Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The last surge towards the finish?


Monday: Orange Grove with Juliette; pretty good run. Apparently we were going up Allen at 7:23, or something like that. I think about 5.

Tuesday: Up Hill to New York with Juliette, Stephanie R. and Susan. I think averaging about 7:45-ish on the way up Hill. Good workout. 6.

Wednesday: Lorain, which is apparently 6, in approximately 49 with Juliette and Stephanie R. Legs felt pretty heavy and sluggish.

Thursday: Upper Arroyo with Juliette and Stephanie R. (part of the way). There were a lot of felled trees, especially along Green. I climbed up one of them. We kept stopping though, so it ended up being a pretty relaxed 6.

Friday: Ran to Juliette's grandmother's house to look at the tree-damage (apparently, a tree fell and crushed the residence). I climbed that tree too, to assess roof damage. Not that I put any stock in my assessment, I mostly just wanted to climb the tree. About 6.8 in 53? I think the time might be a little off. It felt a little slower than that. Finished with the first Friday 400 of the year in 79.

Saturday: Super easy Huntington with Juliette, Stephanie R. and Megumi. Probably the first really easy day in a while. Megumi was going pretty fast though. 4.8.

Sunday: Off... Presentation...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Recovery week.


Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Off. Catching up from weekend.

Wednesday: Lacy Long, super slow. Like partially walking. Probably 4. I was okay with/kind of expecting it though. I blame the teeth.

Thursday: More of the same, but to Garfield and back on the Monterey tempo loop. Maybe 6.

Friday: Glendale Loop Extended. 26. Felt pretty good; I think I made record time. I also passed by a deer at the top of the Art Center Loop. I think it was about 8 feet away... I thought it would run away, but it did not.

Saturday: Off, I think.

Sunday: Definitely off.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodbye, wisdom teeth.


Monday: Water Tower with Juliette. Pretty good run; it made me nostalgic for freshman year. Pleasantly brisk. 8.45, according to Juliette's Garmin.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: Upper with Juliette. Legs seemed a bit tired from Monday, so took it quite a bit easier. Alright run though. Probably about 6.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Off, got wisdom teeth out. :/

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do we ever stop being nostalgic?


Monday: Garfield. 5.

Tuesday: 2 on 1 off x 6 + 1.5 on. I gave up at some point though. Morose. :/

Wednesday: Huntington, mostly super chill. 4.7

Thursday: 54321 at Lacy. Gave up 1 min into the 3.

Friday: Pre-race. Probably like 3, I don't remember where we went.

Saturday: Normal-slow, rather than terrifying-slow. 26:40s. Maybe like 6 total.

Sunday: Off