Thursday, March 29, 2012

You can see that your home’s inside of you.


Monday: Steph and I were going to cycle to Nederland from the cabin, but it was kind of windy and overcast, so we drove instead. Saw some of the Coloradan sights though. We stopped by the Museum of Natural History at CU Boulder in search of a stuffed mountain lion, but in vain. The triceratops was kind of cool though. Off.

Tuesday: Heil Valley Ranch with Steph, though I don't think either of us really felt like running today. I found it rather difficult and slow. I'm not sure why my legs were so tired. But at least we ran! 4.8, I think was how far we went. Flight back to Pasadena in the afternoon. Thanks to Steph and Michael for an awesome Spring Break! =P And photos...

Wednesday: Full Arroyo from Schloss. 9.5. Legs still felt kind of tired and not really that happy, so it ended up being kind of slow. I still don't know why. Maybe they it was from the plane ride or something I don't know. Eh.

Thursday: 5 on 2 off 5 on at Lacy, followed by four 15 s intervals up Patton. Covered about 1200 m in the first 5, and maybe 1100 in the second 5. Jogged back the Long Way pretty slowly. I'll call this 5.5, I guess.

Friday: Huntington, basically a jog. Wanted to take it easy, and my legs really weren't too excited a bout moving. I think this is 4.8 or something.

Saturday: Brown Mountain after lab (and REI used gear sale in the morning). It was kind of overcast/cool, which I think facilitated my actually running for most of this. I was also trying to get back before it got dark. Steady (but a little slow) on the uphill, rocking the downhill. Felt pretty good throughout. A enjoyable run. 7.5.

Sunday: Off.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby, I'm a renegade like you.


Monday: Huntington from the Schloss. I think this is 5.5. Was kind of in a hurry because I wanted to run my gel, but then it didn't work.

Tuesday: Spent all day trying to run my gel again, but it also didn't work. Squeezed in Echo Mountain in the early evening. Nice dinner at 9&9 though. 5.

Wednesday: Flying to CO! =] Off.

Thursday: Hiked up to Chasm Lake with Steph and Michael, and was sad that I had forgotten to bring my camera with me to CO. It was so gorgeous! But the hike took all day, so we didn't run, which is probably okay. I think this was approximately 8.3 with 2,747 ft elevation gain to a max of 11,804 ft. Stats stolen from Steph. I had a lot of fun with the YakTrax and Steph's hiking boots. =P

Friday: Run/hike to summit of Bear Peak with Steph, stopped to admire the view quite a bit. We went up Bear Canyon, and down Fern Canyon. The climbing scrambly path to the summit was kind of impossible to run up though, and the way down was covered in ice, leading to a slightly undignified descent. 7.8 mi, elevation gain 2863 ft to a max of 8456 ft.

Saturday: Steph's Antelope Loop! Now I know what it looks like. It was quite pretty, and we saw lots of prairie dogs... Chirruping together, in fact. They were so cute, except apparently they are pests, because they cause livestock to break their legs (says Michael). We also saw lots of mountain bikers. 7.6 mi. Hike of about 2 mi or something in the afternoon.

Sunday: Snowy run/hike thing on Estes Cone Trail with Steph. 5.4 mi. The snow was beginning to melt, so we kept falling through, making running rather difficult. Apparently this falling through the snow thing is called "post-holing". The trails on CO are so awesome. I quite enjoyed them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited.


Monday: Water Tower with Juliette and Sylvia. 9, says Juliette.

Tuesday: Kewen repeats (to the lampost) x 10 in something like 96/96/97/(98/98/97)/94/97/100/98. Not sure about the three bracketed ones in the middle. Went every 5 min. Felt like a pretty good workout overall though. 7, according to Juliette and her Garmin.

Wednesday: Huntington with Juliette, Stephanie R and Marlyn. I shall generously round up to 5.

Thursday: 12 min tempo at Lacy; short way back. Made it through the outer loop and the thousand loop, and a little bit past the start of the 800 loop. Standard. Probably something like 4.

Friday: Slow, easy Patrician with Natalya. 9.5. Felt pretty good (surprisingly so, since I hadn't really slept that much) but we were also going at a super conversational pace. I'm glad we ran though! Boosted mileage for the week. :)

Saturday: Madre with Natalya in the rain. An alright run, but I think I was pretty tired/out of it. It was not very fast. 5.5.

Sunday: Racquetball (modified) and a little bit of derping around in the climbing gym. Probably not much of a workout, but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Even the best of intentions.


Monday: California to Grand to Mission and back via reverse Lower Arroyo. Circled around a bit in the neighborhood of Susan's parent's house. Maybe something like 7. I think I am just making up numbers for mileage this week.

Tuesday: Felt kind of meh. 4 x 400 in 82/87/88/89 + 87/86/91/81. Warmup to Allen and 15 min cooldown. Exactly 6.

Wednesday: Easy run to Garfield, where we did like two strides. Came back via Monterey/the tempo loop. I think this is something like 6. Getting lazy about checking the mileage and such things.

Thursday: Chantry loop + 0.5 miles up the Zion Trail (I think that's what it is called) with Natalya. I think it was something like 5.9 or so... Pretty enjoyable run.

Friday: Pre-race to Sierra Madre and back, followed by 6 strides. Probably 3.

Saturday: Brown Mountain, pretty chilled out. 8. The run was very enjoyable though. There seemed to be many hikers/mountain bikers out and about.

Sunday: Off.