was being irritating. Excuses excuses. But 21:26? Should not have happened. Anyways, I think I am more genuinely confused than upset. Because I don't actually feel as out of shape as my time would reflect.

Sunday: Off.