Sunday, March 3, 2013

A post I almost forgot about.


Monday: A nice Upper with Juliette. Kind of tired though. 6. Drove up to Berkeley afterwards. It was a harrowing drive, in my opinion.

Tuesday: Trails up to the Connector (and a bit beyond) from Hotel Durant. Not sure how long this was, but I'll call it 5.5. Felt super tired and slow. I think it's the travelling.

Wednesday: Around the Henry/Milvia neighborhood, just trying to scope the area out. Felt kind of slow, but didn't feel terrible. I'd guess maybe 6, kind of arbitrarily. I'm too lazy to map runs that I don't think will become stock runs, so I'm just going to make things up.

Thursday: Up Panoramic Way. Probably something like 4. Pretty slow.

Friday: Off, flying to Toronto.

Saturday: Easy 50 min around the neighborhood. Again, not very fast. It is probably good that I mentally committed to not really being able to get the miles in while traveling, or I'd probably be kind of annoyed.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My heart's an autoclave.


I am going to exercise next week, I've decided. I was motivated primarily by my desire to use this title because it includes the word "autoclave." Addendum: Well, I have not been exercising quite as much as I anticipated, such that I was going to neglect to continue updating this post. But given my unexpected readership I have decided to continue writing, and perhaps in this manner I shall be held somewhat accountable for my aspirations.

Saturday: Made brownies for the prospectives breakfast, presented a poster (it was mostly a prop, I don't have results yet, really) at the poster event (again for the prospectives) and then helped guide a SF City Tour. There have been many Techers coming through here the past few weeks, it is a little strange. I think we had seven Tech-affiliated people (six Tech undergraduate alumni) here in the ChE department alone. Anyways, I didn't really have time to do much else, so I'm going to count tramping about SF for most of the day as exercise.

Sunday: Went into lab in the morning, bottled homebrew with Steph and Michael in the afternoon. Let's call holding up a pot full of beer for a couple minutes exercise, eh?

Monday: Jury duty. I got excused because I was a student eventually, but commuting to Oakland, waiting to be assigned a court, and filling out the juror questionnaire took up most of the day. I met a law student (whose name I guess I actually never found out) from Cal who was there fulfilling his civic duty as well. He was also excused. I suppose it was an experience, and now I am (oh so slightly) more familiar with how the jury system works.

Tuesday: 4.5 or so (I don't remember the exact number) on the Bay Trail with Steph and Justine (who came to meet me in Emeryville!). It was quite slow, and I was, embarrassingly, sore for the next two days. But this was my first time running since early December, when my parents came to visit. So I'll call getting started a net win. This also made me realize how terribly out of shape I am.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Met Steph at her place for 5.5 on the Bay Trail again. Apparently we were going at 8 min pace, but it felt very difficult. I fell off a bit at the end (but this tends to happen, so it is to be expected).

Saturday: Off. I think I should only run every other day for a while. Long reason.

Sunday: 5.7 (in around 55 min) or something in Tilden Park with Steph and a couple of her colleagues (Jake E, Noah, and Jake S). My timing is probably off though, I'm not very good about stopping/starting the stopwatch. Everyone kept waiting for me, which I felt kind of bad about. I couldn't tell if people minded or not. But anyways, it was a good run, and I am grateful to Steph for dragging me out of the house/lab.