Monday, October 31, 2011

Take a step to the discotheque.


Monday: Run down Glenarm, to connect to some Patrician-ish route that came back across the Colorado Bridge with Stephanie R, Juliette and Susan. Pretty enjoyable run - "Long runs improve the quality of my life." - S. Wuerth. I think this is the longest run we've done since school started.... 8 mi.

Tuesday: Up and down Sierra Madre. 4 on 2 off x 2 + 3 on 1.5 off x 2 + 2 on 1 off x 2 + 1 on 1 off x 2. I was told to be conservative so I was super chill/lazy on the way down, and kind of tried on the way up. It's kind of frustrating to be told to be conservative all the time, because sometimes I like to be ambitious. I'll just say this is 4. I'm kind of looking forward to the beginning of the off season.

Wednesday: Huntington, mainly with Juliette and Stephanie. Alright run; legs were not super excited to be running, but they managed. 4.5.

Thursday: 2 mile tempo followed by 4 x 500 m in the AM. I don't really like running in the AM these days, but it usually means I didn't get enough sleep. Anyways, I felt really sleep and was very sluggish, until a came home and had coffee. Then my day improved. Probably like 4 mi total with warmup and cooldown.

Friday: I neither remember nor care. Whatever I'll say 2.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 2.5 mi tempo in the Arroyo in 17:11.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The cows are skinny, but happy.


Monday: Monday: Chilled out Lower with Susan, Juliette, and Stephanie R. Felt pretty okay for the most part, but right plantar fascia was a bit irritated during the little uphill bit. Bah. Maybe I should stretch more or something? 7.5. Then 8 minutes of efficient abs afterwards.

Tuesday: 1200 x 3, I think at Lacy. It was like some weird loop. Yeah, this was definitely at Lacy. We were supposed to do four, but no-one else was feeling it, so we did not. I felt pretty good on all of them though, and I think I stayed reasonably consistant. I'll say this was maybe 5? Not sure though.

Wednesday: Around the neighborhood. I really can't remember where we went... too much time has elapsed. Let's just say it was about 5.

Thursday: Stephanie arrived! Something like 54321, but I don't really remember. Anyways, it was at Lacy, and intervals for time. The running was okay, but not great. Was trying to stick with Stephanie R. and Juliette-ish. I'll say this was 4. My mileage assignments are so arbitrary.

Friday: Down to Sierra Madre and back. Felt kind of terrible. Maybe like... 1.5.

Saturday: Multi-Duals Disaster. I can even alliterate. The men did well though, which was nice. Let's just call this 5.5.

Sunday: 4 mi hike in Malibu with Stephanie, after a tasty breakfast in a building that was not-a-bungalow, and some wandering about a farmer's market. I also enjoyed hopping about on the rocks.


Monday: Lorain. We started out super brisk, and I was very uncomfortable. I wondered if I was just like really tired or something. Apparently Susan wanted to demonstrate to us that we are indeed able to run 7:40 miles for a sustained amount of time. But I feel like I knew that. I think this was like... 6?

Tuesday: Stephanie left. :( Running felt kind of awful. 500 x 5 around the North Field. Maybe 3 mi total. Today was really short, I think.

Wednesday: I don't remember what we did this Wednesday either. I think they're just very un-memorable. In the middle of the week and all. Yeah okay i'll just arbitrarily call this one 5 too.

Thursday: 500-ish x 7 at Lacy, I think. The first 5 were kind of only to the trash can where we turned off the 800 loop to cut across the grass, but I stuck with it for the last two, which were pretty okay. I still kept giving up on the grass though. Maybe 5.

Friday: Brisk Hillcrest pre-race with Juliette and Stephanie R. Usually I'd map these but I'm way too lazy these days. I'll say 4.

Saturday: 4000m tempo at the Rose Bowl (probably more like 4400m; the 1000 loop we were using was long). Legs felt really dead, and I probably did each loop in approximately 5 min. We also did 16 minutes of warmup down towards the Arroyo, and ran a Rose Bowl loop as a cool-down. I feel like the cool-down was kind of not that much slower than the tempo though, because we caught up with the guys while cooling down. Definitely at least 7. I'll call it 7.5, because I'm feeling generous.

Sunday: Off


Monday: Around the neighborhood with Juliette and Stephanie R. By which I mean up Lake, across Del Mar, down Sierra Madre, then coming back on Canterbury/Lombardy. Felt pretty okay, but we were going at a very brisk easy day pace. I think we were all trying to keep up with each other. Eventually, Stephanie R. said something, so we slowed up a bit. But then sped up again. Hm. Susan drove around and threw candy at us, which was kind of cool. Maybe like 5.5.

Tuesday: (400 x 4) x 2 at tempo pace (1:40) then race pace (1:30-35). These ones felt pretty okay; in control, if not super consistant over the interval. Mostly with Stephanie R. Then 800 x 2 in 3:01; 2:59. Probably something like 6.

Wednesday: Down to Lorain via Oak Knoll and back on Virginia. Legs felt kind of tired, but running was okay. It took 42 minutes, so I'd say about 5.5. Maybe.

Thursday: 54321 at Lacy. Probably went out too fast. Tried to stick with Stephanie and Juliette, but I think I lost them at some point around the 3 and the 2. Probably closer to the front end of the 3. Oh well. Perhaps 4-ish.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back. Super chill. 3. Then spent the evening freaking out about futures and such.

Saturday: Snailed. Maybe 6 or something.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The hopes and fears of all the years.


Monday: 60 minutes easy with Susan, Stephanie R., and Juliette. Pretty enjoyable run; kind of felt like a chill hang-out or something. 10 minutes of super efficient abs afterwards. I think Monday and Wednesday are going to be abdominal exercise days. Maybe 6.5?

Tuesday: 800 x 6 at Garfield Park. Something like 3:22/3:24/3:24/3:26/3:26/3:24. Kind of meh. I feel like this might've been slower than I ran them last year. I don't understand! I feel like I'm in better shape. So it is strange. Juliette seemed like she had a pretty alright workout though. Then 5 x 40s striders with 1min 20s break in between. Total of about 8.

Wednesday: Some Huntington backwards variant with Susan, Stephanie R. and Juliette. Again pretty chill/enjoyable. Susan said she'd call it 5. So I will call it 5 too. Then 10 min of effient abs afterwards.

Thursday: Outside Loop around park, in 6:50-ish (supposed to be tempo pace). Kind of slowed down and gave up on the hill, but restarted after the hill. Then 4 min rest, 1000-loop + paved loop, 3 min rest, 1000 loop, 2 min rest, paved loop. The middle two intervals felt really longand unpleasant. Tried to go out with Stephanie R. and Juliette and fade out later on. The last paved loop was pretty speedy though. I think a little less than 2:23 for approximately 700? I'd give this one a total of about 5.

Friday: Hillcrest Loop pre-race. Very chill, pace-wise. Probably about 3.

Saturday: 3 mile tempo from Garfield Park, ending with a mile lop around Lacy. About 7 total, though I did not map it exactly. Tried to keep Stephanie R. and Juliette in sight as they slowly receded into the distance throughout the tempo. Felt like a good tempo pace. I think it ended up being about 22 min or something.

Sunday: Off.