Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Monday: Lorain mostly with Juliette and Stephanie R. Pretty chill/enjoyable run. I will call at 6. Nice to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday: 3 x (800 + 400 + 300) in (2:52/82/60), (3:01/86/71), and (3:07/104/59), with 6 min of rest between sets. I think I went out way to fast for the first set; it wasn't really sustainable. Also I should probably not go out so fast on each interval. Next time we do these I think I will try to go 2:57-58, 85-86, 62-63. That is, if we do this workout again. Yeah. 7 mi total.

Wednesday: Huntington with Juliette and Stephanie R. Went at a pretty easy pace; kind of sore from the day before. 4.5.

Thursday: 5 x (3 on, 1 off) at Lacy. Felt like the workout went pretty well; tried to avoid falling too far behind Stephanie R. I think the gap started growing in the latter half of the intervals. Legs still pretty tired, so I was pleasantly surprised. Hurdle drills afterwards. I guess I'll call this something like 5.5.

Friday: Random pre-race. I think it was something like 3.5? I don't really remember.

Saturday: PR-ed in the Steeplechase, but I guess I wasn't that excited because my legs were really dead so I kind of jogged it. At least I am running the Steeple while in better shape than I have in the past. Also did a bunch of warming up/cooling down for other people's races, so I'd guess this totals 6? Ran the last leg of the 4 x 400 in 76. Maybe could've gone faster, but there was nobody to race, really.

Sunday: Off.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Monday: Off, traveling.

Tuesday: 3 (3 x 400) on the track. Basically jogged them... Feeling really tired. Also I am getting sick, probably from the plane. Bah... I think I have resigned myself to taking time off. Let's call this 5.

Wednesday: Madre, I guess 6. Going at a pretty decent pace, but felt rather awful.

Thursday: Feeling slightly terrible. 8 min tempo around the park, and then one 15 sec sprint up Patton before taking the short way back. I'd give this a generous 3.

Friday: Off. Talking to professors.

Saturday: 60 min easy run up to the Strawberry Canyon fire trails. Got a little past the Connector, and then back to the hotel. I'll just call this 5.

Sunday: Off, back to Pasadena.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Is this the dream I've been saving?


Monday: Ran towards the Santa Anita Mall, but stopped like one stoplight short of it, with Stephanie R, Juliette, and Sylvia (for most of the way out). Came back via Huntington. This was a pretty fantastic run. Felt kind of tired, because we were going kind of fast, but in a good way. Apparently we were running 7:10-7:20 on the way out (mostly downhill), and then averaged an overall pace of <7:30 for the entire run. Mileage was 8.69 by Juliette's Garmin and 8.74 by Stephanie R's online mapping. I like fast long runs, when I can manage them.

Tuesday: Warmup to Allen and back, followed by 5 x 900 (only the first 800 was timed) in 3:17/3:17/3:16/3:16/3:14. I think the 800s head been going faster before this week, but I was pretty sore from yesterday. I think I decided to run 3:17s after running the first one, and then I just stuck with it. Meh. Then a bonus 400 in 82. Finished with 15 min cool down on the grass around the field. Totaled to 7.02, according to Juliette's Garmin.

Wednesday: To Garfield and back via Monterey with Stephanie R. and Juliette. Felt pretty speedy/enjoyable (I think this one averaged 7:30-7:40-ish). The weather was pretty much perfect for running. I think about 6 total.

Thursday: Basically traveling all day... Off.

Friday: Probably a 30 min jog around campus... I'll just call this a conservative 3. Running felt weird. I thin kit was the sitting on the plane all day.

Saturday: 60 min easy run in the morning with Robert Kaspar. Started out from the hotel and then went to the Newark Reservoir and explored the trails around there for a little bit. An enjoyable run. Probably something like 6.

Sunday: 12 mi exploratory expedition around the city of Philadelphia with Justine! :) Accompanied by Saurabh on his bicycle. It was good to catch up. Stopped for a food market, to eat a 蛋撻, to see the Liberty Bell (it was smaller than I expected...), and to (unsuccessfully) seek out a track at Rutgers. Rather stiff when starting out again after the stops, but otherwise pretty awesome.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Everything that I have is yours.


Monday: Glenarm to the Colorado Bridge with Stephanie R. and Sylvia. Felt kind of tired and sluggish at the beginning of the run, but managed to pick it up as the run progressed. Overall I'd say it was pretty alright. 8.5-ish, I think.

Tuesday: Two sets of 4 x 500 with 5 min between the two sets. Only the first 400 was timed; ran them in 82/84/84/86 and 86/84/82/93. Definitely gave up on that last one... Warmup to Allen and back; cool down was 15 min around the track. I'd say this was maybe 6-ish?

Wednesday: Orange Grove, probably something like 5. My legs felt really tired. I think I need to sleep more or something.

Thursday: 3 on 1 off x 5 at Lacy. Still tired. I gave up on the third and the fourth "on," but picked it up for the last one after telling myself to stop feeling sorry for myself and to start running. Early group meeting this morning. 5.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back on California. Probably something like 3.

Saturday: 3000m + second leg of 4 x 400. Not sure what my time was for the 3000m, but I don't think it was very fast... It felt like I was running the pace I should probably be running my tempos at. I also failed to kick it in because I was saving for the 4 x 400 which was the race right after... Ran a 72, which I was not too displeased with. Plenty of room for improvement though. Probably a 5 for mileage recording purposes...

Sunday: Off.