Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy...


Monday: Ran to the Santa Anita mall (Lombardy to San Gabriel) and came back on Michillinda to Colorado to Sierra Madre to Del Mar to Berkeley to San Pasqual with Juliette. Ended up being a solid 10.5; a pretty good run. Averaged 7:39, apparently.

Tuesday: Easy run down El Molino to Mission, then turned left to Huntington, came back up Virginia. With Juliette. Ended up being 5.8. Pleasant run, though the legs were tired.

Wednesday: Marengo run (starts out kind of like doing Lacy the Long Way, but ends up being a lot longer... maybe I will map it some time when I am not procrastinating...) with Stan, Andy, Juliette, Stephanie R, and Sylvia. Big group today; probably because it was National Running Day. 7. Also ended up being pretty fast, because I was trying to keep up with Stan, which I think was pretty successful. I'd estimate it at a slightly under 7:30 pace, but I'm not quite sure.

Thursday-Friday: Off

Saturday: Mud race! There were not quite as many obstacles as I had previously been anticipating, but it was pretty exciting. I guess 6, since this was a 10K.

Sunday: Upper Arroyo with Juliette and Stephanie R. Took it easy, really tired for some reason. 6.


Monday: Long Water Tower variant with Juliette and Stephanie R. Ended up being pretty long. 10.5.

Tuesday: Chantry with Steph. 5. I was kind of tired and dehydrated, so it was not super comfortable. It was super slow though.

Wednesday: Lorain with Juliette and Stephanie R. 6.5.

Thursday: Rose Bowl Run with Juliette and Stephanie R. Feeling super tired for some reason. 10.

Friday: Off. Commencing.

Saturday: Lorain with Juliette. A pleasant run. 7...

Sunday: A very painful solo Brown Mountain. What is wrong with me? 7.


  1. I know why you "can't remember" Wednesday in that first week! You listed Tuesday twice. Wednesday was the boys&marengo run, as you had listed as your second Tuesday:)