Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's set the world on fire.


Monday: Pretty chilled out upper with Juliette. 6.5. Quite pleasant. Didn't feel very fast though.

Tuesday:  Water Tower variant that Katherine/Susan showed me/Stephanie/Masha freshman year. I was pleased that I still remembered that secret turnoff that went by somebody's driveway even all this time. Pretty good run. Apparently 7:30ish on the way out and 7:40ish on the way back according to Juliette's Garmin (though the bit only the hill was slow). There was even a 7:10 in there somewhere. 9 total.

Wednesday: Lorain with Juliette and Marlyn. Didn't feel like we were moving that fast, but apparently we were in the 7:30 range. It was really hot today. I think this was 6.5 or something?

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Madre with Juliette. Felt really bouncy, probably because of the day off. Good run. 6.

Saturday: To the Rose Bowl, 10 min out and back, then back via Walnut (Juliette did a tempo). Pretty alright on the way there and on the out/back trail, but the way back was kind of unpleasant. Bah. 11. Overall I'm glad I did the run though. Mental exercise?

Sunday: I believe this was a 5.5 run with Natalya around South Pas (Arroyo trails and water tower), followed by a tasty brunch afterwards.


Monday-Tuesday: I believe one of these was the Water Tower variant. 9.1. With the kids. I don't remember what I did on the other day... Maybe one of the kids remembers. More likely than not, it was some generic 6.5...

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: Brown Mountain solo. Good run though. 7.5

Friday: I think this was the day we were going to do Patrician, but then decided not to. I believe we did Lorain at a 7:30-7:40-ish pace, so it was a pretty good run. With Juliette. I think this was about 6.5, or something.

Saturday: Brown Mountain with Justine, Steph, and Juliette. 7.5. Good pace, and faster than on Thursday.

Sunday: To the Rose Bowl (basically same thing as last Saturday) with Juliette and Stephanie R. I'll call this 10.5, because I think that's approximately what it was.


Monday: Echo Mountain with Justine and Steph. It was very hot. 5.3.

Tuesday: Madre variant with Juliette and Stephanie R. We found Juliette's dad's old middle school. I think this was something like 6.3.

Wednesday: I think something like 6.7? Going up Hill to New York, then back on Holliston followed by various roads (we meandered a bit). We being Juliette and Stephanie R. and I. Alright run.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Lorain backwards with Juliette and Stephanie R. Taking it pretty easy. 6.5. Good luck in Burkina, Natalya.

Saturday: Rose Bowl Tempo; went faster on the tempo-y bit than I usually do. Something like 7:20-40 on the way to the Rose Bowl, and 7:40-7:10 on the way back (though there was one 8:39 or so in there). 11.

Sunday: Solo Huntington; felt like I was going at a pretty decent clip, except for the slightly uphill parts. It wasn't very fast though. I was super tired... 5.5.

Sunday, May 13, 2012



Monday: Off. Running gel. :/ Did a bit of lifting though.

Tuesday: Water Tower followed by some lifting, with Juliette and Stephanie R. A pretty alright run. 8.

Wednesday: Brown Mountain. 8. Felt pretty alright.

Thursday: An easy Lacy the long way from the Schloss. 5.

Friday: To the Rose Bowl (via California), a bit on the trails at the Rose Bowl, then back (via Walnut). 10.5. Ran there and back with Juliette and Stephanie R, but they did a tempo loop when we got there, and I was feeling lazy. Pretty good run though, I must say.

Saturday: Rose Bowl trails with Juliette. 7.

Sunday: Huntington. 5.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And so the cycle resets.


Monday: An easy jaunt about the neighborhood with Natalya in the evening; I think it ended up being about 5.

Tuesday: Just went south for a while from campus with Stephanie R. and Juliette. I'm so bad at directions. :/ I think this ended up being like 7.5? Not entirely sure.

Wednesday: Huntington from the Schloss. 5.5, I think.

Thursday: Echo Mountain. 5. Pretty pleasant. I was really tired though.

Friday: Upper Arroyo with Stephanie R. and Juliette; ended with a Friday 400 on the PCC track. I think this turned out being something like 7.75.

Saturday: Patrician with Stephanie R. and Juliette. 9.5. Stopped for Jamba Juice afterwards.

Sunday: Huntington with Stephanie R. and Juliette. I think about 5.



I can't quite be bothered to recall what was going on these two weeks...


Friday: Last college track meet. 3000m Steeplechase in 13:01; my goal was to break 13:00. Hmm... Well, at least I was kind of close... I'm glad I ran it though.

Saturday: Cycling to San Diego with Natalya! =] It was a pleasant ride for the most part, though we definitely should've stayed on the road instead of getting on the beach paths, which had many children and beach cruisers on them.

Sunday: Brew tours! A tasty and most enjoyable day. Off though.