Sunday, March 3, 2013

A post I almost forgot about.


Monday: A nice Upper with Juliette. Kind of tired though. 6. Drove up to Berkeley afterwards. It was a harrowing drive, in my opinion.

Tuesday: Trails up to the Connector (and a bit beyond) from Hotel Durant. Not sure how long this was, but I'll call it 5.5. Felt super tired and slow. I think it's the travelling.

Wednesday: Around the Henry/Milvia neighborhood, just trying to scope the area out. Felt kind of slow, but didn't feel terrible. I'd guess maybe 6, kind of arbitrarily. I'm too lazy to map runs that I don't think will become stock runs, so I'm just going to make things up.

Thursday: Up Panoramic Way. Probably something like 4. Pretty slow.

Friday: Off, flying to Toronto.

Saturday: Easy 50 min around the neighborhood. Again, not very fast. It is probably good that I mentally committed to not really being able to get the miles in while traveling, or I'd probably be kind of annoyed.