Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy...


Monday: Ran to the Santa Anita mall (Lombardy to San Gabriel) and came back on Michillinda to Colorado to Sierra Madre to Del Mar to Berkeley to San Pasqual with Juliette. Ended up being a solid 10.5; a pretty good run. Averaged 7:39, apparently.

Tuesday: Easy run down El Molino to Mission, then turned left to Huntington, came back up Virginia. With Juliette. Ended up being 5.8. Pleasant run, though the legs were tired.

Wednesday: Marengo run (starts out kind of like doing Lacy the Long Way, but ends up being a lot longer... maybe I will map it some time when I am not procrastinating...) with Stan, Andy, Juliette, Stephanie R, and Sylvia. Big group today; probably because it was National Running Day. 7. Also ended up being pretty fast, because I was trying to keep up with Stan, which I think was pretty successful. I'd estimate it at a slightly under 7:30 pace, but I'm not quite sure.

Thursday-Friday: Off

Saturday: Mud race! There were not quite as many obstacles as I had previously been anticipating, but it was pretty exciting. I guess 6, since this was a 10K.

Sunday: Upper Arroyo with Juliette and Stephanie R. Took it easy, really tired for some reason. 6.


Monday: Long Water Tower variant with Juliette and Stephanie R. Ended up being pretty long. 10.5.

Tuesday: Chantry with Steph. 5. I was kind of tired and dehydrated, so it was not super comfortable. It was super slow though.

Wednesday: Lorain with Juliette and Stephanie R. 6.5.

Thursday: Rose Bowl Run with Juliette and Stephanie R. Feeling super tired for some reason. 10.

Friday: Off. Commencing.

Saturday: Lorain with Juliette. A pleasant run. 7...

Sunday: A very painful solo Brown Mountain. What is wrong with me? 7.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's set the world on fire.


Monday: Pretty chilled out upper with Juliette. 6.5. Quite pleasant. Didn't feel very fast though.

Tuesday:  Water Tower variant that Katherine/Susan showed me/Stephanie/Masha freshman year. I was pleased that I still remembered that secret turnoff that went by somebody's driveway even all this time. Pretty good run. Apparently 7:30ish on the way out and 7:40ish on the way back according to Juliette's Garmin (though the bit only the hill was slow). There was even a 7:10 in there somewhere. 9 total.

Wednesday: Lorain with Juliette and Marlyn. Didn't feel like we were moving that fast, but apparently we were in the 7:30 range. It was really hot today. I think this was 6.5 or something?

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Madre with Juliette. Felt really bouncy, probably because of the day off. Good run. 6.

Saturday: To the Rose Bowl, 10 min out and back, then back via Walnut (Juliette did a tempo). Pretty alright on the way there and on the out/back trail, but the way back was kind of unpleasant. Bah. 11. Overall I'm glad I did the run though. Mental exercise?

Sunday: I believe this was a 5.5 run with Natalya around South Pas (Arroyo trails and water tower), followed by a tasty brunch afterwards.


Monday-Tuesday: I believe one of these was the Water Tower variant. 9.1. With the kids. I don't remember what I did on the other day... Maybe one of the kids remembers. More likely than not, it was some generic 6.5...

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: Brown Mountain solo. Good run though. 7.5

Friday: I think this was the day we were going to do Patrician, but then decided not to. I believe we did Lorain at a 7:30-7:40-ish pace, so it was a pretty good run. With Juliette. I think this was about 6.5, or something.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Justine, Steph, and Juliette. 7.5. Good pace, and faster than on Thursday.

Sunday: To the Rose Bowl (basically same thing as last Saturday) with Juliette and Stephanie R. I'll call this 10.5, because I think that's approximately what it was.


Monday: Echo Mountain with Justine and Steph. It was very hot. 5.3.

Tuesday: Madre variant with Juliette and Stephanie R. We found Juliette's dad's old middle school. I think this was something like 6.3.

Wednesday: I think something like 6.7? Going up Hill to New York, then back on Holliston followed by various roads (we meandered a bit). We being Juliette and Stephanie R. and I. Alright run.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Lorain backwards with Juliette and Stephanie R. Taking it pretty easy. 6.5. Good luck in Burkina, Natalya.

Saturday: Rose Bowl Tempo; went faster on the tempo-y bit than I usually do. Something like 7:20-40 on the way to the Rose Bowl, and 7:40-7:10 on the way back (though there was one 8:39 or so in there). 11.

Sunday: Solo Huntington; felt like I was going at a pretty decent clip, except for the slightly uphill parts. It wasn't very fast though. I was super tired... 5.5.

Sunday, May 13, 2012



Monday: Off. Running gel. :/ Did a bit of lifting though.

Tuesday: Water Tower followed by some lifting, with Juliette and Stephanie R. A pretty alright run. 8.

Wednesday: Brown Mountain. 8. Felt pretty alright.

Thursday: An easy Lacy the long way from the Schloss. 5.

Friday: To the Rose Bowl (via California), a bit on the trails at the Rose Bowl, then back (via Walnut). 10.5. Ran there and back with Juliette and Stephanie R, but they did a tempo loop when we got there, and I was feeling lazy. Pretty good run though, I must say.

Saturday: Rose Bowl trails with Juliette. 7.

Sunday: Huntington. 5.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And so the cycle resets.


Monday: An easy jaunt about the neighborhood with Natalya in the evening; I think it ended up being about 5.

Tuesday: Just went south for a while from campus with Stephanie R. and Juliette. I'm so bad at directions. :/ I think this ended up being like 7.5? Not entirely sure.

Wednesday: Huntington from the Schloss. 5.5, I think.

Thursday: Echo Mountain. 5. Pretty pleasant. I was really tired though.

Friday: Upper Arroyo with Stephanie R. and Juliette; ended with a Friday 400 on the PCC track. I think this turned out being something like 7.75.

Saturday: Patrician with Stephanie R. and Juliette. 9.5. Stopped for Jamba Juice afterwards.

Sunday: Huntington with Stephanie R. and Juliette. I think about 5.



I can't quite be bothered to recall what was going on these two weeks...


Friday: Last college track meet. 3000m Steeplechase in 13:01; my goal was to break 13:00. Hmm... Well, at least I was kind of close... I'm glad I ran it though.

Saturday: Cycling to San Diego with Natalya! =] It was a pleasant ride for the most part, though we definitely should've stayed on the road instead of getting on the beach paths, which had many children and beach cruisers on them.

Sunday: Brew tours! A tasty and most enjoyable day. Off though.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter.


Monday: Lower Arroyo. 7.

Tuesday: 3 x (4 x 400). In something like (85/86/86/90) + (86/92/90/93) + (91/93/93/91). I made up the 90s, but they were all in that range, or thereabouts. I'll call this 5.

Wednesday: Huntington. 4.8.

Thursday: 5 on, 3 off, 5 on + 3 intervals (15s) up Patton, then back the long way. I'd say this was probably something like 5.5.

Friday-Sunday: I don't remember...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You can see that your home’s inside of you.


Monday: Steph and I were going to cycle to Nederland from the cabin, but it was kind of windy and overcast, so we drove instead. Saw some of the Coloradan sights though. We stopped by the Museum of Natural History at CU Boulder in search of a stuffed mountain lion, but in vain. The triceratops was kind of cool though. Off.

Tuesday: Heil Valley Ranch with Steph, though I don't think either of us really felt like running today. I found it rather difficult and slow. I'm not sure why my legs were so tired. But at least we ran! 4.8, I think was how far we went. Flight back to Pasadena in the afternoon. Thanks to Steph and Michael for an awesome Spring Break! =P And photos...

Wednesday: Full Arroyo from Schloss. 9.5. Legs still felt kind of tired and not really that happy, so it ended up being kind of slow. I still don't know why. Maybe they it was from the plane ride or something I don't know. Eh.

Thursday: 5 on 2 off 5 on at Lacy, followed by four 15 s intervals up Patton. Covered about 1200 m in the first 5, and maybe 1100 in the second 5. Jogged back the Long Way pretty slowly. I'll call this 5.5, I guess.

Friday: Huntington, basically a jog. Wanted to take it easy, and my legs really weren't too excited a bout moving. I think this is 4.8 or something.

Saturday: Brown Mountain after lab (and REI used gear sale in the morning). It was kind of overcast/cool, which I think facilitated my actually running for most of this. I was also trying to get back before it got dark. Steady (but a little slow) on the uphill, rocking the downhill. Felt pretty good throughout. A enjoyable run. 7.5.

Sunday: Off.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby, I'm a renegade like you.


Monday: Huntington from the Schloss. I think this is 5.5. Was kind of in a hurry because I wanted to run my gel, but then it didn't work.

Tuesday: Spent all day trying to run my gel again, but it also didn't work. Squeezed in Echo Mountain in the early evening. Nice dinner at 9&9 though. 5.

Wednesday: Flying to CO! =] Off.

Thursday: Hiked up to Chasm Lake with Steph and Michael, and was sad that I had forgotten to bring my camera with me to CO. It was so gorgeous! But the hike took all day, so we didn't run, which is probably okay. I think this was approximately 8.3 with 2,747 ft elevation gain to a max of 11,804 ft. Stats stolen from Steph. I had a lot of fun with the YakTrax and Steph's hiking boots. =P

Friday: Run/hike to summit of Bear Peak with Steph, stopped to admire the view quite a bit. We went up Bear Canyon, and down Fern Canyon. The climbing scrambly path to the summit was kind of impossible to run up though, and the way down was covered in ice, leading to a slightly undignified descent. 7.8 mi, elevation gain 2863 ft to a max of 8456 ft.

Saturday: Steph's Antelope Loop! Now I know what it looks like. It was quite pretty, and we saw lots of prairie dogs... Chirruping together, in fact. They were so cute, except apparently they are pests, because they cause livestock to break their legs (says Michael). We also saw lots of mountain bikers. 7.6 mi. Hike of about 2 mi or something in the afternoon.

Sunday: Snowy run/hike thing on Estes Cone Trail with Steph. 5.4 mi. The snow was beginning to melt, so we kept falling through, making running rather difficult. Apparently this falling through the snow thing is called "post-holing". The trails on CO are so awesome. I quite enjoyed them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited.


Monday: Water Tower with Juliette and Sylvia. 9, says Juliette.

Tuesday: Kewen repeats (to the lampost) x 10 in something like 96/96/97/(98/98/97)/94/97/100/98. Not sure about the three bracketed ones in the middle. Went every 5 min. Felt like a pretty good workout overall though. 7, according to Juliette and her Garmin.

Wednesday: Huntington with Juliette, Stephanie R and Marlyn. I shall generously round up to 5.

Thursday: 12 min tempo at Lacy; short way back. Made it through the outer loop and the thousand loop, and a little bit past the start of the 800 loop. Standard. Probably something like 4.

Friday: Slow, easy Patrician with Natalya. 9.5. Felt pretty good (surprisingly so, since I hadn't really slept that much) but we were also going at a super conversational pace. I'm glad we ran though! Boosted mileage for the week. :)

Saturday: Madre with Natalya in the rain. An alright run, but I think I was pretty tired/out of it. It was not very fast. 5.5.

Sunday: Racquetball (modified) and a little bit of derping around in the climbing gym. Probably not much of a workout, but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Even the best of intentions.


Monday: California to Grand to Mission and back via reverse Lower Arroyo. Circled around a bit in the neighborhood of Susan's parent's house. Maybe something like 7. I think I am just making up numbers for mileage this week.

Tuesday: Felt kind of meh. 4 x 400 in 82/87/88/89 + 87/86/91/81. Warmup to Allen and 15 min cooldown. Exactly 6.

Wednesday: Easy run to Garfield, where we did like two strides. Came back via Monterey/the tempo loop. I think this is something like 6. Getting lazy about checking the mileage and such things.

Thursday: Chantry loop + 0.5 miles up the Zion Trail (I think that's what it is called) with Natalya. I think it was something like 5.9 or so... Pretty enjoyable run.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back, followed by 6 strides. Probably 3.

Saturday: Brown Mountain, pretty chilled out. 8. The run was very enjoyable though. There seemed to be many hikers/mountain bikers out and about.

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Monday: Lorain mostly with Juliette and Stephanie R. Pretty chill/enjoyable run. I will call at 6. Nice to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday: 3 x (800 + 400 + 300) in (2:52/82/60), (3:01/86/71), and (3:07/104/59), with 6 min of rest between sets. I think I went out way to fast for the first set; it wasn't really sustainable. Also I should probably not go out so fast on each interval. Next time we do these I think I will try to go 2:57-58, 85-86, 62-63. That is, if we do this workout again. Yeah. 7 mi total.

Wednesday: Huntington with Juliette and Stephanie R. Went at a pretty easy pace; kind of sore from the day before. 4.5.

Thursday: 5 x (3 on, 1 off) at Lacy. Felt like the workout went pretty well; tried to avoid falling too far behind Stephanie R. I think the gap started growing in the latter half of the intervals. Legs still pretty tired, so I was pleasantly surprised. Hurdle drills afterwards. I guess I'll call this something like 5.5.

Friday: Random pre-race. I think it was something like 3.5? I don't really remember.

Saturday: PR-ed in the Steeplechase, but I guess I wasn't that excited because my legs were really dead so I kind of jogged it. At least I am running the Steeple while in better shape than I have in the past. Also did a bunch of warming up/cooling down for other people's races, so I'd guess this totals 6? Ran the last leg of the 4 x 400 in 76. Maybe could've gone faster, but there was nobody to race, really.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Monday: Off, traveling.

Tuesday: 3 (3 x 400) on the track. Basically jogged them... Feeling really tired. Also I am getting sick, probably from the plane. Bah... I think I have resigned myself to taking time off. Let's call this 5.

Wednesday: Madre, I guess 6. Going at a pretty decent pace, but felt rather awful.

Thursday: Feeling slightly terrible. 8 min tempo around the park, and then one 15 sec sprint up Patton before taking the short way back. I'd give this a generous 3.

Friday: Off. Talking to professors.

Saturday: 60 min easy run up to the Strawberry Canyon fire trails. Got a little past the Connector, and then back to the hotel. I'll just call this 5.

Sunday: Off, back to Pasadena.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Is this the dream I've been saving?


Monday: Ran towards the Santa Anita Mall, but stopped like one stoplight short of it, with Stephanie R, Juliette, and Sylvia (for most of the way out). Came back via Huntington. This was a pretty fantastic run. Felt kind of tired, because we were going kind of fast, but in a good way. Apparently we were running 7:10-7:20 on the way out (mostly downhill), and then averaged an overall pace of <7:30 for the entire run. Mileage was 8.69 by Juliette's Garmin and 8.74 by Stephanie R's online mapping. I like fast long runs, when I can manage them.

Tuesday: Warmup to Allen and back, followed by 5 x 900 (only the first 800 was timed) in 3:17/3:17/3:16/3:16/3:14. I think the 800s head been going faster before this week, but I was pretty sore from yesterday. I think I decided to run 3:17s after running the first one, and then I just stuck with it. Meh. Then a bonus 400 in 82. Finished with 15 min cool down on the grass around the field. Totaled to 7.02, according to Juliette's Garmin.

Wednesday: To Garfield and back via Monterey with Stephanie R. and Juliette. Felt pretty speedy/enjoyable (I think this one averaged 7:30-7:40-ish). The weather was pretty much perfect for running. I think about 6 total.

Thursday: Basically traveling all day... Off.

Friday: Probably a 30 min jog around campus... I'll just call this a conservative 3. Running felt weird. I thin kit was the sitting on the plane all day.

Saturday: 60 min easy run in the morning with Robert Kaspar. Started out from the hotel and then went to the Newark Reservoir and explored the trails around there for a little bit. An enjoyable run. Probably something like 6.

Sunday: 12 mi exploratory expedition around the city of Philadelphia with Justine! :) Accompanied by Saurabh on his bicycle. It was good to catch up. Stopped for a food market, to eat a 蛋撻, to see the Liberty Bell (it was smaller than I expected...), and to (unsuccessfully) seek out a track at Rutgers. Rather stiff when starting out again after the stops, but otherwise pretty awesome.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Everything that I have is yours.


Monday: Glenarm to the Colorado Bridge with Stephanie R. and Sylvia. Felt kind of tired and sluggish at the beginning of the run, but managed to pick it up as the run progressed. Overall I'd say it was pretty alright. 8.5-ish, I think.

Tuesday: Two sets of 4 x 500 with 5 min between the two sets. Only the first 400 was timed; ran them in 82/84/84/86 and 86/84/82/93. Definitely gave up on that last one... Warmup to Allen and back; cool down was 15 min around the track. I'd say this was maybe 6-ish?

Wednesday: Orange Grove, probably something like 5. My legs felt really tired. I think I need to sleep more or something.

Thursday: 3 on 1 off x 5 at Lacy. Still tired. I gave up on the third and the fourth "on," but picked it up for the last one after telling myself to stop feeling sorry for myself and to start running. Early group meeting this morning. 5.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back on California. Probably something like 3.

Saturday: 3000m + second leg of 4 x 400. Not sure what my time was for the 3000m, but I don't think it was very fast... It felt like I was running the pace I should probably be running my tempos at. I also failed to kick it in because I was saving for the 4 x 400 which was the race right after... Ran a 72, which I was not too displeased with. Plenty of room for improvement though. Probably a 5 for mileage recording purposes...

Sunday: Off.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Love and coffee will keep us alive.


Monday: Lower Arroyo with Stephanie R. Was a bit brisk, but in a good way. I think I had started to crash after all the coffee though... I had the usual morning coffee, and then attended Professor Gilmartin's lunch event at the Ath, where I got more coffee... Mmm... coffee. 7.5.

Tuesday: 2 x 1200 + 3 x 800 in 4:58/4:54/3:08/3:12/3:07. Eh. Let's just say this was 5.5. I suppose it does not really matter.

Wednesday: I think around 5-ish with Steph in the morning in the Arroyo (from California to the chickens!) It reminded me of the good ol' days. The running company and chickens, that is. Then 4-ish with Stephanie R. in the afternoon. We started out running Huntingson(?) with the guys, and then I broke off early to come back up Virginia.

Thursday: 8 on, 4 off, 6 on, 2 off, 4 on. Ran the 8 with Steph at 6:55-ish? I think. I was really glad she was there, or I probably would've started jogging. Then I think I did kind of give up in the middle of the 6 (I suppose when I lost sight of everyone else)... Steph gave me her Garmin so I could get my pace, except then I switched screens inadvertently, and couldn't find my pace anymore. I am bad at technology. Steph joined me for most of the 4 though, which meant that it felt pretty speedy (thanks, friend!). We ran the cool down (back via Lacy Long) with the guys, so I found it a bit strenuous... but that is okay. I'll give it a total of 6.5.

Friday: Hillcrest with Juliette, Stephanie R, and Sylvia. Followed by a few laps around the field (to a total of about 35 min). Finished with the Friday 400 in 86 + a 2-3 lap cool down. I'd say this was maybe about 5.

Saturday: Patrician with Stephanie R. Felt really slow for the first half (like, to the top of Patrician), but the second half was okay. I'm glad I ended up running today; I was originally considering cycling. 9.5.

Sunday: Off.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Like a comet pulled from orbit...


Monday: Water Tower with Stephanie R, Juliette and Sylvia. Joined in the middle by Corwin (at which point I was kind of relieved because then I didn't feel as pressured to keep trying to keep up with Stephanie R, since she had someone else to run with). I told Juliette the story of how Steph and I discovered the water tower run again, before remembering that I had already told her the story. At that point, I apologized for repeating my story, like an old person, only to be assured that it was okay. Yeah. That is all. 8, I think. Kind of faster-than-ideal on the way out, but pretty chill (in a good way) on the way back.

Tuesday: 5 x 800 on the track in 3:10/3:10/3:10/3:12/3:09. Started the workout feeling really tired and derpy, so it turned better than I expected. Felt pretty in control for all of the intervals, which maybe meant I should've been going faster, but yeah I don't know. I think it was okay. Maybe 5.5-ish total.

Wednesday: Lorain with Juliette and Stephanie R. Pretty chilled out pace-wise, but I think my legs were feeling a little tired from yesterday. Okay run over all though. Did some hurdle drills afterwards. Let's call this 6.

Thursday: 4 on 1 off x 5 at Lacy with Stephanie R, Sylvia, and Juliette. Legs felt kind of dead, so I was kind of dropping off on all the middle ones. Meh. Ran back the long way, for probably something like 7.

Friday: Hillcrest with the kids. Pretty chill. Followed by a Friday 400 - I should start running these in earnest again... this is kind of embarrassing - in 90. Followed by a couple cooldown laps and 6 strides. Probably adds up to about 5.

Saturday: Bailey Canyon to Jones Peak with Stephanie R, Sylvia, and Juliette. 6.6. Was pretty much hiking the last bit...

Sunday: Off.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Listen to your heart.


Monday: Run down Glenarm, back up Fair Oaks to Green, then back down on Lake, stopping at Jamba Juice for juice/frozen yogurt. It ended up being relatively brisk, I think. Megumi came out, which may have contributed to the relatively brisk pace. 4.9-ish (I think) in 37:30.

Tuesday: Warmup to Allen and back, then 6 x 400 followed by about 15 min cool down on the North Field before we got kicked off by the baseball people. Workout was in 84, 84, 83, 90, 87, 98. Yeah, I kind of gave up on the fourth and sixth... But I guess that's how it goes... I should not set a bad example... Bah. Hurdle drills afterwards! I'll say maybe 5-ish?

Wednesday: Lombardy and back. Legs felt pretty dead... Juliette's Garmin said we were going at 9 min/mi for the first mile, and then under 8 min/mi for the rest though... We were wondering if it was being inaccurate, because it didn't feel like we were going that fast... 5.5.

Thursday: Lacy, followed by 16 strides, then Huntington backwards back. Felt alright, but not great. I think we're still doing that thing where everyone is keeping up with everyone else... So parts of the way back were pretty brisk. Probably about 6.

Friday: Upper Arroyo backwards, about 6. I think it's noticeably harder to run Upper backwards, as opposed to forwards. Felt alright again, but not fantastic. Then Friday 400 in 90.

Saturday: Eaton Canyon, 30 minutes out (for an approximately 60 minute run). I was taking it pretty easy, because I thought we were going 30 minutes out from the bottom of the climb, but apparently it was from the trailhead. Meh. I'll count this as an arbitrary 5. Other people probably ran more. But I was tired.

Sunday: Off. Wicked was fantastic though.

Monday, January 9, 2012

This solitary moment.


Monday: First day of track! Orange Grove with Stephanie R, Juliette, and Sylvia. Felt pretty brisk, but in a good way. Pleasant run. Ab routine courtesy of Stephanie R. afterwards. Nearly 5.

Tuesday: 15 min warmup, followed by 3 x (30 s x 6) up a hill (the hill was Kewen, the steep one, as per Scott's recommendation), followed by 5 min at 5K pace (to be honest, I probably did this at about yesterday's running pace), and then 15 min cool down. The hill was pretty alright, though I think I did them too fast. Each set of 6 was supposed to be comprised of 2 at 3mi pace, 2 at 2mi pace, and then 2 at 1mi pace. I think mine were more like 2mi pace, 1mi pace, 800 pace though. Stephanie R. was blazing. However, I was kind of tired by the time we got to the 5 min at 5K pace, and gave up early on after Sylvia and Juliette pulled away. Overall I think it was a pretty good workout though. 6.5-ish, is I think what Juliette's Garmin said we ran. I'm glad the workout went well, because it was otherwise a pretty shitty day.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday to Stephanie R! Up Wilson to Corson, and then headed west until something like 5. Then 2 laps of 50m/50m/50m at easy/medium/stride pace. Pretty chill overall, as runs have been going lately.

Thursday: Lorain, which according to Juliette's Garmin, is 6.1. I think the distance I cite for Lorain varies quite a bit from run to run. :/ But it is okay. I think our base pace is getting faster. Apparently, we haven't been over 8min/mi for a while, which is good. I think the generally agreed upon goal is to try to get more miles in though. I think everyone kind of wanted to be doing a little more weekly mileage than we were doing during XC...

Friday: Garfield then 4 x 800 loop at tempo pace (continuous). Unfortunately, tempo pace was approximately equal to long run pace. And the way back from Garfield was faster than the tempo. Oops. 6-ish, I think.

Saturday: Dragged myself out of bed at nearly-2 pm because I said I'd drive to Brown Mountain at 3 pm... Felt mildly awful, and Stephanie R, Sylvia, and Juliette all had to wait for a while at the top so I could show them the way down. :/ I think people generally enjoyed the run though. 7-ish?

Sunday: Off. Productive lab day though! Hopefully things worked...

Monday, January 2, 2012



Monday: Decided to get up off my lazy butt and drive to Bailey Canyon. Also because this might be the last chance I have to go on a trail run before school/track start. And I'm very glad I did. The skies were so clear, and blue, and they seemed to stretch on forever. Maybe the holidays reduced traffic, and thus pollution or something, but I couldn't have asked for better running weather. There was no haze! Anyways, I am sad to admit that while running, I kept thinking of how to record the poetry of my run here, but alas, words now fail me. I suppose it shall have to suffice to say that it was a fantastic run, and not a bad way to kick off the year. Finished at Jones Peak (3.3 out), where I reveled in the view for a little bit before getting irritated by the insects and starting my descent.

Tuesday: Lorain with Sylvia, Stephanie R, and Keeley (part of the way). Legs felt pretty dead. My quads were tired. I think quads are for climbing... 7.

Wednesday: Huntington with Stephanie R. and Sylvia. Not too remarkable. Legs were still pretty dead. I think it's really 4.8, and I will round up or down based on effort. That being said, I think this was a "5" effort. :/

Thursday: A somewhat meandering run with quite a few lights (sorry!) with Juliette. Pretty chill/enjoyable. I think my legs have mostly recovered from Bailey Canyon, though they're still not what I would call sprightly. Also, we finally found the fork in the road! At the intersection of Bellefontaine, Pasadena, and St. John. It looked like it was decorated for Christmas. But after so many searches, I suppose finding the fork was a little anti-climactic. 6.

Friday: Upper Arroyo with Stephanie R, Juliette, and Sylvia. Legs were a little bit tired, but it wasn't too bad. I think my legs need to get used to mileage again. Then a Friday 400 in 81. Plenty of room for improvement...

Saturday: Chantry with Stephanie R, Juliette, and Sylvia. Did the typical thing of trying to hang on for the uphill, rocking out on the downhill, and granny-ing up the steep quarter mile (ish) at the end. Started to get really tired on the uphill, and began to fall off a bit. But the downhill was chill as usual. Good run. We had to park kind of far away from the trail head though, since we chose to go on a Saturday. Maybe a quarter mile down the mountain? I'll say it was a total of 6.5-7ish. I'll conservatively call it 6.5.

Sunday: Off.